Brother Stair's Overcomer Ministry Teachings

Hide Your Daughters, Hide Your Wives

Preservation Act 1

You must obey his every whim, 
Or else he's going to do you in...

Here Comes Flash

Sabbath Services Again

No Minors Allowed

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Jan 2018 - No Services, Just Lip Service

Brother Stair returns to the airwaves without Tabernacle ServicesMic

I'm Not Going To Talk

We heard those jail promises in 2002, he said that God told him to stop it.  How long did that last?

Send Me the Million Dollars

His 3/4 of a million dollars appears to not be enough to keep him out of jail.  Apparently, faith is not enough.

Back to Confusion

The radio programming was tolerable, and then...

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Bro R.G. Stair gets Bond at $750,000

Walterboro, SC circuit judge Perry Buckner sets Brother R.G. Stair's bond at $750,000.  Brother Stair's funds will more than cover this, he canceled his radio stations on 1 Jan 2018 so that he could hoard back the funds for this purpose.

Brother R.G. Stair's bond at $750,000

With electronic monitoring, law enforcement has unfettered access to the community, not allowed to have physical contact with a minor...

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Dec 2017 - Brother Stair Arrested

Harve Jacobs of WCSC reports on an ongoing investigation that "Lt. Tyger Benton of the Colleton County Sheriff's Office says Ralph Stair has been taken into custody on eight warrants.

Brother Prophet R.G. Stair’s 8 charges are currently:

  • 3 counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct
  • 1 count of Assault with intent to commit first-degree criminal sexual conduct
  • 1 count of third-degree criminal sexual conduct with a minor
  • 1 count of second-degree Assault
  • 1 count of Kidnapping
  • 1 count of Burglary

Brother Stair waves Bond hearing...

Radio Stations drop broadcast...

Many article updates

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Worldly Repentance

Unrepentant SinnerWe are now declared correct in what we told you a year ago about YouTube

Are We Misinterpreting, Misrepresenting?

Back To The Old Push

Salesman of The Century

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The Fox Returns to the Henhouse

Bro Stair returns to the scene of his crimesAgainst All Reason, Colleton County judge Perry Buckner gave R.G. Stair a bond of $750,000 on Jan 24, 2018.  Of which Bro Stair will have to put up $75,000 out of his $900,000+ he stashed back for this.  Like he knew what he was doing was going to get him caught.

Giving him bond is one thing but allowing him to go back to the very place where he committed these crimes is absurd - they just opened the door and let him back to continue his sex crimes.  Did Colleton County forget the gravity of the charges?

The Exodus Continues

Many have left Brother Stair's community in Canady's SC over the years.  In fact, 99% of all his followers have left his ministry over the space of his 50+ year ministry.  This should be cause for thought as to the reason for such bad fruit.

Since his arrest in December 2017, there have been about a dozen that have left because of Stair's sex agenda and his lack of remorse and repentance, which they (those close to him) could clearly see was not there.

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Bond Hearing News

Harve Jacobs (WCSC) reports:Ralph Gordon Stair, Al Cannon Detention Center

"Colleton County preacher Ralph Stair will have a bond hearing before a circuit judge in Walterboro this Wednesday (24 Jan).

Stair is accused of sexually assaulting some members of his church.

His arrest came after a Live 5 News investigation into Stair's ministry."

Live 5 News reports that, The arrest warrants are packed with disturbing details from the victims that date back to 1998.

Walterboro's Press and Standard reported that a few hours after Brother Stair's arrest on 18 Dec 2017 he was "slated to have a bond hearing on the charges in magistrate court but ...

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Recent Accusations & Investigations

Early Oct 2017 - Brother Stair removes his YouTube videos from his YouTube channel due to the recent exposure that his hugging and touching the sisters have received and the backlash it caused him.  Leading to an investigation and possible arrests once law enforcement finishes their case.

See the viral videos that have caused the current 2017 Investigation  

Brother Stair Videos lead to investigation   16 year old Natosha Lehr's testimony   Brother Stair Videos lead to investigation

See 16-year-old Natosha Lehr's testimony, the merchandising of Craig Mack, the Press & Standard article, and MoreRead More...

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