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Similarities We Should Not Ignore

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Similarities We Should Not Ignore - Part 1

In a recent report from Reuters, the sexual abuse from religious leaders of the Legionaries of Christ Catholic religious order brings us several similarities that we wish to cover that parallel in the cults and in the ministry of Brother Stair's Overcomer Ministry.


"VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - Sexual abuse of minors was rife among superiors of the Legionaires of Christ Catholic religious order, with at least 60 boys abused by its founder Father Marcial Maciel."

Here again, we see in recent news the spirit of these Pergamos/Thyatira churches.  Where the leaders take sexual advantage of their congregations.  This spirit is rife in the world of the cults where we see one man who evaluates himself spiritually above all others.  Causing their followers to obey them in everything.  They put themselves in the place of God in the now, the representation of God on the Earth today.  Thus every word from their mouth is to be obeyed as coming from God Himself. 

Sadly, these deceivers have led many astray [many shall follow their pernicious ways (2Pt 2:2)].  In the larger denominations and cults, like the Catholic Church, we see this elevation above the clergy in a figurehead the Pope which also comes down through their Priesthood.  As in other major cults where their one-man leader has passed on, they still generally uphold that those in leadership maintain the anointing and that the followers are to hold them in the same honour as the founder.

This ruling over the clergy is what Jesus hates [But this thou hast, that thou hatest the deeds of the Nicolaitans, which I also hate. (Rev 2:6)].  Nicolaitans means, they rule over the laity.  This is what angered Jesus about the Pharisees and the religious leaders.  Yet these religious leaders today twist this to mean that it is the laity that is ruling, and should not be.  Brother Stair's teaching is that we are in the Church Age of Laodicea and that Laodicea means, the laity rules.  Thus making Bro Stair's beating them into submission justified as they are in the wrong by having no man rule them and that he is to have the rule over them.  To which John says, ye need not that any man teach you: but as the same anointing teacheth you of all things [1Jn 2:27]

Nothing is further from the truth of what is shown in scripture and in what Jesus said.  It is this present act of these religious leaders ruling over God's people that is the reason for today's sexual abuse issues.  Jesus hated this practice of lordship and His anger was toward the leaders and not the people.  Brother Stair turns that around and spins it just the opposite.  Bro Stair makes Jesus' anger against His people. 

Brother Stair wants to be in power and they need to be in subjection to him.  Thus Bro Stair makes his lording over God's heritage [1Pt 5:3] justified and should be submitted to.  Brother Stair is bent on stamping out all resistance or rebellion, as he mistranslates Daniel 7:7,19 which says stamped the residue.  So that he will have no one question his words or actions.

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