The Lie of The Desert

They Lie on The Desert

You would think by now, in the information age - with the Internet, that people would stop pushing errors that one could so easily get caught in.  You might also think that one would check this Internet for facts on said subject, rather than porn.  Yet one sticks with his false teaching of the Owl of the Desert.  It might be a nice hype-sounding message once useful to elicit emotion  - but it’s just not true.  

Argue that it doesn't matter but if you or anyone else cannot validate your story, then just because you believe it's true and you have some inner fuzzy 'witness' that it's true - that doesn' make it true.  Any Zoologist will tell you this is fabricated story outside of truth.  Brother Stair says he didn’t make this up (as he has done with most of his stories) rather he has taken it (he uses the word stolen once) from someone else that preached this false message.  Bro Stair liked the sensationalism of it so he used it, not caring if it was true or not - and still doesn't.  What a way to show discernment of truth to your audience.  Which might not matter if you're not putting yourself out as THE man of truth for this generation.  This misleading might have worked fine before the information age when you could sell your audience on any fanciful sounding story as they had no way of proving or disproving it.

Here are Some Owl Facts

The Great Grey Owl is the largest owl at just 2 feet 2 inches tall - not 4 feet.  With a wingspan of 5 feet - not 9 feet.  They live in forests, meadows, or bogs, mostly cold climates - not desserts.  This largest of owls is grey, no gold feathers on its head - not white (perhaps Brother Stair is thinking of a Barn Owl).  No owls fly across the Ocean No animal is faster than a 747 @ 535 mph.  Not hardly!  The fastest animal is the Peregrine Falcon at 242 mph - in a dive.

There is a desert owl - the Pharaoh Eagle-Owl.  It’s not white, or big, or anything related to what Brother Stair’s story suggests - aside from living in the desert.

So Many LiesTootsie Pop Owl

How many lies does it take to make something a lie?  Reminds me of the old Tootsie Pop ad asking an owl, "How many licks does it take …" No doubt the owl has the answer to this one too - but it’s not three.  Perhaps the world may never know.

Brother Stair talks about an owl, a bird of prey (like himself), and makes it "Christlike".  Christ is not a bird of prey, you’re thinking of Satan Brother Stair.  It reminds me of a wolf telling the sheep that he's their leader, "obey me in everything", "let me devour you".

Some other related Notes and Owl FACTS:








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