You Got a Bible – Right Here

Overcomer Ministry YouTube Old Services Brother Stair

“We got a lot of Bibles.  Most of them are translations they’re not revelations.  You got a Bible – right here [pounds on his chest].  And this [Brother Stair] is not a translation, this [Brother Stair] is a revelation.”

A year previously Brother Stair stated that I am the Scriptures.  Which goes with his teaching that he is Greater than Jesus.

Brother Stair declares himself to be the Bible – in standard Jim Jones fashion.

Click here for the clip from Sabbath Service August 15, 2020

“You know you can’t run your life without the prophetThe prophet represents God in your midst.” (Bro Stair, 2020.09.19)

Cursed is the man who puts his trust in mortal man and turns his heart away from God (Jer 17:5 TLB)