Bro R.G. Stair & his Overcomer Ministry

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Lowcountry Cult?

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2017 Oct 26th - WCSC reports on Brother Stair's Overcomer Ministry

Live 5 Investigates: Former members of Colleton Co. church allege sexual abuse, say it's a cult

"Former members of a Colleton County church have come forward saying they were sexually assaulted by the church's leader."

"Now he's abusing children in front of an entire congregation and not only in front of an entire congregation. He's actually bold enough to videotape it and put it on his website,"

"I was disgusted but I wasn't surprised, because this is something he's been doing for forever,"

source: WCSC TV-5

Thanks to Harve Jacobs at WCSC TV-5 in Charleston, SC for this report.

source: WCSC TV-5

“The DOW will never go above 10,000” - Brother Stair 2003

“The DOW will never go above 10,000”
-Brother Stair (2003)

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World Population:
Jesus Christ is coming in your lifetime."
'The population will never reach 7 billion before Jesus comes'
'The population will reach 7 billion in 2013. We will never get that far [before Jesus returns].'
-Brother Stair (Dec 2003)

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