Wolves In the Flock of God?

No Wolves In Gods Flock

There have been false brethren circulation messages that among Gods people are wolves.  The wolves and the goats that are among the sheep are the leaders - they are not of Gods flock.

Wolves and goats lead and feed on sheep, they are not among the sheep they are always found in those that rise up over the sheep.

The simplicity of Christ will tell you that the wolves are those who rule over Gods flock and feed themselves on them.  

Feeding themselves sexually, verbally browbeating, and spiritually emasculating them.  

Wolves Among Gods Flock

These are wolves masquerading as sheep.  Yay, more than that, these be they that make themselves into great ones [Acts 8:9-11], Gods anointed [Mt 24:24], angels of light [2Cor 11:14], deceitful workers [2Cor 11:13]. 

They are those who rule over the sheep.  Worse than a hireling who is paid to care for the sheep.  These deceitful workers transform themselves into Gods messengers and masquerading as men of God that "God Himself" has put over them. 

By their fruits, ye shall know them!  Wolves devour the flock. 

Are the ranks thinning?  There's a devouring going on.  There's a wolf at work. 

When the numbers are dropping you're seeing the fruit of the wolf.

Are the sheep being blamed for the thining?  That's the wolf's MO.

If you’re purposing to point the finger at the sheep to fix the blame on them for anything, then that is the wolf spirit - the spirit of antichrist. 

God leads His sheep, as do His ministers.  Satan is the accuser fo the brethren, as are his ministers.

Wounded Sheep

Perhaps the only reason there is any flock left is that the wolf has maimed them so they cannot escape him, so that he can preserve them to be devoured at a later time.

Brother Jonathan preaches on Wounded Sheep at the Overcomer Ministry Tabernacle in 2013

The wolf wounds the sheep.  Sheep are not wounding themselves.  By their fruits ye shall know them!

Preacher accused of rape allowed access to his tabernacle

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