Rosh Hashanah 2021 Service

Rosh Hashanah
Brother Stair
Brother Stair
Rosh Hashanah 2021 Service

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I can hear it in the Dining Hall now…

Oh brothers and sisters, you shouldn’t go around telling people that what the Prophet prophecied is going to come to pass – because it’s obviously not.  As that would make us look bad.  So let us just let the Prophet tell those lies and we will stay afar off from them while we continue to use him to milk his supporters so that we can continue to live out our comfortable lifestyles in peace.  Amen?

Rosh Hashanah Service on Sept, 7, 2021 – Old Bro. Stair & Pr. Rice

Rosh Hashanah begins at sundown on Monday, Sept. 6, and ends at sundown on Wednesday, Sept. 8 in 2021.  The Overcomer Ministry is observing it with an old Service from Brother Stair (as per usual since his death in April 2021).  If we are to believe and hold to Brother Stair’s prophetic words about his death and Jesus returning within six months thereof, we should be expecting Jesus to return this month, perhaps during this service.

Tuesday’s Service concludes with Pastor James Rice speaking.

These notes are on the after-service Service of Pastor James Rice which begins at 2:13:30.

Putting all things in perspective when he says, “Let’s not fall into the trap of trying to vindicate Brother Stair in seeing that everything that he said ‘by the letter’ materializes.  But let us be faithful that he has prepared us and taught us.  What he said ‘by the spirit’ will happen.” “He will be vindicated and so will you.”



This should be the most shocking thing any true follower of Brother Stair could hear.  This would make Brother Stair spin in his grave.  Brother Stair never gave this allowance.  He prepared and taught us that everything that comes out of my mouth is from the Throne of God and that everything would materialize just as he spoke it.

This statement from Pastor Rice (with the quick agreement from the Congregation) is blasphemy against the Prophet. Any true follower should demand their money back for supporting such an abomination to what Brother Stair prepared and taught us.  This is a betrayal, a coup by those of his own ministry.  We are seeing the outworking of how James Rice goes around and talks to certain ones to sell them his doctrines and get them on his side.  The words of a whisperer are like delicious morsels; they go down into the inner parts of the body (Pr 18:8 RSV).  It also helps that he brought his majority with him.

This is something that he says he hasn’t been able to get out right.  That would explain why he has been afraid to say anything and let the listeners know that the Overcomer Ministry was heading to this heresy against the Prophet of God Brother Stair.  We say the beginnings of this when Pr Rice was suppressing information going out at Prayer Time.  Brother Stan has brought out how Pastor Rice doesn’t bring out what he’s saying he believes in.

Now we see why Pr. Rice has been resistant to say it.  He risks losing the faithful financial supporters.  Now that he has more of them under his roof (via Fall Feasts Gathering and them thinking Jesus is soon coming) he can see their reaction and control their shock by personally speaking with them about it.  Just like Brother Stair did with him in 2004 after he aired the pornography he was watching in the Radio Room.

What happened to Standing with you Prophet?  Funny how RGStair, The Final Witness, and Truth Blaster are more faithful to Brother Stair’s words than his own Overcomer Ministry.  Something’s wrong with that picture.  What we are witnessing here is another private interpretation – this time a private interpretation of what their own prophet said (2Pt 1:20).

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This is not standing with the Prophet.  This is mocking the prophet.  Brother Stair did not allow this.  Have they not heard a single Service he spoke in?  This was the very thing he constantly railed on the people about – saying “Brother Stair said” and then twisting it.

I marvel that ye are so soon removed from him that called you into another gospel.  Which IS another; now there be some that trouble you, and would pervert the gospel of the Prophet (see Gal 1:6-8).

It should make everyone ask, why do they continue to air Brother Stair at all then?  The reason is that they are still using Brother Stair’s persona to bring in the money.  Although they no longer believe what he said.

What they are saying here is that Brother Stair’s teachings were sand that we should not build our lives upon.  Because now that the winds and the flood have come this foundation that Brother Stair set up has fallen and great is the fall of it (Matt 7:24-27).  So sad that his own ministry has succumbed to this but worse is that they are under such a strong delusion that they still cannot break free of the same man they now reveal to be false (2Thes 2:11-12).

A Perverted People

But let us be faithful that he has prepared us and taught us

As we have been telling you for years now.  This is not a prepared people but they have begun to turn to their perversion and are manifesting it more and more.  This has come about because of what they were taught or more so from what they were not taught.  It is becoming clear from what we are witnessing that what they were taught was to pervert from the ways that they were instructed in.

This teaching started with Brother Stair as he moved us away from the doctrine of Christ unto his revelation teachings (2Jn 1:9).  It has now moved to the platform of James Rice now teaching them to move away from the doctrine of Brother Stair and to spiritualize his revelations.  Because that is what they are being faithful to right now – not the prophet’s words but their belief in the spirit of what he said.  The perverse in heart are an abomination to the Lord (Pr 11:20  NASB).

Remember this reluctant statement to inform listeners of their position on Brother Stair comes five months after Pastor Rice was shutting down any information going out over Prayer Time after Brother Stair’s death.  Information suppression/censorship was preferred over informing us of the present truth.  Now we see why.  The confusion that they have been in since the prophet’s death has led them to this – apostatizing from the prophet’s words.

This statement from Pastor Rice is not being faithful to what Brother Stair taught.  Period!

Here’s just one thing that many apparently forgot that Brother Stair taught:


Did they also forget Brother Stair saying “If you don’t believe this prophet then you won’t believe that Jesus is coming back again”?  They are now saying that Brother Stair lied about what had to materialize.  They are not believing that prophet – perhaps that’s why they are not believing Jesus is coming back as that prophet said.  So why do they string the listers on, pretending as though they believe Brother Stair when they now clearly don’t?


They are now saying that Brother Stair is only spiritually correct.  Thus he is not 100% correct.  Brother Stair said you shouldn’t receive him then.  Brother Stair says “You’re a liar you dog” to Pastor Rice and the congregating in agreement with this new trap teaching – a little leaven (Gal 5:9).  That was spoken just 14 months ago.  Have you come so far that you’ve all forgotten what the prophet said – so quickly?  Perhaps you’ve forgotten who the prophet is and you’re looking for another to replace him???  Is that what this is about Pastor Rice, Dennis Larivee?


Time to man up Pastor Rice and the ruling regime in control of the Overcome Ministry.  Is Brother Stair a true or a false prophet?  Fess up.  The prophet said if you’re not in agreement with his words then you’re not in agreement with God.

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It’s a Trap

Did the good Pastor just tell us not to vindicate Brother Stair and believe that what he said comes to pass?  Then to state that He will be vindicated?  Pastor Rice, Brother Stair will be vindicated as a false prophet if what he says does not materialize in the natural physical realm.  But the pastor is doing one better.  By this statement, Pastor Rice is now vindicating that Brother Stair is a false prophet in saying (or inferring) that what he said is not going to come to pass (materialize).

Saying it’s a trap?  Does he realize what he’s saying there?  Apparently not, as they are all in agreement with him on it.  Such blindness.  I can hear it in the Dining Hall now…

“Oh brothers and sisters, you shouldn’t go around telling people that what the Prophet prophecied is going to come to pass – because it’s obviously not.  As that would make us look bad.  So let us just let the Prophet tell those lies and we will stay afar off from them while we continue to use him to milk his supporters so that we can continue to live out our comfortable lifestyles in peace.  Amen?”

Can’t you just imagine Brother Stair’s response to that?  Imagine Brother Stair’s response to Let’s not fall into the trap of trying to vindicate Brother Stair”.  It would be one of rage and fury.  Pastor Rice would never be heard from again and on his way out.  That said, why doesn’t this new regime allow or try to restore those who left the Overcomer or were cast out (3Jn 1:9-11) because of lesser things?  Why are they not casting Pastor Rice out themselves?  Perhaps now we see why there be those living on the Farm who do not associate with Pastor Rice or go to the Services.  Perhaps they are in protest against this coup against Brother Stair.  It is not good to be partial to a wicked man (Pr 18:5 RSV).

Maranatha went Anathema!

Let us not forget that Pastor Rice made this statement right after saying that everything that He said will happen will happen.  Clearly, Pastor Rice doesn’t equate Brother Stair’s words being God’s words.  Brother Stair would call that blasphemy and would cast Pastor Rice out for such a statement.  Now, why doesn’t the Overcomer just outright preach thatlike Brother Stan is clear to do?

They have actually settled into their comfortable lifestyle and enjoying life without the prophet bothering them at every turn.  They have cast out their prophet Brother Stair while allowing his voice to go out (to glean the green).  Without his constant present verbal barrage, they are used to ignoring his voice over the speakers and can now tolerate it in Services since it is disconnected from present reality.  He is no longer in their face, just in their ears.

They are on their way to proving “He will be vindicated”.  Brother Stair may just be vindicated in their rebellion to his words – as he constantly justified beating them for doing (Lk 12:45-47).  They have become vile figs that cannot be eaten due to rottenness, they are so evil (Jer 29:17  KJV, NASB).  This has come about because Brother Stair and now Pastor Rice (in a different way) have led them to place their trust in words that do not profit (Jer 7:8).

Do not trust in deceptive words, saying, ‘This is the temple of the Lord, the temple of the Lord, the temple of the Lord.’ (Jer 7:4 NASB95).  This has been their belief and their trust for security in the Last Day – the Southern States.  Expressly the Overcomer Ministry where Brother Stair would protect them from the coming New World Order.  At this point, they’re going to need a new prophet to do that.  I sent him not, and he caused you to trust in a lie (Jer 29:31).  Believing this lie is what grants you a strong delusion (2Thes 2:11-12).

What’s Our Take?

While it might sound like we’re taking Brother Stair’s side on this and in agreement with what he said – we are not.  We are magnifying the point that if you’re going to follow someone and adhere to their words – then you’d better do it.  When you still want to ride the donkey that fed you but refuse to believe in what he taught – then you’re reprobate from that person and their teachings.  In the case of a reprobe teacher, you are doubly reprobate.

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This does not apply to those who turned from the reprobate teacher and abandoned their teachings and all their entrapments.  This is referring to those who continue reaping the benefits that the false teachings brought about but do not believe them, they are only wanting the goods that they continue to reap from the false teachings.  And this is what magnifies it.

They now believe that these teaching of Brother Stair are false teachings yet they are unwilling to directly publicly state that they are false.  Because this would stop their gravy train.  These people are so reprobate and dishonest that it is amazing.

We have more respect for a follower of Brother Stair who stands with what he said than we do with those who don’t know what they believe and have turned to spiritualize what he said.  How are you going to get anything out of what he said spiritually?  Please explain that one.  What he spoke was contrary to the Spirit of God and the spirit of scripture.  What spirit are you going to get by spiritualizing his teachings (Jer 27:15, 23:16)? 

Are you also spiritualizing Jesus’s return, the antichrist, the 7 Thunders, and going to Heaven?  In a few months, you’ll be just another Jehovah’s Witness cult claiming Brother Stair rose from the dead spiritually and that Jesus has returned spiritually.  That way you can go on living your comfortable lives here in the flesh as your listeners fund your doings – in the flesh.  Even to Brother Stair, that is an abomination.

They are picking and choosing. He who is estranged [seperated] seeks pretexts [desire] to break out against all sound judgment (Prov 18:1 RSV).  If you believe Brother Stair, it’s easy for us to show you the error therein.  If you’re believing whatever the new regime at the Overcomer is teaching – who knows how to release them from their strong delusion (2Thes 2:11).  There is no foundation to start from.

Mocking Betrayal

This is what we covered in Phone Messages #9 where we showed how the callers are blindly overlooking what Brother Stair said and they expect Jesus to return without what Brother Stair said coming to pass.  They are mocking Brother Stair.  This is a small thing in light of what Pastor Rice and the Overcomer Farm have done – they have betrayed Brother Stair.

What we have here is a clear case of a prophet (and now his underlings) making this people trust in a lie.  The listeners have the lie Brother Stair made them trust in.  The Overcomer Farm now has another lie that they are trusting in“The Lord has not sent you, and you have made this people trust in a lie” (Jeremiah 28:15  NASB).

Pastor Rice seems unaware that he speaks of himself, Brother Stair, and the Overcomer Ministry when he says Usually the rebellious identify others as rebellious as they rebel.  In a typical blind fashion, he does not even see how his statement is self-fulfilled in his speaking it.  He clearly describes himself in witchcraft, confusion, and rebellion.  In his focus on others, he cannot see how he is in opposition to Brother Stair’s authority.  He is out of order (1Cor 14:33, 40).

“It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.” (Macbeth, William Shakespeare)

Because they have committed villainy in Israel,
and have committed adultery
with their neighbors’ wives,
and have spoken lying words
in My Name,
which I have not commanded them;
even I know, and am a witness, saith the Lord.

(Jeremiah 29:23)

The itinerary for this month’s Feast is listed in the Fall Feasts 2021 Announcement.

The next one is the Day of Atonement on Thursday the 16th of September 2021.


4 thoughts on “Rosh Hashanah 2021 Service

  1. Thank God we have irrefutable, undeniable proof that Stair himself spoke condemnation upon himself in a 2006 clip in which he states he’s been called to preach another gospel. Stair says this after quoting Paul who said if anyone preaches another gospel LET HIM BE ACCURSED. Stair ran roughshod like swine as he trampled underfoot the precious blood of Jesus Christ. He had no fear of God. Yes, we wait for the judgement of those who feasted without fear using GOD’S NAME AND HIS WORD to benefit themselves in this temporary life. There is NO PRIVATE INTERPRETATION!! Now Rice wants to point us to a “spirit” (a deceiving spirit- not the Holy Spirit) and not the letter/ word. Well, the Scriptures say THE SPIRIT AND THE WORD AGREE!!! There is no divisiveness or deceit in the truth. The only thing Stair said that was true is to say Jesus Christ is coming back. We don’t need to swallow everything else he said hook, line and sinker anymore then we have to believe everything the Pope teaches just because he believes in the virgin birth. Rice can’t speak about the prophecies in detail or support them because they were false. Rice can’t answer the question “How did you get in without a wedding garment” but remains speechless and perplexed. If any man seeks to enter any other way (by Stair) they are a thief!!

  2. Very Well said of What James Rice and His Twisted Doctrine of Devils That had been Recently Spoken from The False Witness Rg Stair’s Pulpit. Why not, Isaiah 19:14 The LORD hath mingled a perverse spirit in the midst thereof:

  3. I also remembered Rice making an issue of pointing out rebellion in anyone who left the farm in order to eschew evil. According to Scriptures brothers are required to examine claims and testimonies with witnesses and after 2 or 3 admonitions to reject fellowship. This was not done regarding the many, many gross and grevious transgressions of Stair. Since Rice will only accept Stair’s word above all else then I will quote him when he was speaking of dying as a martyr, beheaded in Jerusalem. “If I die an ordinary death like any other man then you can throw out everything I said as a lie.” Well, Rice has to obey Stair, according to him, since he doesn’t want to be in rebellion against the authority he claims is valid. Since he won’t listen to Scriptures or to the brothers that lived there will he listen to Stair who he says he believed and still follows?

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