The Daily Word

We have introduced a new section here at, the Daily Word.

Unlike others claiming Daily Words, (they lie and do not the truth), we will be bringing you timely articles, hopefully daily and sometimes several a day - but certainly not bi-monthly.  We are also working on an email newsletter.

Timely Words on The Present Truth

The topic of these articles will be varied but most likely random thoughts and words on current and past events related to Brother Stair, his ministry, and his teachings.

Check in regularly for the Daily Word from - It's in the Daily Word section.  Use the link in the Menu

Many articles on are frequently updated, added to, edited.   So be sure to re-read the ones you like for updates.

If you are a writer or just have information that our writers could write on - contact us.  We welcome your help and suggestions to informing the Body about the current distress.

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