Matthew Pours Down Wrath

Hurricane Matthew rains down destruction upon destruction on the Overcomer Farm

Many trees have been uprooted, solar panels have been destroyed, power failures, water everywhere...

If the foundations be destroyed... what can the righteous do?

Don't overlook the obvious!

Last Updated on Wednesday, January 31 2018 11:15

Waxing Worse and Worse

Are there revelations of your leader leaking out that there are questionable things going on?  Beware, and do not ignore this.  Burying your head in the sand is the surest way to deception and damnation.

Timothy speaks of the Last Days and details the events and the last days' men that will come, and sums it up with, “Evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived.”  It is very important the word Timothy uses here — wax.  Because he is not talking about men that get worse but that the true nature of these men is manifest over time.  We are just seeing more of what has always been there.

It is...

Last Updated on Wednesday, January 24 2018 22:19

The End is Near - The Last Days Message

The message that Jesus said would be preached in the Last Days

Though one would think that this would be the more valid message as the days shorten ’but Jesus gave us a clear warning that this would be the message and emphasis... but God's children know what time it is, they "need not that any man teach [them]" [ 1Jn 2:27; Heb 8:11; Jer 31:34] 

To sum up Jesus' warning in Matthew 24:23-26 and Luke 21:8...

They come in Gods name, proclaiming that it is the Last Days and that they are Gods Anointed vessel, telling you of the great signs and wonders that have marked their ministry, and they seduce you into going to a certain place in the wilderness which they have...

Last Updated on Wednesday, January 24 2018 22:29

Message to the Overcomer Ministry Saints

A Message from Paul, A Call to Action to the Saints
from 1 Corinthians 5 (TLB)

Everyone is talking about the terrible thing that has happened there among you, …  you have a man in your church who is living in sin  … And are you still so conceited, so “spiritual”?  Why aren’t you mourning in sorrow and shame and seeing to it that this man is removed from your membership?   You are to call a meeting of the church…  and cast out this man from the fellowship of the church and into Satan’s hands, to punish him, … What a terrible thing it is that you are boasting about your purity and yet you let this sort of thing go on.  Don’t...

Last Updated on Wednesday, January 31 2018 11:16
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