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WWRS, What Would Rick Say?

Some wonder what Brother Rick would think about the recent events of Brother Stair's ministry.

Yet they don't know Rick Bell's rebuke of Brother Stair after Stair aired porn.

Bro Rick brought out that Brother Stair led a life of sexual immorality and that he had problems in that area...

What would Rick say today seeing Brother Stair go around the mountain again with his sexual games and groping the sisters at the River...

What about the increasing narcissism and Machiavellianism?

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Passover 2018

The Passover PushPassover 2018

Once again it’s coming time to make ready for the Passover
The appointment, the changing of the guard, and the writing on the wall

Purging Predictions

The prediction of the 50%
A better retention policy?

An Open Door

As the ranks have thinned, this year the Passover presents an open-door for outsiders to come

The Coming Christ

Is Jesus returning this year?
Bring your Bunnies

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The Lie of The Desert

You would think by now, with the Internet, that people would stop pushing errors that they could so easily get caught in.  You might also think that they would check this information for facts.Tootsie Pop Owl

The teaching of the Owl of the Desert is a nice hype-generating message once useful to elicit emotion  - but is it true?

If you're putting yourself out as THE man of truth shouldn't maintaining and holding truth be important to you?

Some Owl Facts

No owls fly across the Ocean.  No animal is faster than a jet.  The fastest animal is a Falcon - in a dive.

Taking an owl, a bird of prey, and making it "Christlike"???

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Wolves In the Flock of God?

There is a word going around that among Gods people are wolves.

Wolves and goats lead and feed on sheep, they are not among the sheep they are always found in those that rise up over the sheep.

The simplicity of Christ will tell you that the wolves are those who rule over Gods flock and feed themselves on them.  

Who are these wolves clothed as sheep?...

Last Updated on Tuesday, February 13 2018 10:42

The Daily Word

We have introduced a new section here at, the Daily Word.

Unlike others claiming Daily Words that might be bi-monthly at best, we will be bringing you timely articles, hopefully daily and sometimes several times a day.

Timely Words on The Present Truth

The topic of these articles will be varied but most likely random thoughts and words on current and past events related to Brother Stair, his ministry, and his teachings.  

Check in regularly for the Daily Word from - Use the link in the Menu

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