Brother Stair's Overcomer Ministry Teachings

Future Timeline

Timeline of what must Shortly Come to Pass

As foretold by prophet Brother R.G. Stair

The Present Truth
     The Revelation of the Anti-Christ
     The Seven Thunders
     The Great Falling Away
The Great Tribulation
Death of a Prophet
Those Who Remain
The Rapture
The Son of Man
The Millennium
The Kingdom of Angels
Do It Again God

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Another Gospel

Brother Stair teaches that he has been charged to preach Another Gospel and references Paul in Galatians 1.

Brother Stair's Gospel does not Confront Sin

"How would you like to have to again go out there and preach another gospel?  Which I have been charged to do.  Preach another gospel..."

Clip from the Tabernacle July 1st 2006, Sabbath Service

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Who We Are

Let’s Set the Record Straight

We are NOT, what men are accusing us of being...

Do not be deceived by false brethren point the finger at us...

Certain men are slandering...  speaking falsely of believers who stand up for the oppressed...

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Matthew Pours Down Wrath

Hurricane Matthew rains down destruction upon destruction on the Overcomer Farm

Many trees have been uprooted, solar panels have been destroyed, power failures, water everywhere...

If the foundations be destroyed... what can the righteous do?

Don't overlook the obvious!

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Hide Your Daughters, Hide Your Wives

Preservation Act 1

You must obey his every whim, 
Or else he's going to do you in...

Here Comes Flash

Sabbath Services Again

No Minors Allowed

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