Prayer Time Sabbath Evening – July 25, 2020 – Bro Stair

Bro Stair groping sisters in Tabernacle Service
Brother Stair
Brother Stair
Prayer Time Sabbath Evening - July 25, 2020 – Bro Stair

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The ex-communication of Brother Stuart is tonight’s topic and how Brother Stair is taking legal measures to evict him.

Once a month Brother Stair shows up for the Prayer Time with the Prophet which he started so we could pray along with him.  Remember that?

Brother Stair speaks of a man that has been reproved and hardened and hardened and hardened and hardened.  There is no more perfect example of that than Brother Stair over the last 20 years.  Then he displays a haughty spirit, which is normal, and says it is the spirit of antichrist – we agree.

Apparently Bro Stair has been head-butting Brother Stuart like he did Brother Charles in 2005 and like he took to his fists and feet with Bro Phillip and Enoch.  Same as it ever was.  And like it always is; it’s the other person who’s doing the violence.  Think!  Even as a mear listener the only violence we see and hear displayed is from Brother Stair.  Bro Stair claims the man who came to see him assaulted him by rolling up his window on him.  Why was Brother Stair in his window so far that he could do that?  What kind of assaulting was Brother Stair doing to this man?  Was the reason he rolled up his window to get away from Brother Stair’s assaults?  It’s always been a game of effect and cause.

Well, first came an action and then a reaction
But you can’t switch around for your own satisfaction
Well, you burnt my house down and got mad at my reaction
You’re like a little girl yelling at her brother ’cause you lost his ball
Can’t take the effect and make it the cause
~Effect & Cause, The White Stripes~

This violence and abuse he keeps talking about sounds very familiar.  Apply his current whining about our verbal and mental abuse on him [who has witnessed this?] to how he would deny that he’s even done that to us.  Yet alone the physical and spiritual abuse he’s inflicted upon God’s people.

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Some notes from an avid listener:

Bro Stair interrupts the evening prayer service twenty minutes in to announce that Stuart has been thrown off the farm and sheriff’s order will keep him out.  Stuart may have made an assault complaint but the sheriff seems to have sided with Stair.  Stuart can remain in his trailer until the papers arrive,  it has no hot water, and Stuart had to get some by boiling water on a fire outside.

A sister’s mother is not well and needs to be cared for (no names).

He was a devil and needed casting out (Stuart?)

There is a “wood barn” where the men can do woodwork if it meets Stair’s plans, also several welding shops.  They have all been set in an order that God wanted.  He put Sister — to bed tonight because it was cold.  He (unspecified, might be Stuart) had a nice truck but they don’t want it. 

Stand for prayer – more about the assault – dismissed without prayer.

Noted through the week: the Tabernacle is available for weekend campers for the Feast, confusing the garbled announcement about whether it ends on the twentieth or twenty-eighth.  He’ll need his migrant worshippers/farmhands for a longer time to cover the loss of resident workers.

In the end, the whole tirade was all about doing Brother Stair right and how wrong everyone else is even in the little things.  Same as it ever was.


48 mins, 21 mins silence removed.

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