Jim Roberts and the Cult of the Garbage Eaters

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A story that is all too familiar with many practices and teachings of Brother Stair.

“the Brethren must forsake their families and friends, as well as material goods; they sew their own clothing and eat discarded food from bakeries and grocery stores, or dumpster dive.  They use only bikes.  Men wear their hair short and women wear long tunic dresses; women are subservient to men and everyone was subservient to Roberts while he was still alive.”

“Members are required to give their money to the group, and live by certain regulations.  Using medicine and getting medical care (including doctor visits) is considered not “living by faith” so they also are prohibited.  The cult has been accused of negligence for allowing members to suffer or even die from perfectly curable illnesses.”

“they also believe — and prophesize — that they are the only true Christians and their path to righteousness is the only way to be saved.”

Diana Brown reports in How Stuff Works on Jim Roberts end of the world cult
A group called the Brethren founded by the late Jim Roberts from Paducah, Kentucky, in 1939 -2015.
In small towns, neglected glades and college campuses across America, small groups of bearded wanderers in homespun clothes are spreading a message — that the End of Times is upon us, and only the truly righteous shall be saved.
Living primarily off the grid and on the fringes of society, this group has proven extremely effective at hiding its converts from law enforcement and concerned relatives.
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