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If you’re looking for information regarding the Overcomer Ministry Passover 2022 Service you’re not going to find it on their “most informative website” (according to the Prophet R.G. Stair).  The informative Overcomer Ministry seems to be locked out of its website and has no control over it – or they just don’t care if you are informed or not. 

Outside of listening to the Overcomer Ministry broadcast, we have long been the sole source of information regarding the Overcomer Ministry and its Feasts.  At this time, the last statement from the Overcomer Ministry website about Passover was in 2016, before Brother Stair’s final fall into a self-exposed perversion on his videos and later blatantly in his Services.

OCM Passover Feast 2016

Let us take a walk down memory lane, shall we?

“I think every Christian in America should strive to make their way to gather with us here in South Carolina over that period of time.”  The door has also been opened for those God draws to come for the weekend with housing and feeding (for 200) offered.  Brother Stair is reiterating that this Passover “Could be our very last one” implying that Jesus is coming this year[Announcement for Passover 2021 by Brother Stair]

Let us not forget the Passover 2019 Service just three years ago where Brother Stair screamed, railed, cursed God’s people, and exposed his sexual perversions.  If you’ve forgotten, you should take a listen to the highlights clip on Passover Service 2019 – Highlights.  That one even shows Brother Stair shutting down the Holy Spirit in worship just so he can justify touching the young girl in his arms. 

Does no one following Brother Stair consider what these girls have to deal with now?  How he has messed up their minds and lives?  He certainly didn’t care.  His motto was wham bam thank you ma’am and on to the next one.  That is the consistent fruit that we have all witnessed (Matt 7:15-20;  Acts 4:20;  Phil 4:9;  1Jn 1:3).  This is the spirit of rape, as mentioned in Another Rapist Convicted and A Vicious Serial Sexual Predator.

After My Departure – Grievous Wolves

R. Gordon's AliveThen after his death – that’s right Dennis Larivee he’s dead, unless you buried him alive – the Overcomer Ministry put out an announcement for Pentecost that showed they were believing in an Acts event of Brother Stair rising from the dead and Jesus returning – which failed to transpire.

Some seem to believe that it is appointed unto men [except Brother Stair] once to die, but after this the judgment to rise and meet the Pope, and die again (Heb 9:27).  Let God be true and every man [except Dennis L. and Bro Stair] a liar (Rom 3:4).  It’s Lenin under glass as the broadcast keeps Stair alive and on display.

This year is one that you would not have thought would have had the Overcomer Ministry still playing the same games that their prophet had them deceived in.  Yet they are showing us that they are under one of the same spirits that controlled Brother Stair as they are likewise leading people on with fabricated fallacies to extend the time – as Brother Stair was well known for.  He was the Prophet of Time – making it so near to put you in fear and run to him, and also stretching it out to keep those under his spell hanging on.

Ministry of Failure

Thus the Ministry of Confusion (1Cor 14:33) (and now Ichabod [the Glory has departed]) that has Overcome the saints (Rev 13:7;  Dan 7:25) for decades is found new ways to prolong their belief that Brother Stair – their failed prophet – is coming back to fix all his failed errors.  Since he failed to “Return” (as his grave marker indicates) at Pentecost 2021, some at the Overcomer are now expecting Brother Stair (aka Elijah) to come back three years after his death – on Passover 2024.  And when that fails they will extend it another six months to get 3-1/2 years.  From which they will move to 7 years.  This is such a failure at grasping any truth, even their own fabricated version thereof (2Thes 2:11-12).  For Brother Stair to fulfill his predictions he has to die at Passover not raise.  Perhaps a refresher on what Brother Stair’s end time timeline is and the events prophecied for his Last Days would help.

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If we were really looking to Jesus coming back (like this ministry claims to be about) then we should just be done with this Brother Stair because of all his false words and start focusing on Jesus.  Instead, we are going headlong to destruction continuing to proclaim and hold up the idolatry of the Prophet that has now sealed his ministry to be a total failure.  Not a word of prophecy came about as he prophesied it to be.  Not a date that he set came into fulfillment.  He led no one to perfection.  Not one of his Last Days events that were to surround his death manifested.  The fruit of his ministry has been sealed with his untimely death.

Ignorant Idolatry

The worst part is that everyone at the Overcomer knows this but they choose to ignore it.  They reason, and often quote, that ‘he’s the prophet’ – because they’ve been deceived into believing that they must hold to the prophet or be lost.  So whatever he does, no matter how wicked, must be tolerated.  Or they reason that ‘God will make it right’ – like God is going to ignore all His word so that the prophet gets a free pass and doesn’t have to be held to the same standard that he holds all others to (Rom 2:2-11).  It’s time to burst your bubble, there is no partiality with God (Rom 2:11 NIV84).

What we have here is a people that are doing as the prophet has done – mocking God’s justiceA worthless witness mocks at justice (Pr 19:28 RSV71).  When God’s word declares judgments are prepared for scorners/mockers (Pr 19:29 KJV/NIV).  Enough already!  How much more does one have to do to realize that they turned aside from Jesus and His coming?  Now we await the prophets’ returnWho hath bewitched you? (Gal 3:1)  The man who said “you’re not saved right” turned the saved into the unsaved.  Flee this idolatry! (1Cor 10:14)

He Changeth the Times and the Seasons

When Brother Stair’s prophecy of Jesus returning within six months of his death failed, as Jesus didn’t return in September 2021 during the Feast of Trumpets 2021.  They extended it another 40 Days in line with his last 40 Days prophecy.  When that failed they are now pushing that Brother Stair is going to come back three years after his death’.  So now they have us hanging on for another two years.  Bravo!  You’ve learned his art of prolonging well.

Bro Stair Grave
Brother Stair Shall Return!

This would explain why Brother Stair’s grave marker states “I Shall Return”.  Nothing about Jesus returning.  Seems they have another Jesus they are following.  Showing us that neither Brother Stair nor his Community cared about Jesus’ return.  They are all tied up in their idolatry of the prophet and his return.  This is also confirmed in Dennis’ many arguments with Pastor Rice in Service saying “Brother Stair is not dead”.  Do you mean some there don’t believe that Brother Stair is dead?  Do you now see why they didn’t put Brother Stair’s date of death on his grave marker?  They don’t believe he’s dead.  Does that mean they buried him alive?  And if he’s not dead then where is he returning from?

The reason for this Dead/Undead issue is perhaps news to the radio audience, the faithful callers that are granted air time, and the financial supporters.  This is from the belief and teaching of Dennis Larivee (the President of the Overcomer Ministry) that Brother Stair is coming back in 2024 as Elijah to confront Ahab.  Dennis apparently doesn’t realize that he fits the pattern of Ahab or he wouldn’t be so on board with this delusion.  Brother Stan has discussed this Ahab Jezebel connection in several of his videos on

Listen closely to the Passover announcement by Pastor Rice (as he is called) and you will hear this same theme of looking for a resurrection.  Here we see how he is leaving this open to mean the resurrection of Brother Stair not of the saints or the return of Jesus but the return of Brother Stair.  We are witnessing in the Services that this one called ‘Pastor’ is not pastoring the flock but operating in the same spirit of dissension that Brother Stair operated in by sowing discord among the brethren (Pr 6:19).

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He that Soweth Discord

James Rice is always magnifying those who are isolating themselves and not listening, as if that’s going to fix the problem.  Perhaps they are obeying scripture by not even eating with those walking in sexual sin (1Cor 5:11)?  Did you ever think of that Pastor?  Or did you clearly realize that as Brother Stair did and thus scald them to cover that connection… like you’re doing?

Rice is dealing with things the same way Brother Stair did – by ignoring dealing with the individual (as according to scripture) and just using his mouth to slander the individuals publicly (Ps 50:20).  That is not scriptural.  Brother Stair loved to quote 1 Timothy 5:20 Them that sin rebuke before all, that others also may fear, to justify doing this but he was in error.  That only applies to an elder – which he doesn’t consider those he’s rebuking to be –  and it requires two or three witnesses against the elder before he can do this (1Tim 5:19-20).  Another colossal failure to apply scripture.

This rebuke only breeds discord, animosity, and strife amongst the fellowship of believers (Pr 6:16-19;  Pr 10:12).  We are witnessing these same familiar spirits finding new hosts at the Overcomer.  Grievous wolves, not sparing the flock (Acts 20:29;  Matt 7:15).

I urge you, …to watch out for those who cause divisions and put obstacles in your way that are contrary to the teaching you have learned.
Keep away from them.
For such people are not serving our Lord Christ, but their own appetites.
they deceive the minds of naive [simple] people.
(Romans 16:17-18 NIV)

Church Ages 3 and 4

Wm Branham Gave Stone Seven Messengers
Wm Branham’s Gave Stone, the 7th Messenger

Since Brother Stair is clearly operating in the spirit of Jezebel it is hardly going to work out as Dennis (Ahab) imagins.  We find the Overcomer Ministry defined in Revelation 2:12-29 as the Pergamum and Thyatira churches.  Don’t go subscribing to the Church Ages Doctrine that Brother Stair took from William Branham, which was concocted by John Darby to prop up the fallacious Pre-Tribulation Rapture doctrine that he popularized.

These seven churches are not the State and Papal Churches from AD 313-1517.  Nor is there anything to Rick Bell’s Dark Ages so that he can fit Brother Stair into being the seventh angel in place of William Branham (who was in place of Charles Russell).  These are seven spirits/traits of churches throughout the last 2000 years.  You can identify every church today in one or more of these seven churches of Revelation.

JW Russell Laodicean Messenger
Charles Russell the Laodicean Messenger

These so-called prophets have led people off in their errors in an effort to place themselves as the last seventh angel messenger.  This was most notably propagated in the last century by Charles Russell cofounder of the Jehovah’s Witnesses.  This is who prophet William Branham stole it from, and then Brother Stair stole it from Branham.  When I say stole it I mean that they took both the doctrine and the man’s titles as the seventh messenger and placed it upon themselves – then they claimed the former never made the claim.

The operation of the spirits of Balaam, Nicolaitans, Satan’s seat, Jezebel, those calling themselves Prophets, and people tolerating it, are shown in the Pergamum and Thyatira churches.  This is manifested in sexual immorality, teaching sexual immorality, teaching deep secrets, leading into sexual immorality, taking part in idolatry (to the leader), lordship (Nicolaitan doctrine), unrepentance, sickness, plague, and tribulation.  All of these we see manifested in the Overcomer Ministry (Rev 2:1-25)

Perhaps you’re saying to yourself, how can anyone be so deceived to believe that?  They are under a strong delusion that’s how (2Thes 2:11).  They have been given over to believe lies and lies they believe because they refuse to love and look for the truth.  Especially since the truth is staring them in the face.  This avoidance of the truth is also because they have been programmed to not believe what those on the outside are saying and to not even look at what websites, such as this one, are saying.

This is how the Jehovah’s Witnesses keep their followers from the truth.  They teach them to never Google the JW’s and to ignore everything, even scripture, that doesn’t come through their approved channels.

Lies Fear the Truth

If you really have the truth then nothing we say should shake you from it.  But if you’re believing a lie then the truth is what will set you free (John 8:32) and those who want you bound want you to steer clear of stumbling onto the truth.  Your deceivers don’t want you to be free from their control, so they keep you in their darkness, fearful of examining anything else.  Stay in the ditch and follow closely (Matt 15:14).  They put you in fear of losing your salvation and your soul if you do like the multitude of others that fell away after they learned the truth.  Thus the only way to be safe is to put your head in the sand and hope the Master comes soon so you can return to Him His talent that you’re hiding (Mt 25:25-27).  It’s not going to go well with you (Mt 25:30)

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If you can’t step aside and shut down something (like the broadcast) for a month or two and just seek Jesus, then it is greater than Jesus in your life.  It’s your idol.  It has replaced Christ in your life.  It doesn’t matter how much it may speak of God or use the name of Jesus – it’s an idol.  A substitute.  Another Jesus!  Another Spirit!  Another Gospel!

That idol will keep you in blindness and will not allow you to find the truth.  It is a Satanic stronghold that you will have to deal with if you want to come out of her (Jer 51:45;  Rev 18:4).  You have made God your enemy by your idolatry of men.  All the while you’re under the delusion (2Thes 2:11) that you are the elect, the approved of God (Jn 16:2;  Rom 1:22;  Eph 6:7).  His wrath awaits!

Come out of her, My people!
Run for your lives!
Run from the fierce anger of the LORD.
(Jeremiah 51:45  NIV)

Who is Blind, but My Servant? or Deaf, as My Messenger?

(Isaiah 42:19) This blindness extends to being unable to hear what the Spirit is saying even through the broadcast.  There are many things aired on the Overcome broadcast that sound like someone is trying to get the message across by exposing Brother Stair’s error in his teachings.  Sadly it just shows that they are so blinded in their worship of the Prophet that they don’t believe he can say no wrong.  So no matter how much his words condemn him, they can’t hear it.  They have been programmed to interpret it as the prophet taught it, thus they ignore the obvious

Alexander Scourby will interrupt with a verse that condemns the false teaching that preceded it – yet they don’t seem to see it.  They are too blind for even God’s word to penetrate the darkness that has shrouded them by these false teachings that they parrot as if they were hypnotized.

I’m reminded of an example of this that aired around 2003 that was either deliberate on the part of Brother Stair to pour out his hatred and disdain upon God’s people in his own house (the Farm), or accidental – put God in it.  It was a loop using a cut from WWCR’s introduction saying “This is the Overcomer Ministry broadcast” then it cut to Scourby quoting part of Job 18:21 “this is the place of him that knoweth not God.”.  This would repeat over and over at least 3 to 4 times saying:

This is the Overcomer Ministry. This is the place of him that knoweth not God.
This is the Overcomer Ministry. This is the place of him that knoweth not God.
This is the Overcomer Ministry. This is the place of him that knoweth not God.”

You could look around and see that no one seemed to be paying attention let alone horrified by the message that it was giving about the Overcomer Ministry and especially about Brother Stair – the him.  It doesn’t say the place of them that know now God – as Brother Stair was trying to imply – it says him.  All versions show the focus is on the wicked evil man more so than on the people of the place where he dwelled.  Was Brother Stair trying to call us wicked or was God exposing Brother Stair as the wicked man among us? (1Cor 5:1;  Acts 20:30;  Jude 1:4)  Can you put God in it?

Surely such is the dwelling of an evil man;
such is
the place of one who does not know God.
(Job 18:21  NIV)

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4 thoughts on “Passover 2022

  1. Glory be to God!!! Thank you for your willingness to be a voice of Truth for the sanctity of God’s remnant. I started listening to Ralph Stair in 2007 was an ardent supporter of his for 10 years. In 2017 I made my 1st of 4 journeys to the Overcomer farm/church. I went for the solar eclipse in August (the next occurrence of this will be in April 2024), I was well received and commanded to move there.
    I returned in 2019 for Passover and it was then that my eyes were opened to his sexual perversions, lies, and cowardliness. 50 days later I returned for Pentecost and was still in good grace with the man. After that began a war via telephone for over a year. I must say that I only brought a knife (TRUTH) to a gunfight. The man could not allow my voice to be heard and challenged me to face him. It was his belief that his God would kill me on the spot. I knew THE God would make the choice not a man. January 5th 2021 drove to the farm as instructed by that man.
    Upon arrival I was confronted in my car by him and Timothy on golf carts. I was told to leave then threatened to leave. God provided me time to speak the Truth to him which Timothy quietly witnessed and remained neutral. As for Ralph he was the epitome of evil. I left to outside the gate and was again attacked and threatened. To which I contended I was already off the property and under no such violation. After I boldly proclaimed more Truth I left in peace.
    Our feud died down as he neared death over the next months. Ralph Stair died and has not and will not arise. I have waited for God to send me there again to do what He would have me to do. I’m not certain anything can be done to overcome such strong delusion. I pray sharing my experience will touch another soul and set free His eternal Truth.

    In Christ Jesus,
    Link Thomas

    P.S. 612-237-5552

  2. I sometimes use the Clip when Ole Ralph Challenged you & me with His “Come Face Me ” Garbage !! I faced This Perverted False Witness Many Times Face to Face when I Lived There and as Scripture Clearly States, Men Like Ralph are Reprobate & Implacable !! Don’t Waste Your Time Going There, James Rice is Operating in The Shoes & Footsteps of His Dead Leader Rg Stair as they All Are Awaiting His rising From The Dead again. The Only Problem with That is They Wil;l Have To Wait a Thousand Years to See Ole Ralph Again. Actually They Will see Him Again if THey Don’t Turn From Their Delusion of Lies and End up In The Lake of Fire With Ralph !!!

  3. Don’t let Timothy Jones charade fool you. He’s observed Stair’s wickedness and gross mismanagement of God’s flock for decades. If he’s still there or in fellowship in any capacity then he’s aligned himself with the evil that has persecuted brothers and sisters while he agreed with SILENT ACQUIESCENCE. He’s a castrated eunuch and a coward. He could have spoken up as even elder Brother Chris did in defense of young sisters at the River but remained SPEECHLESS because he doesn’t have on a wedding garment. The last time I visited the state of South Carolina was way back in June 2017 and again in October 2017 to see family nearby. I drove by the farm to show my children where I had once lived. If I did see Stair I would have kept driving because he wasn’t worth my time or effort. Interesting Stair was arrested that same year. I saw a video of Stair from the local news wearing an orange prison issued garment, walking in tiny incremental steps because of the chains that fettered him, and his ugly countenance all bitter and twisted, BUT his mouth finally silenced. He had to stand before a judge and couldn’t speak until spoken to and wasn’t in charge. I can tell you I watched that video numerous times. THAT is how I will remember Stair now.

  4. When Ole Ralph Sexually Abused Timoty’s Daughter Laquila Horn He Responded ” For The Furtherance of the Gospel “!!! He Still Belives Ralph is The One to Come as Quoted on Rg’s Tomb Stone, ” I Shall Return “. That Saying is so Very Prophetic and True as The Man of Sin is About to be Made Manifest as Rg Displayed Profoundly in His Spirit and Character from his Year 2000 Proclamation onward !! Christianity as we know it will become Non-Exsistent. It Certainly Became That To Him For Sure !!!

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