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*Warning! explicit language

Jonestown and Jim Jones:


-This was a two-part video that was removed from Yahoo videos.  We apologize for any dead links. 
-It has been updated to YouTube which was in 11 parts.  Finally, we are able to present you with the full documentary from PBS.
This list corresponds to the Documentary
  • “Some people see God in me”
  • A Community like the Promised Land
  • Tells followers, “Don’t be this way”
  • Carrying on Adulterous relationships
  • No tears in repentance
  • “I represent Divine principles”
  • From a dysfunctional family
  • Targeted Blacks and became Pastor of a Black church
  • Hated and despised in the White community
  • Started out in the Revival circuit or era
  • The government is wrong
  • Tried his ‘craft’ in California
  • Sell all and give to ‘this church’
  • Traveled USA spreading his beliefs
  • All needs provided for people by Community
  • Their personal homes are not elegant
  • Made to feel guilty for taking luxuries [Sleep deprivation]
  • Tells followers, “You don’t think for yourself”
  • Followers gave up their rights to him
  • Certain people believed “The man got power”
  • False healings [or: past Unverifiable Stories]
  • People running around the isles, hollering
  • The Bible isn’t where the power is, it’s in the anointed man
  • “Did you see any lightning come from the sky and strike me dead?”
  • “You need to believe in what you see. If you see me as your God I’ll be your God”
  • Followers lifted him up to a level of adoration
  • Admired, loved, excused
  • Homosexual acts
  • “You’re all homosexuals”
  • “Sexual relationships are very selfish”, yet was involved in many sexual affairs himself
  • Not monogamous
  • What he preached was not what he did
  • Forbids followers to speak with one another
  • ‘Feelings’ are bad, “Quit you like men”
  • Followers loyalty tested
  • You are to obey any and every word from him – without question
  • Political power
  • Had people that would ‘take a bullet’ for him
  • People always Threatened or feeling threatened
  • Tells followers, “You’re not diligent enough”
  • Paranoia that ‘those on the outside’ are enemies
  • Community was to be free of the government oppression, to live as God wants us to
  • People loved to be in the ‘Community’ … at first
  • Forced confessions (testimonies)
  • Beatings [Jones: physical; Other cult leaders use: verbal, mental, spiritual]
  • Sexually motivated
  • Talks about Sex explicitly, often
  • Bussed in the congregation for public meetings to show off
  • Isolates followers from their families
  • Had ex-members, people left him
  • Told them the world would treat them badly
  • They could never leave ‘the Church’ (Community)
  • Followers subject to integration
  • Used his ‘platforms’ as fronts
  • Community was ‘lighter’ when he was not present
  • Speaker system going 24/7 with his voice anywhere you were
  • He would interpret the news events over his ‘broadcasts’
  • Pervasive sense of being under attack, things are getting worse in the world
  • In the end he was getting more frantic and insane in his ramblings
  • Followers subjected to Loyalty tests
  • No freedom to express to others what was going on (keep your mouths shut)
  • Took it as betrayal to himself and the cause if someone left
  • “It’s blasphemy to talk about leaving without approval”
  • Community was spartan but very impressive
  • Food stored on Community
  • People thought it was the best thing that ever happened in their lives, at first
  • People found it hard to find a way to leave (their money, houses, family, & friends were all taken from them)
  • Would say, “People lie on me/us”, “Just leave us alone”
  • Said ‘you can leave if you want’, but made them believe they were betraying him if they did
  • Often told, “Everybody report to the ‘tabernacle’ for a meeting”
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