Sabbath Service – December 26, 2020 – Bro Stair

Bro Stair Overcomer Tabernacle
Brother R.G. Stair
Brother R.G. Stair
Sabbath Service – December 26, 2020 – Bro Stair

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Brother Stair blames his house for the reason that “the people out there are not paying any attention”.  The narcissist can never accept responsibility for the failures in his own ministry – yet alone for his own actions.  Why, why, why we should all ask ourselves is it that his own house has issues with him?  What are they witnessing that is causing them to flee?  This should be the most revealing item in the life and times of Brother Stair – why 99% of his followers have left him!  And why is the blame always directed at those that left him under the justification of scriptures taken out of context?  (Prov 14:1, 11, 17, 30)

No thought is given to this detesting coming as a result that is given in an actual scripture – The scorner/scoffer is an abomination to men; men detest a mocker (Pr 24:9 KJV/NASB, NIV84).  He that saith unto the wicked, Thou art righteous; him [Bro Stair] shall the people curse, nations shall abhor him (Pr 24:24).

“You’re not your own.  You have no say about your life.”  “What you want doesn’t mean anything.”

This phrase will never be applied to the man from whom it comes.  His will reigns and when it is questioned or not executed speedily then the tantrums commence, as we are witnessing today. 

You’re not your own – you’re mine (Brother Stair’s) to do with as I please – so stop resisting me and submit.
You are not the one who has the say about your life – God does, i.e. God’s man does, i.e. Brother Stair has the say
What you want doesn’t mean anything – only what (see above) Brother Stair wants matters.

“You better get some understanding.”

Last week’s Service has had unprecedented views/listens in its first week.  So perhaps he’s wrong about no one listening to him, or no one getting an understanding of him.  Or are they all coming here for the explanation of what is being said, and the why?  For the unraveling of the web of deceit (Mt 24:4-5, 11, 24;  1Tim 4:1-2;  2Tim 3:13;  2Thes 2:3, 8-11;  2Cor 11:13-15)?

Stone is heavy and sand a burden, but a fool’s provocation is heavier than both.  (Pr 27:3  NIV84)

The Provocation of a Fool

“You’re not bold enough to go out the door are you?”

Provoking them again to give him something to rail on and have someone to target so that he has something to talk about.  Or is it to make himself look like he’s right because no one has to courage to resist him because they know what he’ll do?

“Don’t do that to me, you wicked hearts.”

But it’s okay for him to do this to us.  Is this is more of his faithful messenger refreshing the spirit (Pr 25:13) at work?  Or is it a club, a sword, or a sharp arrow from a false witness (Pr 25:18)?  It’s certainly not the building up of the house that we spoke of last week that he said God told him to do (Pr 14:1, 25).

To me – why so focused upon yourself always Brother Stair?  Why always accusing God’s people of wicked hearts (Rev 12:10)?  After God said He removed the wicked heart from us and put in us a new heart (Eze 36:26).  You would think the man claiming to embody Ezekiel would know that.

“See I just heard from Heaven.  Look.  If you’re not going to believe that then get off these grounds!  Leave this Tabernacle and never come back again and find your own way.”

More banter and bullying.  It is certain that if you leave he doesn’t want you back.  Even though he once spoke of restoration and how he was the prophet of restoration that was to restore that masses (50%) that left in 2001.  He never intended to do so, as he knew that anyone coming back would spread the truth they then knew about him to the others and that would cause all to flee.  This restoration was a front to keep us from contact with any of those who left – lest we also learn the truth about the prophet of restoration.

Thus, as we hear today, get off and find your own way because this way is Brother Stair’s way and anyone contrary to that way is not going to be welcome here.  As it is not the way of holiness that is welcome here but Bro Stair’s way of the grace to continue in sin (Isa 35:8-9;  Jude 1:4;  Rom 6:1-2, 15-18;  Rom 7:11-12).  All those who resist and persist in following after holiness are excommunicated – like the River with his good old friend Brother Chris.  Who confronted Brother Stair about groping the sisters there, which is what got the River cast out (3Jn 1:9). 

Isaiah wrote down God’s words to those who were false brethren that cast out those who feared and trembled at His word.

Your brethren hate you and cast you out for being loyal to my name.  “Glory to God,” they scoff.  “Be happy in the Lord!”  But they shall be put to shame (Isa 66:5 TLB).

An interesting note here is that soon after this refusal of Brother Stair’s to “Do right” (as Bro Chris thought he would do) and stop coming to the River to grope the sisters, that God stepped in and had Bro Stair arrested and barred from any travel off the Farm.  For even after Bro Stair cast the River off the Farm he was still hoping they would cower to his demands and come and fall down before all and confess their sin.  Their sin of refusing the Prophet his sexual advances upon them.  That was his condition for their restoration – which still stands today, though Bro Stair holds out little hope of this any more.  [We hope to go into full detail on these events someday.  Click here for a search on “The River” to find all the articles that mention surrounding details.]

Thank God the Brothers and the River Community did not give in to the wicked ways and become a muddied/trampled/corrupt spring or a polluted well/fountain (Pr 25:26) like the man that excommunicated them did long ago when his walls were broken down by his lack of his self-control over his sexual urges (Pr 25:28).  Thus the final part of Isaiah 66:5 that they shall be put to shame has begun to come to pass in some degree for Brother Stairs’ fulfilling the first part in hating, casting out, and scoffing the River’s choice to walk in holiness.

And it shall be called The way of holiness; the unclean shall not pass over it; No lion shall be there, nor any ravenous beast shall go up thereon, it [those like Bro Stair] shall not be found there; but the redeemed shall walk there: (Isa 35:8-9 KJV)

Spirit’s Among Us

You, you, you, right now.  Whatever spirit’s on you is now going right out into the world.  And I guarantee there’s many out there agreeing with you.  They’re against the prophet(s).”

What a way to take the responsibility off the man in chargeThe buck certainly doesn’t stop with Brother Stair (as he likes to say that it does) – the blame/responsibility goes right onto those without the power or the control over the situation.  Epic narcissism in action.  Perhaps they are against the prophet because he’s against the Word of God.  Shout the scriptures all you like it doesn’t mean you’re using them aright or understanding them at all.  It just goes further to prove that a backbiting/sly tongue brings on the angry countenances that he keeps fighting against (Pr 25:24).  But pay no mind to the tongue, it must be the fault of the countenances that are responding to the tongue.  Right?

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“What’s wrong with you people?”  “Even now, even now, even now, even now in this Tabernacle are there many…

Antichrists would be the missing word from the scriptures (1Jn 2:18) that is looked over here.

“Hey, my little physiciansWhat would you do with a guy like me who is suffering with a pain right behind his left ___, like a knife?”  “What would be your advice physician?”

So Brother Stair has physicians after he tells us not to go to Doctors.  But Bro Stair going privately to his Doctor friends is okay?  His having had dental surgery is okay for him – but not for us.  Why?  Because if you’re going to a doctor you’re throwing them money that could be going to the ministry that keeps talking you into a faith that isn’t from God.  Jesus told us the sick need a physician/Doctor (Mk 2:17;  Mt 9:12).

Our advice, Brother Stair, is to repent and stop sinning lest a worst thing come upon you (Jn 5:14).  In fact, that’s your own treatment of others for their suffering just some 15 minutes later in this Service.  [As addressed under “How many of you folk think you’re suffering?  But most of your suffering is because of your own sins….But let’s not mention that here when we’re talking about Brother Stair’s suffering.  Which must be for his massive righteousness.

While you may think that our advice (Jn 5:14) is certainly known and practiced by Brother Stair – it is not.  Because Bro Stair does not believe that his committing sodomy on the sisters or his having his brother Dennis’ wife Rose is a sin.  While we can all hear, by Brother Stair’s constant verbal fighting with their silent rebellion, how some on his Farm are in disagreement with this.  Thus proving all the more that it is going on.  So for Brother Stair to repent and stop his sinning is asking for the Moon.  As you will hear shortly, it “Cannot be!  Will not be!  Never has been!”.

I’m probably starting my last year.  If I make it that long.”

Brother Stair is apparently reading our articles on how he has to die in 2021 to have Jesus come in 2021 as he is now in agreement with our explaining that his demise must take place if his words are to be true.  Or his feast day alignment is in error.

“You don’t believe I’m the prophet.  Do you know that that’s part of your responsibility?”

His own house that witnesses his deeds doesn’t believe he’s the prophet?  That’s telling.  Brother Stair declares that it is their responsibility to believe he’s the prophet.  It keeps going back to that backbone of witchcraft – believe me.

“People so dumb.  So ignorant.”  “I’m looking right at you folk and you’re not helping me.”

This is the way Brother Stair builds the house as God told him to.  By blaming them for not building him (Pr 14:1, 11, 7, 25, 32).

“You didn’t know that worship took some works and deeds did you?  You can’t be at ease.”

Meanwhile, none of Brother Stair’s works or deeds of evil are of any consequence.  He can be at ease in his Zion and still expect their deeds and works of worship that they do for him.

“Friend or foe?”

Now he’s asking them to predict his phone calls as a friend or foe.  It’s turned into a game to him.

THAT Prophet

“I don’t mean to be smart.  I really don’t.  I really don’t.  Stop trying to tell me something!  Just listen to the Prophet.  You know why you don’t do it?  ‘Cos you doubt, you doubt that I’m that Prophet.  No matter what God does in front of you.  They doubted that Jesus was the Christ.  They doubted the Apostle Paul.  Come on folk!”

Just listen to the man who will not listen to any man – or even the word of God.  Who claims to be a wise man with understanding and knowledge far beyond any of us, yet will not hear any council or rebuke (Pr 9:9, 10:17, 13:1, 10, 15:12, 22, 31, 17:10, 24:5-6, 23:9;  Mt 18:16).  God’s word tells us the man that does that has no understanding and is a fool (Pr 10:23, 26:12;  Rom 1:31;  Pr 17:27, 18:2).

No matter what God does to expose said prophet in front of you, many still doubt that he is the Great One that he proclaims himself to be (Acts 8:9).  This goes into quickly relating himself to Jesus and Paul.

“Whosoever will not HEAR that?  [Prophet].  That word ‘THAT’ means ‘ONE’, not ‘THEM’.  He did not say it.  He did not say ‘Whosoever will not hear THOSE prophets’.  He did not say it that way.  He did not do it!”

This one is certainly where Brother Stair places himself in the place of Christ Jesus.  Because if he understood that scripture he is speaking of, then he would know that Moses is speaking of Jesus Christ Himself and no other (Acts 3:22-23).  But in his quest for the greater glory and higher titles, Brother Stair wants everyone to listen to him, and for those who don’t he wants them to be completely cut off from the people (Acts 3:23).

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“And He’s given you the chance to testify about THAT prophet.  And you do that by submission.  That’s how we prove that God is God, we submit.  We don’t subject, we submit!  Learn submission!”

Brother Stair is now back full circle to his long-standing teaching on submission.  While this is something that he can sling scripture at to back it up, Brother Stair’s teaching on it is for the sole personal benefit to himself as the one to submit to.  Not only in his daily desire for us to bow down and submit to his every whim but mostly for the sisters to submit to his sexual advances without question.  As he has long preached in the Dining Hall: “When they come to rape you sisters, if you submit to them, it’s not rape.”

In regard to this “Them coming to rape you sisters” referring to when they overrun the Farm.  We should ask how is this going to be when THAT prophet has told us that he will stand in their way to protect us at that time.  And how he’s said he is going to call down fire from heaven upon them at that time.  What happened to the reason many have fled to the Overcomer Ministry – for protection in a safe place, a kept place, preserved while we await Jesus to snatch us all away?

Perhaps you can see what all this submission teaching is all about – your submitting to THAT prophet raping you.  Don’t miss the ‘you/we’ play that went on there.  You are given the chance, you do that by submission, but then the inclusion of him in the all with the we prove, we submit, we don’t; to get you to forget how he targets you alone.  This is a common game that is played after he forces a point on us.  When he sees resistance he pulls back a little and acts like he’s including himself in it too so that the red flags go down –  but he doesn’t mean it, as is always later realized in his repeated teachings on it.

More heresy in the statement that submission is how we prove that God is GodGod doesn’t need our submission to be God.  Nor does He need us to prove anything about God to be God.  Isn’t it this same Brother Stair that contradicts this when he tells us God is God all by Himself, He doesn’t need you to be God?

Jesus was our example.  He learned submission by the things that He SUFFERED.”

So is Brother Stair teaching here that you’re going to have to suffer under submission?  Or perhaps another way to put it is that you’re going to have to suffer through being raped to learn that you’re submitting.  If not, you’re not walking in Jesus’ steps.

Remember that this is the same Jesus that Brother Stair teaches was our example in that Jesus had to be Born Again.  That God had to be Born Again.

The Sins of God’s People

“How many of you folk think you’re suffering?  But most of your suffering is because of your own sins.  Wherefore a man complain when he’s being punished or corrected or chastised?  You’re not being punished for somebody else’s sins.  You’re being punished and corrected for your own sin.”

Oh, the epic blindness of the prophet (Isa 56:10-12).  Never able to come to the knowledge of the truth about himself (2Tim 3:7).  Wherefore then does Brother Stair complain (Lam 3:39)?  For that is what we are witnessing here in this Service, just as with any time he speaks – his complaint is always that God and His people aren’t treating/doing me right.  That his punishment for his sin is not for his sin (Lam 3:39) but it is the sins of others who need to stop troubling him.  Brother Stair’s plea is that he has done nothing wrong (Pr 30:20).

Yet here we are apparently having forgotten how this was begun just some 45 minutes ago.  With a complaint against others for one’s punishment (Lam 3:39).  Or about 15 minutes previous when he went on for pitty about a guy like me who is suffering with a pain”.  Take Prayer Time two weeks ago as an example of this.  Brother Stair harped on his troubles whereas he is suffering punishment, correction, chastisement – albeit he says it’s because of the sins of the House of God – and not his own wickedness that he never owns up to (Pr 14:1, 11, 7, 25, 32).  Talk about a coward.  But wait, there’s more.

“Boy, you people are something.  You do always, always, always, always resist the Holy Ghost.  As your fathers did, so, do, you.”

This is given immediately after the previous denial that Brother Stair’s problems are from his own sins.  The sins that Brother Stair is denying are his issue, are in fact showing us that he do always, always, always, always blame God’s people for his problems and his sins – while he’s resisting the Holy Ghost in bringing him to a conviction of his own sins.  Thus again Brother Stair is resisting the Holy Ghost in bringing him to repentance and he is thereby forfeiting any possible restoration to the body of Christ.  Don’t miss his use of using scripture here to cast blame upon “you people” (those he doesn’t consider to be his people or the people that he wants any part of).  Realize that he is talking about God’s people when he says “you people”.  Thus resisting becoming one with the body of Christ but rather separating himself to a higher calling to estrange himself from them.  Thereby lifting himself up above them, as did Lucifer (Isa 14:13-14).  This is the Doctrine of the Nicolaitans that Jesus hates (Rev 2:6, 15).

This is a man wise in his own eyes, and scripture (that thing he reminds you he’s preaching) scripture tells us that there is more hope for a fool than for him (Pr 26:12).  Right after it likens a fool repeating his folly to a dog going back to eat up his own vomit (Pr 26:11).  And we all know how much all this fits here.  Scripture also speaks of the man wiser in his own eyes as a sluggard that thinks himself wiser than seven men who give discreet answers or who can render reasons (Pr 26:16).  Like the reasons we render to you.

Unholy Perfection

“I know you don’t like my approach.  But boy we want to be so perfect in the flesh Cannot be!  Will not be!  Never has been!”

Why do God’s people not like Brother Stair’s approach?  Why does the spirit of God in them not agree with his approach?

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So Brother Stair admits that God’s people want to be perfected in the flesh but he goes on to tell us that it’s not going to happen.  This is totally contrary to the song Brother Stair would sing (or the sell he used to sell us) before 2001 when he was discovered to be a liar that was deceiving us by preaching and teaching that we were to walk holy sinless lives while we await Jesus return.  Insomuch that Brother Stair taught prior to August 2001 that he himself was walking without sin.  This he was already perfected and he alone was the Very Elect.

Now we are told that this sinless perfection Cannot be!  Will not be!  Never has been!When pray tell did this new dispensation take place, Brother Stair.  We think it was about the same time that his dispensation of a new improved Gospel of the Kingdom came into being.  These new doctrines we the result of covering his sins that he had no intention of repenting and turning from.

“The only way you’re gonna attain perfection is by the Spirit and the power of God dwelling in you, living in you, motivating you, controlling you.”

That sounds right.  Except that what Brother Stair is saying in saying this is that we aren’t and will not be in the spirit and power of God.  This is not the kind of teaching that a saint of God would want to be under nor a place where one would go to become perfected or preserved.  So of what use is this Overcomer Ministry or Farm of Brother Stairs’?  It has no spiritual help to offer the child of God, no cleansing of the flesh and spirit (2Cor 7:1). 

The only one getting anything out of this is Brother Stair.  As can be discerned by the loss of 99% that he has put out as fodder.  Wham bam thank you ma’am.  He gets what he can get out of us and then throws us out after he has sucked all the morrow and fat out of our bones (Zeph 3:3-5).  Then has the gall to call us dry bones – after the spiritual vampire made us that way.

This new Grace that Bro Stair now preaches is the grace TO sin.  He teaches that only the sin of unbelief will damn you – not sin itself.  This sin of unbelief is that you sin by not believing that your sins are forgiven.  they don’t have to be forsaken – you can still continue therein (Rom 7: ).  This is why he now preaches this “Cannot be!  Will not be!  Never has been!”.  It’s not just for him to have the justification to continue in his sins unhindered, it’s also for the consolidation of those he sins with.  He has to give them something spiritual to hold onto. to trust in.  This was his reason for his teaching on abortion – so that he could soothe the many women that he had gotten abortions for because of his extracurricular sexual activities, in the church, outside of marriage.

As obedient children, do not be conformed to the former lusts which were yours in your ignorance,
but like the Holy One who called you,
be [become] holy yourselves also in all your behavior;
because it is written: “You shall be holy, for I am holy.” (1Pt 1:14-16 NASB)

A Little History

You will find that all of Brother Stair’s teachings tie into each other with a common thread.  A common theme that revolves around his sexual perversions, the justifications thereof, and the covering up thereof.  This is what our research has uncovered at every turn.  His web of deceit began with using religion to manipulate God’s people and he continued at it trying his hand at many different iterations (evangelist, pastor, prophet, The Prophet, Some Great One, the Son of Man, greater than Paul, a greater than Jesus, ). 

His early days of schooling under certain men (Jude 1:4) – religious shysters that were steeped in using their ‘calling’ as a cover for their sexual perversions and orgies (Pr 25:26).  Brother Stair never left these men over these issues because he was a willing participant even though he was no more than a “flunkie” to them (Pr 23:17, 6:23-24, 7:5, 25:28).  Which is one reason he teaches not leaving because it judges him for not forsaking the wicked nor his own wicked ways (2Tim 2:22;  1Thes 5:22).  Holiness has never been on Brother Stair’s plate.

He also learned their ways of using psychological manipulation to appear as having a word of knowledge or as hearing from God about you (Pr 24:1-2;  Pr 3:31-32;  Pr 2:12-22).  Thus making their religious game into sorcery and witchcraft.  All of his ‘callings’ were steps to gain superiority over God’s people so that he could attain their submission to him – and thereby get them to eventually submit sexually.  This brings us full circle to the ravening wolf we witness before us today (Mt 7:15, 17-20).  Just think about all the sexual innuendos you’ve heard Brother Stair sow into his preaching by spiritualizing them.  This is where his heart and mind dwells, for as he thinketh in his heart, so is he (Pr 23:7).  Out of his heart comes these perversions (Mt 15:18-19).

Today’s scripture verse on the website [at this writing] exposes this hypocrisy and deceit; For even the Son of man came not to be ministered unto, but to minister, and to give his life a ransom for many (Mark 10:45).  This is not the life and times of the son of man Brother Stair.  Though he will pervert this same scripture to say how what he is doing is giving up his life and ministering to you – and you’re resisting and rebelling against it.  Albeit you are still to minister to him all because he is the son of man today.  As that’s what God would want.  And you don’t want to displease God do you?  These are examples of spiritual manipulation – which is sorcery or witchcraft.


More to come…

Brother Stair, the Prophet of the Overcomer Ministry preaching at the Tabernacle in Canadys SC.

13 minutes of the wailing and gnashing under the encouragement of the Sister Burgess Show was removed – unless you count the minute and half that only she was heard and not Brother Stair because they don’t know how to get his microphone on.

15 minutes of silence removed.  To bring it to just over two hours.  2:12

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