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With the current world population well over 7 billion by anyone’s statics, and even Brother Stair stated that it would take place in 2013, one has to wonder what happened to this failed prophecy of Jesus’s Return.

We find that there are many prophecies by Brother Stair of the Return of Christ on various dates.

Perhaps we’ll hear another soon.

‘The population will never reach 7 billion before Jesus comes‘.  ‘The population will reach 7 billion in 2013. We will never get that far [before Jesus returns].’  -Brother Stair (Dec 2003)

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Current World Population:

With the current world population well over 7 billion by anyone’s statistics, even Brother Stair stated that this would take place in 2013.  One has to wonder what happened to his memory of his failed prophecy of Jesus’s Return before this event?

If we remember, we find that there are many, if not all, prophecies by Brother Stair that have failed:

Never 7 Billion

‘The population will never reach 7 billion before Jesus comes (Brother Stair)

Does this mean that Jesus has returned, secretly like the Jehovah’s Witnesses say?  Or is Brother Stair standing in Christ’s stead or something?  Or is this prophecy failed and he is just ignoring it… again?

‘The population will reach 7 billion in 2013We will never get that far [before Jesus returns].’  (Brother Stair, Dec 2003)

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On October 31, 2011 we hit 7 billion.  Two years before Brother Stair said we would.

Many Years Past

October 2021 marked the 10-year anniversary of hitting 7 billion in population.  6-months after Brother Stair’s death – when Jesus should have returned.  21 years after his prophecy of Jesus returning before 2000 and America’s nuclear demise.  We are now 11 years into Brother Stair’s failed population prophecy, his word from the Throne of God, from God’s voice on the earth today.  You either have to question God or His supposed mouthpiece.  Who will you serve (Joshua 24:15)?

The world population increases by 1/4 million people every day.  We are now [2022] at the 7.9 Billion point.  China has surpassed India with 1.4 billion.  25 years ago India had 880 million, now it’s almost double at 1.3 billion.  Thousands of years to get to 880 million and in less than 30 years that same amount in growth.

In the 1980s the world population was under 5 million, giving Brother Stair safe space to say it would never make 7 billion before Jesus returns.  Since he prophecied that Jesus would return before the year 2000.  After 2000 came and went he denied that he ever said it and changed to the World Population as the sign of His coming.  This was before he advanced to making himself the sign of His coming.

We Thought

2000 gave us a population of 6.14 billion.  And Jesus was to return before or by then – according to Brother Stair – if that matters.  But you could always just say that it’s what you ‘thought so you can let him slide – as Pastor Rice and his current followers have done with all his failed prophecies.  The problem with this outright lie is that this is nothing to do with what we thought, it has everything to do with what we believed.

We Believed

We believed that what Brother Stair thought, or prophesied, was true.  The error is on Prophet Stair not on us.  That is a spin that you need to reject for the lie that it is.  James Rice is using it to preserve his own flesh and his now easier life pleasuring his flesh as he steps into Brother Stair’s sexual shoes.

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This error in our belief is because – according to scripture – we believed these lies that Brother Stair taught us to be a prophecy (2Thes 2:11).  You see, God turned us over to a strong delusion that we would believe these lies because we didn’t love the truth and seek the truth.  No, rather we idolized the Great Prophet of God and bowed down to everything he said.  In fact, we had to our we’d be cast out (3John 1:9-10).  Thought control!

So it had nothing to do with what we thought and everything to do with what we believed.  This is the reason that James Rice doesn’t use that phrase.  To say we believed wrong could expose that we were under a strong delusion.  Which would be because we believed a lie (2Thes 2:11)

The Latter Is Greater

This latter lie is greater than those that Brother Stair told.  If we would have received and believed the truth and admitted that Brother Stair’s prophecies about his death – that he taught us – were now failed and false (2Thes 2:12).  Then we could have escaped the trap [snare] of the devil (2Tim 2:26).

But this new teaching of James Rice that says we thought takes any responsibility and failure off Brother Stair.  This allows his followers to continue in his lies and deception without identifying him as the Snare of the devil (2Tim 2:26).  Thus, the strong delusion remains firmly in place – and they will be damned (2Thes 2:11-12).

So the last error shall be worse than the first
and the last state of that man is worse than the first
(Matt 27:64, 12:45)


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The UN is now stating that the world population will hit 8 Billion in November 2022.  This is one billion more than Brother Stair prophesied would ever be.  One billion more times wrong on this one.

“Don’t overlook the obvious” (Brother Stair)
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