Sabbath Service – June 12, 2021 – Pastor Rice after Service

Pastor Rice
Pastor Rice
Pastor Rice
Sabbath Service – June 12, 2021 – Pastor Rice after Service
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Last Updated on July 8, 2021 at 12:19 pm ET

After the airing of an old service by Brother Stair on Sabbath, and a 30-second pause, and the usual Prophecy default…  they decided to allow the broadcast of Pastor Rice speaking to those few gathering in the Tabernacle.

Pastor Rice spoke and “came back to set things in order”.  He started with being sustained by the ministry.  The strong delusion that they are holding to.   The lie that they are propagating and with their new millions they will be propagating it more and more.  Along with all the new goodies they will be buying for themselves that Brother Stair would have never approved of.

We’re told of more stations, more frequencies than ever before.  This is because they have recently received millions of dollars from simpletons they have deceived into their money being of no use soon, so they can unfulfill Brother Stair’s ministry.

Some won’t gather in the Tabernacle or eat with those who go on in their delusion.

By the end of July, Grace Community is planning to be moved to the Overcomer Farm in Canadys.

While Pr Rice says he’s “not to establish new doctrines, not to air any grievances, but to stand fast.”  Yet he just established a grievance against those who are protesting the lies of this ministry.  He has also forgotten their change of doctrines from what Brother Stair established

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Like their immediate proclamation after Brother Stair’s death that they were waiting for the imminent return of Jesus, when Brother Stair has always said His return was not imminent but ON TIME, at a certain time – not any time.  Truth Blaster covered this in one of his latest messages

The most exposing point here that shows this is how they are not proclaiming that Jesus is coming this September according to Brother Stair’s word that Jesus is coming within six months of his death.  Even if and though nothing else he prophecies about his death happened.

Those of you who follow Brother Stair should be appalled at this.  Brother Stair would not have stood for what is happening in his name under the guise of his ministry.


Pastor Rice further invokes the plea to call in and send us your offerings.  They have millions of dollars now to live on, yet they still want to fleece you of your money.  Still airing offerings for books and radios that they don’t have.  Seems there’s a love for money still going on (1Tim 6:10).  Same as it ever was.

2 thoughts on “Sabbath Service – June 12, 2021 – Pastor Rice after Service

  1. Actually the best thing that can happen is IF Pastor Rice moves to Walterboro. I can see that he will greatly irritate and step on the toes of the long established strongholds there. Dr.Terri Stair stated he and their extended family were unwelcome in the short time they set foot on the land to tend to responsibilities they were convicted to take care of. Up to now there were only occasional visits from Pastor Rice, a thing to be tolerated by those entrenched there. The spirit of adultery and fornication is still there and Rice is walking right into it. There is no way he’s up to the task to bind it and remove it because he has denied it was ever a factor in the life and ministry of R. G. Stair. and God has no part in a lie!! The blind lead the blind and they both fall into the ditch.

    1. Sadly, Pastor Rice is under the same strong delusion that the Overcomers on the Farm are. This is because in 2004 he believed the lie that RG sold him about his “accidental mouse click” which lead to him airing 45 seconds of the pornography that he was watching in the Radio Room.
      When Pr Rice arrived after the incident Bro Stair quickly took him aside before any of us could talk to him. Then Rice informed us all that he had heard all he needed and wanted to hear on it – he was locked in and locked out of the truth that many of us wanted to inform him of.

      Thus his believing RG’s lie and his pleasure in RG’s unrighteousness caused him to be turned over to a strong delusion (2Thes 2:11-12). And thus Rice has also shared in RG’s pleasure in unrighteousness and involved himself in similar sexual allowances at Grace (2Thes 2:12). There should be no worry that he will be trying to bring any righteousness to the Community that is Overcome.

      Brother Stan has talked several times about how you can already see the error in Pr Rice’s teachings. This is sad because I considered Pr Rice a true pastor before RG polluted him. One to check out is Truth Blaster’s James Rice and False bro Rg Stair’s Another Jesus.

      As you said, The blind lead the blind and they BOTH fall into the ditch (Mt 15:14).
      Thank you for all your comments.

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