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Brother R.G. Stair
Brother R.G. Stair
Phone Messages #9

Last Updated on September 7, 2021

We have been dolled out the new weakly phone calls.  With the intended intent of shaming all who don’t follow that Jesus is coming at the end of September.  A  caller that keeps propagating this is one in love with Pastor Rice to the point of worship as can be witnessed in his sacrifices of praise unto him – as many did with Prophet Stair.  This same caller from Grace Community apparently hasn’t yet left for the Farm. 

He wants us to know that those not believing Jesus is coming this September are the wicked lost souls outside the Ark because we’re in the Ark.  He says I’m praying for 30 days from now, meaning that he’s looking for Jesus to return at the end of September.  In case you’ve forgotten all the others things in the timeline of future events that Brother Stair has declared that must take place, check out the Future Timeline.

Mocking the Messenger

These lost souls outside the Ark likely include us as it’s probably us that he perceives us mocking the prophets message.  We are merely explaining the prophet’s message and his reasons for having it (Ps 35:11).  He’s going to find out – as we did – that what we are exposing is the lies so that you will see the truth (Jn 8:31-32) – no matter how hard that pill is to swallow.  Perhaps if he’s feeling a mocking it is God that is mocking the prophet.  After all, Bro Stair has to reap what he sowed and he sowed a lifetime of scoffing – which he called mocking. 

What this brother doesn’t realize in his blindness is that he is mocking the one he calls ‘the Prophet’.  He is saying that Jesus is coming in 30 days without all the things to take place before that which his Prophet proclaimed.  That’s mocking Brother Stair.  He can’t see this because he is acting in the spirit that he is receiving by receiving this angry damning prophet.  Therefore he is partaking of the same evil spirits that controlled him.  We hear this come out in his own anger and rage.  Something previously not manifest in this gentle brother.

Where are those risen saints and the Last 45 Days?  Where are the last Three Thunders?  Where’s the revelation of the Man of Sin or the Antichrist which only his prophet is to reveal?  Where’s the total Economic Collapse?  When did America become a nonentity?  When did he die in Jerusalem at the hands of the Pope

This caller is saying (as well as many other followers are likewise believing) Jesus is coming without the need for these things to come to pass. Have the forgotten that Brother Stair said if he wasn’t martyred in Jerusalem by the Pope but instead died an ordinary death then throw away everything he said as a lie?  What they are saying is Jesus is coming despite the message of the prophet.  Wouldn’t you call that mocking the prophet?

To say that Jesus is coming without these taking place is also presumption.  By saying that Jesus is coming this September the brother is saying that Brother Stair was a presumptuous prophet when he spoke these things (Deut 18:22). 

When a prophet speaketh in the name of the LORD,
if the thing follow not, nor come to pass,
that is the thing which the LORD hath not spoken,
but the prophet hath spoken it presumptuously:
thou shalt not be afraid of him.
(Deut 18:22)
I am watching over My word to perform it
(Jer 1:12 NASB95)
Behold, I am against the prophets, says the Lord,
who use their [own deceitful] tongues and
say, ‘Thus says the Lord’.
(Jer 23:31 AMPC)

Therefore…  This brother is mocking the prophets message!  The very judgment he puts upon others.  This – making a judgment on others that you are the guilty party of – is the same spirit that Brother Stair operated in.  Brother Stair did it so successfully that he would gaslight us this way. 

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We’re not going to mock Brother Stair because mocking is of the Devil – which is why Bro Stair loved it.  God’s people do not mock – neither do the angels – that is reserved for God alone (Jude 1:9;  Pr 1:26). 

Instead of buying into Brother Stair’s justification of mocking by saying Elijah mocked.  Look what happened to Elijah when he tried doing it – he lost his boldness, fled from a woman, and lost God’s presence.  When God finally spoke to him He asked him what he was doing there.  Where was God talking about?  In the place of fear that mocking leads him to.  We don’t find him doing that again, do we? 

Elijah then has the incorrect view that he is the only one.  To which God straightened him out on declaring that He had 7,000 men of God reserved (1Kn 18:19).  Reserved to replace him perhaps is what God meant.  Saying reserved and not preserved or hidden implies that they were kept in reserve to replace someone.  That’s not how Brother Stair would teach it though.  He focused us on I only.

Hey Brother, GET IN CHRIST!  Only the truth will set you free (John 8:31-32).  Not a prophet.  The Jesus you are looking for is a false christ just like the false gospel that was preached to you by a false prophet.  We are not in trivial as you believe.  Just listen to the phone calls if you want to witness those in travail.  Dispairing, with the only hope that Jesus comes this month.  Perhaps they are in bewilderment of who now holds the crown as the “Greater than Jesus Christ today”.

The prophet’s reward that you’re going to get from following a false prophet is his share in the lake of fire (Rev 21″8).  Don’t believe the lies that come from the prophet’s strong delusion (2Thes 2:11).  Those are not the revelation truths that you want, are they?

Or perhaps he’s been watching – of none effect – Brother Stan’s videos such as Jeremiah 23 Reveals ~ Rg Stair & James Rice where he covers in great detail the hidden works of darkness that are deceiving God’s people (Eph 5:11;  Mk 7:13;  Gal 5:4;  1Cor 1:17). 

What this brother needs to wake up to is that Brother Stan and we here have spent many many years with Brother Stair that he has no clue about.  He even rejects the witness of his own brotherThese testimonies are true and backed by many witnesses – which is what God requires (2Cor 13:1;  Jn 21:24;  2Tim 2:2;  1Tim 6:12;  Heb 12:1). 

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God requires you to heed such witnesses or you’re to be the heathen man (Mt 18:15-18).  Stop rejecting the truth!  We are commanded by many scriptures to deal with Brother Stair and his Overcomer Ministry the way we do.  Matthew 18 & 1Corinthians 5 being a few of them.  We are also commanded by scripture for doing so (Pr 24:11;  Eze 22:30;  Jer 22: 3, 16;  Pr 31:8;  Ps 27:12;  Jer 9:12).  What scriptural backing do you have for following a prophet that you are unwilling to test?  Perhaps you should investigate why the Overcomer has become a desolation – read Jeremiah 22:3-5, 9, 17, 22.

It is also written in your law, that the testimony of two men is true.
(John 8:17)

Take the Challange

We welcome anyone to show us where we’re wrong.  You’re free to post in the comments and the Forum.  We would love to know if and where we are wrong on these matters.  So far no one has taken this challenge to any of our cult outreaches.  That should tell you something about what you’re believing.  It cannot stand up against the truth of God’s word.

A Display of Cult Ideologies

This brother apparently believes in a Pre-Tribulation Return of Christ.  Someone should tell him that this is contrary to what Brother Stair taught.  We covered this in more detail on Phone Messages #7.  We suppose his justification is that we have already been in the Tribulation.  His perspective of tribulation is far from God’s.  He should check some history and find that not only are we nowhere near as bad as the previous history but we are far from it being such as was not, nor ever shall be (Mt 24:21;  Mk 13:19).  Remember it’s called Great tribulation – not discomfort.

His whole use of the Ark is showing that he is expecting to be Raptured out of the coming destruction that is to be poured out upon the rest of us.  This is the Pre-Tribulation doctrine that his Prophet fought against.  Did you forget Brother Stair told us, The Door will be closed at the beginning of the Great Tribulation?  He didn’t say Jesus was coming at the beginning of the Great Tribulation.*

While this propagation of false teachings and lies has been the mainstay of Brother Stair, what this new regime at the Overcomer Ministry is doing is far accelerated beyond anything that Brother Stair would think people would fall for. Yet we find they are falling for it. This is because we are in a time of great deceit and we are soon to witness the Great Falling Away which will include those who follow the Overcomer Ministry to an even greater degree than the apostasy that they are currently beguiled with.

They will find, like those in Jeremiah’s day, that their believed status as God’s elect and their safe place is going to be the things and the place that brings wrath down upon them.  This is going to cause great disillusionment when they find that they haven’t been taken out of here by their Jesus in September.

Pray for these lost souls!  They are deluded by these doctrines of demons that Brother Stair taught them and which Pastor Rice is furthering – though not very convincingly.  The Overcomer seems to want to leave the preaching up to the callers so that they can blame them when it doesn’t come to pass.

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Delusional Disillusionment

We are witnessing on the broadcast this week has been a loop of the most disturbing antics of Brother Stair in old Services where he is cursing and failing on God’s people (Zech 3:1).  Flirting and hugging the sisters.  Either they are showing their delusion in that they think these things are righteous.  Or they are showing their disillusionment of Brother Stair in his wicked actions by showcasing them for all the listeners.  Then following it with Scourby quoting scriptures about the displays of the wicked.  Perhaps it’s just that they are as blind as all this is showing them to be.  That’s the prophet’s reward for those who follow the ditch-dwelling false prophets (Matt 15:14).

Either way, it’s helpful for the listeners to wake up.  If they don’t it’s making clear what was said earlier – this is a time of great deceit where these people have already been so turned over that they cannot see clearly to be set free.  As Brother Stair would say – the Door has been shut on them.  Don’t forget, about that Door, the great Prophet told us That Door will be closed at the beginning of the Great Tribulation.” *


A Sister asks if they’re going to send out a new Newsletter since they haven’t sent out anything since April.  This is how timely this ministry of time is in informing its listeners and supporters of the present truth.  One monthly Newsletter for the year is still better than Brother Stair’s last decade of keeping people in the dark.  That’s what it’s like in the ditch (Matt 15:14).  This same sister is another that apparently thinks Brother Stair is still among the living as she thanks him presently.  Likewise, most of them are addressing Brother Stair in the present.  One sister speaks of how she misses him – directing it to him presently – not as if he’s passed.

The confusion of the beginning and end of this segment of calls – along with their messages – goes to represent the confusion that is the Overcomer Ministry and what Brother Stair spread throughout the whole earth.  As a personal testimony in this regard, I never suffered from a spirit of confusion until I came to the Farm.  It was one of the most prevalent demonic spirits that premeditated almost everyone there.  This same spirit of confusion is sent out from the Farm by those praying against us – this is what is called witchcraftrebellion against God’s truth.

So now it’s a race to the Feast Days when Jesus is expected to come (Amos 5:21).  Despite the fact that it would be mocking the prophet to believe that.


*[We’re not presenting this because we have any belief in the teachings of Brother Stair.  His words are presented for those that believe in his words to show that they are not really believing and following what he said.]

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3 thoughts on “Phone Messages #9

  1. What is an Amazing Pattern of Lies False Witness Rg Stair Laid out about The Door being Shut at The Beginning of the last 45 Days and His Tommy Hicks Resurrection Revelation being at the Same exact Time ~ Wow ~ God has me speaking exclusively about Ralph’s Resurrection Revelation and Pope Visit & Jesus Coming in the Forthcoming messages.
    We are now WELL PAST the Beginning of the last 45 days & Ralph’s Resurrection before Jesus is Suppose to come here in the Next few Weeks. Anybody see any Saint’s running around yet ?
    Don’t Forget about Those Thunders Now ~ James Rice Recently said He is Now waiting for the Man of Sin to be Revealed.! Guess he missed The 4th Thunder back in 2015. God had me to Speak also about this Perversion of J Rice and Rg Stair.
    Be Blessed Saint’s ~ Jesus is Coming in the Year of Jubilee and that is not This Year, ” Thus Saith the Lord of Host’s “.

  2. Just listened to these people on the phone calls, Deluded does not even describe their Spiritual Blindness, Truly Very Disturbing to hear such Depravity ~ Many Still Not Informed that God Killed Ralph Stair on April the 3rd and He is Dead !!! No Pope involved Though as R.g. Proclaimed He would Be Killed By the Pope Having His head Cutoff !! Another Jeremiah 23:31 Scripture Fulfilled.

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