Brother Stair's Overcomer Ministry Teachings

A Must see Documentary

As we near the anniversary of that tragic day in Church history, let us never forget how the false teachers and Elijah prophets come in...

Jim Jones Jonestown & Bro Stair Overcomer
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and Jim Jones:

A list corresponding to the Documentary 
  • Carrying on Adulterous relationships
  • You are to obey any and every word without question
  • Plus 68 more ...
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Who We Are

Let’s Set the Record Straight

We are NOT, what men are accusing us of being...

Do not be deceived by false brethren point the finger at us...

Certain men are slandering...  speaking falsely of believers who stand up for the oppressed...

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The Man of Sin Revealed

Brother Stair teaches us that the Great Falling Away took place, or began, in the summer of 2001 when over half his followers left him and thus many Fell Away.Brother Stair the Man of Sin

The scripture says that this Great Falling Away is what identifies the Man of Sin

It is the Sign that he is identified by through those who fall away from following him.

The falling away is not to reveal those who fell away but to reveal the man of sin that they fell away from...

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Waxing Worse and Worse

Are there revelations of your leader leaking out that there are questionable things going on?  Beware, and do not ignore this.  Burying your head in the sand is the surest way to deception and damnation.

Timothy speaks of the Last Days and details the events and the last days' men that will come, and sums it up with, “Evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived.”  It is very important the word Timothy uses here — wax.  Because he is not talking about men that get worse but that the true nature of these men is manifest over time.  We are just seeing more of what has always been there.

It is imperative that we understand what Timothy is saying here, and what marks these Last Days deceivers.

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Authorities Investigating Brother Stair over Videos

Harve Jacobs, a reporter for WCWS TV-5 in Charleston, SC who reported on Brother Stair's arrest in 2002, is once again reporting on Brother Stair's current affairs. 

2017 Oct 11 - Authorities investigating Colleton Co. pastor over video taken in church
"A Lowcountry preacher is under investigation after a video surfaced that allegedly shows him touching an underage girl during a church service.  The Colleton County Sheriff's Office and State Law Enforcement Division [SLED] are investigating the Rev. Ralph Stair."

2017 Oct 12 - Residents: Church under investigation is rumored to be a cult
"People who live near a Colleton County church that’s under investigation say they’ve heard rumors it’s a cult."

Brother Stair is under investigation - WCWS TV-5   WCSC Live 5 News Investigates Brother Stair   Christian Post reports RG Stair Accused of Sexual Assault

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Wayne Bent - the End of The World Cult

"People who don't receive me will be lost... " -- Wayne Bent (aka Michael Travesser, aka Messiah)

The End of the World Cult

Strong City - A story of love, faith, and devotion – but also control, manipulation, and sex
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Lowcountry Cult?

"Former members of a Colleton County church have come forward saying they were sexually assaulted by the church's leader."

Thanks to Harve Jacobs at WCSC TV-5 in Charleston, SC for this report.

"I was disgusted but I wasn't surprised, because this is something he's been doing for forever,"

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Prophet Stair Back In Criminal Scope

The Colletonian reports - 2017Colletonian reports, Prophet RG Stair Back In Criminal Scope

“Prophet Stair Back In Criminal Scope”

“During the last 20 years, Stair has been investigated by numerous local and state agencies on various charges related to infant deaths and criminal sexual conduct…”

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