Wayne Bent - the End of The World Cult

"People who don't receive me will be lost... " -- Wayne Bent (aka Michael Travesser, aka Messiah)

The End of the World Cult

Strong City - A story of love, faith, and devotion – but also control, manipulation, and sex
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A Must see Documentary

As we near the anniversary of that tragic day in Church history, let us never forget how the false teachers and Elijah prophets come in...

Jim Jones Jonestown & Bro Stair Overcomer
*Viewer discretion is advised

and Jim Jones:

A list corresponding to the Documentary 
  • Carrying on Adulterous relationships
  • You are to obey any and every word without question
  • Plus 68 more ...
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Boob Tube

Boob Dance

See the Boob Dance at Pentecost Service

Brother Stair - Fondling a 12-year-old

But the Holy Spirit tells us clearly that in the last times some in the church will turn away from Christ and become eager followers of teachers with devil-inspired ideasThese teachers will tell lies with straight faces and do it so often that their consciences won’t even bother them. -1Tim 4:1.2 TLB

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Wounding Sheep

Wounded Sheep

Bro Stair & Bro Jonathan preaching at the Overcomer Ministry Tabernacle in 2013

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