Bro R.G. Stair & his Overcomer Ministry

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Future Timeline

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Teachings of The Last Day Prophet of God, Brother R.G. Stair

The Present Truth  (subject to the present whim)

The Revelation of the Anti-Christ

At present, Brother Stair and the Overcomer Ministry[1] are waiting for Brother Stair to reveal whom the anti-Christ is.  Brother Stair teaches that this revelation will only come by the mouth of a chosen vessel, believed to be Brother Stair, or by someone whom God will show to Brother R.G. Stair as the man that will reveal the anti-Christ.  As the anti-Christ will only be revealed by a prophet — the man whom God chooses.  Just as John the Baptist revealed whom the Christ was, so Gods chosen prophet will reveal whom the anti-Christ is.

Concerning this it should be noted that this may have, or was to have, taken place in 2003.  On Feb 10th, 2002, Brother Stair did a radio interview with Mark Hazlewood who wrote the book "Blindsided: Planet X Passes in 2003 - Earthchanges!", after which Brother Stair proclaimed "Planet X is Satan’s John the Baptist.  The anti-Christ will be revealed next year".

The Seven Thunders

At present three (3) of the Seven Thunders have been revealed by Brother Stair.  Brother Stair teaches that the last Four (4) Thunders will mark the end of this world, and that God will reveal what they are only to Brother Stair, as He did the first three.  As William Branham said, "But when all these seven thunders mysteries is to be made known, He [Jesus] has to come again as Son of man."  William Branham taught that the Malachi Messenger (who is also the Revelation 10 Messenger) will 'turn the hearts of the children to the fathers', and he will also reveal the mysteries of the seven thunders.  Branham taught that these Thunder mysteries are what will turn the hearts of the children to the Pentecostal fathers [The Laodicean Church Age - Church Age book Chp 9].  Herein we find the calling of Brother Stair, as a follower of Branham, to be that Messenger, and thus Brother Stair’s revelation of the first three Thunders (to date).

In Nov 2015 Brother Stair revealed the 4th Thunder.

The Great Falling Away

The Beginning of The Great Falling Away (Jn 6:66) took place in 2001 when Brother Stair lost half (50%) of his followers (now closer to 80%) and 80% of his associated Communities.  This Falling Away was due to the revelation of Brother Stairs sexual sins of adultery which lead to rape charges brought against him in 2002, for which he spent over 70 days in county jail awaiting a court decision on his bail.  Against his vehement proclamations that he would not plea-bargain but be acquitted, he plea-bargain to a lesser charge to avoid a prison sentence.  This Great Falling Away divided those who left and those left behind and remain.  (2Thes 2:3)

What Must Shortly Come to Pass

The Great Tribulation

Then will come the Great Tribulation, Daniels 70 weeks, Brother Stair teaches that half of that time has already taken place.  Thus, there are still three and one half years (3½ years) of Tribulation to take place.  This 3½ year period of time will be unlike any other time in the history of the world.  Such Great Tribulation.  Only those Christians gathered together in communities will endure it.  Only those following the teachings of Brother R.G. Stair will know the truth and only they will survive to be alive when Jesus returns.

Death of a Prophet

Six (6) months before Jesus returns Brother Stair will die at the hands of the Pope (which was believed to be at Rome, but has changed to Jerusalem).  [It must be reasoned that Brother Stair will be resurrected at that time so that he can then be either one or both of the Two Witnesses that witness to the return of Jesus when Jesus comes back.  Also, Brother Stair has to be alive when Jesus returns to hand over his title of Son of Man to Jesus upon His return.]

Those Who Remain

The Overcomer’s[1] (those at the Overcomer Ministry[1] and other communities) will make it through the Tribulation period to be alive and remain when Jesus returns.  Though some will have suffered death because of their unbelief or their disobedience.  God will miraculously provide for the Overcomers and deliver them from the anti-Christ and the world powers.

The Rapture

When Jesus returns He will 'rapture' His Church by lifting them off the Earth momentarily so that He can torch the Earth with fire and destroy His enemies.  Then Jesus will immediately place the raptured (who are just above the Earths surface) back on the Earth so that their enemies will be ashes under their feet.  Thus never giving control of the Earth to the Devil.  [It is not clear as to how some heathen survive the fire to be ruled over in the Millennium]

The Son of Man

At this time Brother Stair will hand Jesus back the crown title of the ‘Son of Man’, which Brother Stair now wears as the Son of Man on Earth today.  Brother Stair teaches that Jesus is not the Son of Man today because He is not in flesh on the earth therefore Brother Stair is the Son of Man upon the earth today until Jesus returns.  Keeping to William Branham's teaching, "He [Jesus] has to come again as Son of Man." -Wm Branham

and On...

The Millennium

Thus begins the 1,000 year period of time where the 'saints' (perhaps now angels) will rule over the nations of the Earth and the heathens of the anti-Christ that survived.  [Again, it is not clear as to how some heathen survive the fire to be ruled over in the Millennium]

The Kingdom of Angels

Those who make it into the Kingdom of God will replace the angels that fell, for it is said that we shall be as the angels.  Thus will the Kingdom of God be among men and we will live with Him forever.  As angels, without families, spouses, or children.

Do It Again God

Brother Stair ponders that God may just up and do this whole thing all over again (a new Heaven & Earth, fall of man, redemption, ...), with the saints in the place of the angels.

[1]The Overcomer Ministry refers to the people on and associated with the Overcomer Farm and Tabernacle in Canadies SC, its associated lands and communities, and the listeners of the radio broadcast.  That is, any followers of the teachings of Brother R.G. Stair.

“The DOW will never go above 10,000” - Brother Stair 2003

“The DOW will never go above 10,000”
-Brother Stair (2003)

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World Population:
Jesus Christ is coming in your lifetime."
'The population will never reach 7 billion before Jesus comes'
'The population will reach 7 billion in 2013. We will never get that far [before Jesus returns].'
-Brother Stair (Dec 2003)

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