Sabbath Service – May 28, 2022 – Pastor Rice after Service

Pastor James Rice
Pastor Rice
Pastor Rice
Sabbath Service – May 28, 2022 – Pastor Rice after Service

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By this shall all men know that ye are Brother Stair’s disciples,
that ye cause division amongst one another. (Pr 6:19;  Jn 13:35)

Feeling his oats, Pastor James Rice puts out over an hour of stirring up the few there by preaching his message of division amongst the brethren.  Continuing the shift from his earlier undirected babbling consisting mostly of scripture reading, singing, and shouting, used to stir up the few there.  This week again he opts for focusing his time on dividing the body of Christ and causing his group [attending] to be against the other group [not attending] that doesn’t play their reindeer games.  It is these dividing thoughts that he is programming them with as he drives a wedge between the body, as did his mentor Brother Stair.

There are satanic strongholds over countries and communities; there are strongholds which influence churches and individuals.  Wherever a stronghold exists, it is a demonically-induced pattern of thinking.  Specifically, it is a “house made of thoughts” which has become a dwelling place for satanic activity.  (The Three Battlegrounds (p. 20), by Francis Frangipane, 1989, Advancing Church Publications)

Spirit of Antichrist

Pastor Rice emphasizes the spirit of antichrist – while he epitomizes its deeds in building disagreement in the body.  Like the spirit of the age today that is preaching peace and unity while it’s bringing war and division.  He is in rebellion against the body of Christ and how scripture instructs the church to be run.

In previous Services, he proclaims himself as the preacher that God put in this place.  This is the same spirit that Brother Stair exalted himself with.  It’s the same thing Lucifer did (Isa 14:13-14).  It goes along the lines of Brother Stair’s “If you’re spiritual then acknowledge that what I’m saying and doing is of God”, otherwise you’re not spiritual.  That old Brother Stair rhetoric.

More and more, James Rice is taking on the mantle of the Prophet and beating the sheep – especially the ones he should be more gentle with.  Why does he think that preaching down to those that are not there is going to help those that are there?  This only breeds division.  Does he think that those not there are listening to him?  Why would they listen when all he’s going on about is division?

If there’s a problem on the Farm with those that don’t come to Services, then deal with that off the air.  This dirty laundry is not something that should be aired out in a Service.  Who would want to go to that?  You can tell that even some that are attending can see this isn’t right.  Yet week after week he keeps troubling the house with his fear that someone is going to move him out of his place.  So he reinforces his hearers in support of him being God’s choice.  Sound familiar?


He wants no fellowship with what he calls the antichrist spirit, which he defines as those on the Farm that aren’t coming to services.  Thus he has separated them from the body of Christ (which he later defines as the work of the antichrist spirit).  In this, he is teaching those listening and in service to separate from those brothers and sisters (that’s what he called them all just before this).

To say he has no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness is laughable.  He not only fellowshipped with Brother Stair, who is the epitome of unfruitful works of darkness, but he took counsel from him.  Of which he is clearly now operating in.  Calling even those that are in the congregation antichrist.  That must be that love in his heart that he preaches about, oozing out in condemnation of the body of Christ.

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Been with Prophet

Let us unravel this confusion.  James Rice is operating in an antichrist spirit as he preaches his “US and THEM”.  His antichrist spirit is pointing the finger at others (like Brother Stair did) and calling them antichrist – all the while he is manifesting the spirit of antichrist.  No amount of singing, scripture reading, calling it love, and pointing of the finger is going to change that fact.

If Rice would have really been with Jesus (as he brags) then he would have known this.  Rather than having a tantrum for an hour about some people that don’t want to come to listen to him.  Perhaps he’s hearing from the same Jesus that Brother Stair did that would never talk to him about his gross sins but only the sins of others?  Who would want to come to listen to this nonsense?

All in all, he always decides to not preach anything of any value, only dissension.  The spirit of antichrist itself.  As covered in part 2 of All His Servants are Wicked.

Rejoicing in Delusion

“If you’re gonna rejoice in your delusions you can’t rejoice in the truth.”

Well said Pastor Rice.  Sad thing is that you don’t understand that that is exactly what you and those there are doing.  His further extrapolation of that went farther to touch him and Brother Stair in their desire for greatness.

“You come for sport.  Come to ridicule.  Come to find fault.  You’re worse than they.”

This is indeed the same delusion that Brother Stair fomented.  This is exactly what Pastor James Rice is doing (solely) in this very service.  The blindness is unfathomable.

We are seeing the manifestation of the spirits of Brother Stair (antichrist) taking hold of (non)Pastor Rice and those remaining.

The Cursing Begins

“To Hell with that.”

There it is.  That’s the Brother Stair language that we’re expecting.

“If you think I’m working for the Devil then you’re not too spiritual.  If you don’t want to hear what I have to say then you’re not too spiritual.”

More of the self-exaltation and self-justification that Brother Stair taught him.  Or would we say, that the same evil spirits that were on Brother Stair, caught him?

Backstabbing Brethern

“We love God as we love the brotherern.  If we’re trying to backstab the brotherern. then we’re backstabbing God.”

Here again, we have a truth that the good Pastor cannot see.  He (like his mentor) would backstab the brethren (which is how it’s pronounced) and say that they are the ones backstabbing.  This whole service has been nothing but ‘Pastor’ Rice backstabbing the brethren and making himself look like the spiritual one.  [He’ll get into the spiritual stuff soon]  Denying the spirituality of those who don’t conform to his spirituality.  Have we seen that somewhere before?  Well, you know what he said about rejoicing in your delusion…

“If I’m your opposition then you’re working for the Devil.”

There it is.  That Brother Stair setting sides.  That children in the playground.  That I said it first.  (Luke 7:32)  This is not showing the proof of your love that Paul spoke of (2Cor 8:24).

The Cursing Continues

“Well go to Hell!”  “Get rid of all the bullsh%t.

How much more of Brother Stair’s perverse words from his perverse spirit are we to expect?  Expect this to manifest worse and worse as these antichrist spirits take over Pastor Rice.  Don’t overlook the obvious that All His Servants are Wicked.

“You know antichrist is a backstabber, don’t you?  He’s a liar, murderer, thief.  Yes.  I’m telling the truth.  You see why I’m not in the loop?”

That one should be obvious so we’ll let you sort that out.

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Throughout this Service, Rice has made the statement that he’s not in the loop Never explaining what he means by that.  This is more of his division tactics.  Building a wall of separation between some group that is supposedly in the loop that he refuses to be a part of.  Hey Pastor!  Isn’t that refusal to be a part of the body the very thing you’re raging on today?  That’s the blinding power of the antichrist spirit at work.

Plainly Garbage

“I’m talking plainly now.  If you’re running a lot of garbage about who’s doing this and who’s doing that and you’re not talking about Jesus Christ, and Him crucified and drawing nigh to Him.”

James Rice is making our argument against him.  He’s just too blind to see it.  This garbage is all that James Rice has been running on about.  He’s not talking about Jesus Christ and Him crucified and drawing nigh to Him.  He’s not building up the body of Christ with words of edification (Rom 15:2;  1Thes 5:11;  1Cor 14:26, 3;  Eph 4:11-12;  Rom 1:11-12).  We hope you’re not so blind and deaf that you can’t see and hear this.

“If you can’t see Jesus Christ in your brother, you can’t see Him.  That mean you’re blinded.  That’s how He manifests Himself.”  “And if the Church is so that you, you can’t identify with them that’s where you sit.”

Wow!  The blindness is so… manifest here.  Pastor Rice has clearly throughout this Service not seen Christ in the brothers that he has been bashing for not attending service.  Because this church is so that they don’t identify with those brothers…  How are they so deaf that they cannot hear the doublespeak?  Because Brother Stair conditioned us to this confusion of double-tongue words.  It’s just another day at the Tabernacle.

You don’t realize that spiritually you are wretched and miserable and poor and blind and naked.  My advice to you is to… get medicine from Me to heal your eyes and give you back your sight.  (Rev 3:17-18  TLB).

Spiritualizing Spirits

“You spiritualites are the problem.  Because you’re listening to another spirit.”

The Overcomer Ministry is based upon listening to another spiritAnother gospelAnother Jesus What’s the surprise here.  If we realize this, then perhaps these outcasts are actually listening to the right spirit – but not likely.  At least they are on the right track – away from the nonsense of the Overcomer lies.

Spiritualites?  This would define what Pastor Rice did when justifying Brother Stair’s failed words not manifesting when he transitioned them from physically manifesting into being interpreted spirituallyYou don’t realize that spiritually YOU are wretched and miserable and poor and blind and naked.  (Rev 3:17  TLB). 

Identified with Antichrist

“Certain spirits we just, we shouldn’t identify with.  We should identify them for what they are – antichrist.”

That is what we [] are here for – identifying the antichrist spirit.  We have found it.  It’s in you Pastor James Rice.  Your division you are causing in the body by preaching that they shouldn’t identify with those you deem contrary to your power.

James Rice should apply his explanation of antichrist being against the body of Christ not only to himself but to Brother Stair and his antics against his own congregation.

“We commune with all these evil spirits, and we’re in the state we’re in.”

Indeed!  Now just realize that this is you, and not them.  This is the state of the Overcomer Ministry and always has been.

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The push for the upcoming Pentecost Service shows that they have chosen to continue in the same game of merchandising the Feast Days that Brother Stair propagated.


So, sadly, what we are seeing here (if you’re not blind) is the gathering of sides.  Pastor Rice is fomenting his clique (those who stand with him) against the other cliques – those who stand against the wicked regime that is rising up at the Overcomer, and those who would seek to be in power themselves.  James Rice is in the lead now because he moved there with his support that probably outnumbered those on the Farm.  Plus he’s won over several that were on the Farm.

Therefore his deception is sown deep into those from Henryetta (Grace Community) and they will likely never break free of his deception of words.  James Rice is more hands-on than Brother Stair ever was.  As such he gets in the face of his followers and challenges them individually.  This makes it hard for them to pull back without him realizing it.  Pray for a shaking and that they see the manifestation of these antichrist spirits in their Pastor and the total error that Brother Stair stood in and break free.

In the end, he did exactly what he was preaching against – not preaching Christ, and stirring up division by justifying that he was the true spiritual one.  Just like Brother Stair did every time he preached to an audience.  In the end, he just wasted their time.  James Rice preached to a group that was not there and that was not listening to him.  Probably having their own service somewhere else on the Farm.  Meanwhile, to those he should be preaching Christ to, he’s busy manifesting the antichrist spirit of division.  Thus, no one was helped by his words.  Again reiterating the scripture If a RULER HEARKEN to LIES ~ ALL HIS SERVANTS are WICKED (Pr 29:12).

This is the same Pastor Rice that said we didn’t know what was going on after Brother Stair died and his words didn’t come to pass.  Now we’re supposed to believe that he magically knows what’s going on?  He has perverted the words of Brother Stair into some spiritual context because we didn’t know.  This message on If a RULER HEARKEN to LIES ~ ALL HIS SERVANTS are WICKED Pt 1 will show you clearly the errors therein.  Is this a tare?  Remember their Prophet taught that the tares tear up everything.

Most prominent in this Service is that rather than the usual sing-song and scripture reading with little actual words of preaching from James Rice, today most of this hour plus is Pastor Rice manifesting this antichrist spirit – in his bitterness harping constantly on those who are not partaking in his wickedness, causing division in the body and building them up to hate their brethren.  Just as Brother Stair did.  This is not just something that God hates, it is an abomination to God.

There… things doth the LORD hate;… which are an abomination unto Him:  A false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren (Prov 6:16, 19  KJV/NASB/KJV).

James Rice is a false witness to what Brother Stair said, declaring that those who hold to Stair’s words manifesting are in a trap.  To that, Brother Stair says that Rice’s testimony’s a lie.


Expect Pastor James Rice to take on more and more of Brother Stairs’ high-mindedness and likely entitle himself as some great one also (Acts 8:9).  As he seeks to draw away disciples after himself and rages against those that are not choosing to follow him (Acts 20:30;  Jer 16:20).  Very much in contrast to Brother Jonathon’s latest message on Bitterness and Maintaining Peace.

These be they who separate themselves [to Canadys], sensual [hugging, smooching love], having not the Spirit [of Christ] (Jude 1:19).


2 thoughts on “Sabbath Service – May 28, 2022 – Pastor Rice after Service

  1. Wow. It sounds like it’s getting worse there. No small wonder. Thank you for listening to that whole thing to inform us. It can’t be easy living there and hearing that abuse. When someone gets to that level they already lost control of the situation. Why anyone would want to send a donation to hear that is beyond understanding. It should be apparent to all this is very disturbing and off course from the Scriptures. God bless you and Brother Stan as you both persevere in righteousness and truth.

    1. It’s worse than what this shows. Not just this same division, but Rice is under the same demonic force that Stair was. He has begun exalting himself to where he’s words must be heard and rejoiced in or you’re wicked – sound familiar?
      We’ll be working on getting the Rice services up to date from last November so that all can see this transformation.

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