The Daily Word

The Spirit That Now Worketh

What is This Spirit That NOW Worketh?
This is not Iniquity.  This is not THAT Sin
Ephesians 2 will clarify it

The Gnostic Gospel
The path of the Gnostics has no salvation from sin

Prophet of Sin
What are the teachings of Brother Stair?

That I Might Know Him
In the power of sin?

Not Just Any Sin - Immortal Sin

Last Updated on Sunday, February 18 2018 13:45

Wreck-It Ralph

Mighty Counselor
Some recent replays have been Brother Stair saying how someone told him his name Ralph means councilor
Mighty Merchandiser
Why does RG not call Craig Mack has Brother?
Mighty Charlatan
What Bro Stair does is distancing himself from being a counselor

Last Updated on Saturday, February 17 2018 15:58

The Great Falling Away

Brother Stair taught that the Great Falling Away took place, or began, in the summer of 2001 when over half his followers left him and thus many Fell Away.Brother Stair the Man of Sin

How much more is this being revealed today?

The scripture says that this Great Falling Away is what identifies the Man of Sin.

It is the Sign that he is identified by...

Last Updated on Sunday, February 18 2018 23:35

The Sign of Jonah

Who was Jonah sent to?

What were Jonah's actions?

What was Jonah's end?

Why did Jesus reference Jonah?

What is the Sign of Jonah?

Last Updated on Tuesday, February 13 2018 08:22

The Dwindling DOW & the Obvious

The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 666 points, making it the worst week in two years but what about its 10,000 point sign

Keep Your Focus On…

Focus on the Trump Towers at 666, the number of man is 666, and the Stock Market falling 666

Don’t Overlook the Obvious

Who uses 666 and the sign of their Internet?  Surprise!

Last Updated on Saturday, February 17 2018 09:42

Dr. Gene Scott - God's Angry Man

Dr. Gene Scott - God's Angry ManGeneScott-GodsAngryMan

Recognize these exact phrases used by Brother Stair

Who patterned themselves after him?

With over 40,000 hours of teaching, that's a different message for 4.5+ years!

Gene Scott remains the perennial shortwave religious broadcaster - 12 years after his passing

Last Updated on Monday, February 12 2018 01:08
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