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The End of Brother Stair's Ministry and Radio Broadcast

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The End Is Come

Fall 2018 marked nine years since Brother Stair told the world that he was ending the broadcast and he would be removed in our site.  As of 2023, we are now 14 years past this prophecied and promised end of the Overcomer radio broadcast.

On the morning of Wednesday, 14 Oct 2009 (Brother Stair mistakenly called it the 15th) at 6:41 am Brother Stair blew the trumpet from the Radio Room to announce he was going live – then went into an 8-minute tirade.

Seems the Voice of God was mad about something or someone that he couldn’t find any other way to deal with (control).  So he went on the air to air out his dirty laundry to the world that had nothing to do with it – and who could not fix it for him.  In doing so, Brother RG Stair was only looking for outside support in his rebellion against what God was doing on the Farm (and with his then-wife) that he was resisting (… resisting repentance).

God Said

Brother Stair, in Prophet mode, said  I’ve had the word of ALMIGHTY YAHWEH make it VERY CLEAR to me it’s time for me to pack up my stuff and get out in your site [referring to the Farm apparently, as at this time he had not yet excommunicated the River Community].  He made it clear that this was going to happen and that today is the beginning of the end of this mess this contribution, this confusion, and plans would be made to bring it about.  We were to find out before that day was over what steps would be taken to bring this about.  Apparently, God needed some time to figure out what to do about it and would get back to Brother Stair on it. 🤔

How did this proclamation from the Throne of God end?  And what did we hear about the steps that would be taken?  As you will see, like all things Brother Stair – steps of nothing!  Proclamations of nothing!  This was Brother Stair in fearmongering mode grasping for some straws of control over his people.  Another one of his shows’ as the world witnessed him showing out.  Same as it ever was.  Same as it will ever be.  So it goes.

The end of all things.  The beginning of the endThe end of all things.  The end of this ministry.  The end of this radio broadcast.”  That is how it went.  It seems it was well-intended that it was going to be replayed over and over (for a good mental beating) as the introduction was a greeting for all times of listening – something that is not common for Brother Stair to do.

Call, Don’t Call… but Call

Brother Stair’s care for you calling was so little that he would later interrupt the rebroadcast of this ‘excerpt’ with more pleas for the phone calls that he didn’t care if you made, and give the phone number earnestly so that you did, and later would air those phone calls that he didn’t care about.

“This little excerpt and that will probably be the end of it.”
“Call if you like, I don’t care
“It could be the last time you get a chance to call”


Really I don’t care…  that’s why I keep reminding you that I don’t care…  here’s the number for you to make that call that I don’t care for…  So please call, but don’t think that I care if you calldoesn’t make any difference anymore… Call now!!!

Confusion?  What Brother Stair was after were callers to strengthen him in his rebellion and sorcery against his wife and the Community.  He wanted to be told that he was doing right and give him some phone calls to air – which he did…  To show everyone else that he’s doing right.


As all that wasn’t enough, he went on to read emails to enhance his sorcery of manipulation.  Of which his later additions would begin with.  [see below]

“We’ll talk throughout the day” We heard very little from him aside from his wanting callers and emails to strengthen his rebellion and to read them – those calls and emails that he didn’t care about.

After about two hours of looping this rant, he switched for six hours to airing just the Brothers’ messages and stopped airing this rant.  Showing even more of his temper tantrum manifest – he was not going to let them hear his voice.  Thus he would manipulate them into feeling bad for him.  Showing his rebellion.

It wasn’t until 11:12 pm that night that we heard the 8-minute rant again—this time with some added ranting [see below].

Brother Stair’s Final Word

Finally, by the end of that day that was the last we heard from Brother Stair.

No, that’s not what happened, was it?  In standard Brother Stair fashion, the rant was pulled from rotation and forgotten it was ever spoken.  So much for God’s clear message to him.  Its intent was to put fear upon and manipulate his then-wife Teresa and his people from resisting his will (lordship) upon them.  It was all about their repentance – not his.  Just like he would do with the River in 2017 (the year God’s judgment again fell on him) when he excommunicated them for their thinking that he should repent of groping the Sisters.

The River’s Final Stand

Brother Stair turned this on the River and demanded their repentance – calling good evil and evil good (Isa 5:20;  Rom 1:18;  1Tim 4:2;  2Tim 3:3-7).  He took this all the way to the grave without repenting of the evil that he did to the River and the evil in claiming that they were the ones needing to repent before the whole Congregation.  He never repented of his groping the River Sisters and he wanted to continue more therein.

It was a tough year for Brother Stair back in 2009 dealing with his then-wife’s unacceptance of his sexual misconduct that he would not give up [and still hasn’t].  He was enraged about her judgment of his sex sins and the only way he knew to get her to listen to him was to broadcast it throughout the Community.  As he said, he was having to deal with, wrestled with, and fight with this all night in his house.  She probably just drove off the Community as she would sometimes do, just to get away from the verbal abuse he was airing.  Perhaps now we see why she did that so often.

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Very Soberly, Very Seriously

You mock me, you challenge me, you call me names, you won’t receive a love for the Prophet – wow, what did Sister Teresa call him?  An adulterer perhaps.  A liar for sure.  He was sure upset and wanted her to hear it on the broadcast over and over.  He wanted to be sure he added, “for your husband”.  He wanted to shame her – as any good husband would do, right?  You know, like Christ does to the Church that He cherishes and nourishesFor no man ever yet hated his own flesh; but nourisheth and cherisheth it, even as the Lord the church (Eph 5:29).  Oh, you mean that’s not how it’s supposed to be done?

Me, Me, Me.  That’s what is always, and solely, important to Brother Stair.  His narcissistic self.  His way or the highway.  This isn’t about God – it’s about doing Brother Stair right“You’re not doing me right!”  Think of how many times you’ve heard Brother Stair mock us with that phrase, saying that we don’t deserve to be done right by him.  But you’re not supposed to realize how he demands the utmost farthing from you on the same matter.  That, boys and girls, is what is called hypocrisy.

Very Rebelliously

When all that had run its course… so had the Termination message.

“The word of Almighty Yahweh made it clear” that he was to remove from [the Farm].  But Brother Stair rebelled against God and stayed.  He resisted and rebelled against what his own mouth said that God told him to do. 🤔  Perhaps if we put God in just one aspect of this… we will see God in the removal of His people from Brother Stair because Brother Stair would not be removed according to the command of God – by the mouth of the prophet.

You could say that this did eventually come to pass.  For his gross sexual sins, his abuses against God’s people, and his false teachings, but also because he rebelled in not leaving – therefore God forced him out.  In 2017 his sins had come to a head (again) and God [said] it’s enoughThis is when he was removed in their site.

God was to make sure that those who refused to hear and turned to walk in their own way would have their own way.  Thus today we see that Brother Stair is the man who fits this pattern – walking in his own way, and has got his own way.  And what about the pattern of “You mock me, you challenge me, you call me names”?  Who does all the mocking, the challenging of God’s people, and the name-callingWe all have only witnessed one person who does that when it comes to the Overcomer Ministry – Brother R.G. Stair.

Either Restoration or Destruction

As far as his then-wife Sister Theresa – he did lose her.  Yet he wanted her to return – even while he had Rose (his concubine) living with him.  It wasn’t her destruction – it was hisBrother Stair reaped his own words here –  the first partaker (2Tim 2:6).  There was no restoration.  Because there was no repentance (change) on Brother Stair’s part.

“You don’t walk in righteousness…  you are damned, you are a liar, and you will go to Hell, and that’s all there is to it.”  Brother Stair’s words in this very seriously word of Almighty Yahweh from his own lips became his own to reap.  As he said, Let ’em hang themself.

See the similarities of that word and this one from his own lips declaring much the same things.

Brother Stair would now justify himself and say that his wife and the Community were destroyed because they refused to be restored.

But whose restoration was needed here?  Was it not the restoration of Brother Stair to his wife in sexual purity?  For him to stop his constant adultery that made this an issue?  Why did he refuse to be restored to what God wanted from him as a husband and a leader?

As far as his then-Community, he’s also lost over 90% of them since that time.  His rebellion here cost him greatly but he would never look at it like that, his epic narcissism would never let him take the blame for anything he did.  He is always right and we are always wrong.  That’s the only way it works in Brother Stair land.  Always has.  Always will.

There was No Restoration

There was no restoration of Brother Stair, so Brother Stair has reaped destruction upon his own head for his refusal to repent and be restored to the Body.  Nor was there a restoration to his wife, and in December 2013 Brother Stair was caught in adultery with Sister Rose on Sister Teresa’s birthday (his then-wife).

Brother Stair said he was not going to be rebellious but that’s exactly the very thing he exercised himself in.  He rebelled against God telling him to leave that day.  Which turned into Brother Stair telling God to leave that day.

Fill Up Your Cup

Here’s your sop.  Your cup is filled, Brother Stair.

It wasn’t the beginning of the end as he stated either.  The beginning of this end started when young Ralph Stair was 16 and was going to church just for the girls.

It was then that he realized that he needed to make himself some great religious person that the women came to church to see and fawn over (Acts 8:9-10).  That’s how all this mess began.  We see how it’s ended for him.

“You continue to live… pleasing your flesh, you’re done.  You’re hanging yourself.  Lose it [your life] you are.”

Today we clearly know that it is Brother Stair who is, and was, the one who continued to live to please his flesh.  Why he pronounced so much damnation that ends up turning upon himself is only realized in that he thought everyone was buying his holy routine and he alone was the righteous man among them.  Thus making all his accusations of sin condemn everyone but himself.  But that’s what narcissists do.

The Magnification of the Matter99% of his followers have left him throughout his ministry and his coming trial for rape says it all.

“God says it’s enough!”

But Wait…  There’s More

Back to the rant…  By late that night, we finally got a new word.  Well, more of the same word actually.  “Bringing this confrontation with Hell to an end


He would then use one of these begged-for, doesn’t care-for, emails to strengthen his rebellion and pat himself on the back.  Which he worked into an even more scathing blasting and devouring of his target (Gal 5:15-16;  Rev 13:7;  Dan 7:23).

“It’s time for me [Brother Stair] to decrease”

Finally proclaiming, “The beginning of that end is profoundly being enhanced TODAY.  We’ll start it by bringing even THIS MINISTRY to an end!”

Eventually, by Prayer Time the next morning, this evolved into adding (the unlicensed use of) Alexander Scourby reading scripture to induce guilt upon the hearers.  But those scriptures really applied to Brother Stairs’ abominations, as we now know (Matt 7:20, 12:33).

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As the Swan Song Says

“The time for destruction is now come.”
It cannot continue on this temporary a gain, as the song says.”

But alas, it has continuedRepentance is not in Brothers Stair’s fruit (Mt 7:20).  What temporary gain he was seeing was never disclosed, as we witness no gain, temporary or long-term, in this ministry of loss.  Only long-term lossHe lost 99% of all that God sent him (John 6:37).  He lost all his wives.  It lost any credibility it might have had with radio stations.

Anyway, who needs God’s word when you’ve got a song on it?

He that openeth wide his lips shall have Destruction
(Proverbs 13:3)

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On a related note, back in the Fall of 2017, Brother Stair was arrested on 8 charges and his radio stations all dropped the Overcomer Broadcast because of the heinousness of his crimes and the video evidence.

It was a long time in coming but was this the fulfillment of this word from Oct 2009 – eight years earlier?  8 charges for 8 yearsPut God in that one.

To this total loss of air time, Brother Stair proclaimed that he would never be going back on the radio, and that part of his ministry was over.  He was now only to go to the lost house of Israel.

So how does this play into his being on the 12 transmitters of Radio Jülich 24/7 before Jesus returns?  Then again, Radio Jülich is no more… or did prophet Brother Stair forget to tell you that?  Surely the Great Prophet. the Seventh Angel Messenger knew this was going to be and that he would not have his 12 Apostle Transmitters with 42 Antennas to proclaim his Last Great Push.  Or was he just presuming that would happen (Deut 18:22;  Num 15:30;  Deut 17:12)?

SWLing.com reports: Overcomer Ministry to halt radio broadcasting in 2018

This end of the line was also noted by other shortwave listeners as revealed in this YouTube video from Dec 2017.

UPDATE 2018Overcomer Message 2018.01.01-Not Broadcasting

The year opens with the declaration that the Radio Outreach has ended.

Then by the end of April, to build back up using Pentecost in 2018, the Post & Courier reported that Stair could be heard on the radio inviting visitors to feast with him and his followers, who he calls “the saints,” to take part in a Pentecost celebration May 20 at Overcomer MinistrySouth Carolina preacher accused of sexual assault resumes radio program


Since Brother Stair was released from jail to house arrest on a $750,000 bond, a GPS ankle tracker, and a restraining order against any minors in his presence.   He has slowly gone back to going on radio stations.  Against what God told him in Oct 2009.

When over a year passed without a trial he was able to convince radio stations that there was nothing to the charges and they were blowing over.  His high-paid criminal lawyer who gets rapists and murderers off, has Brother Stair feeling his oats and engaging in his sexual sins more openly.  Especially now that he is no longer on YouTube where his perverted actions in Service can be seen and used against him.

As of May 2019, the Overcomer Ministry’s April 2019 Radio Log states the Overcomer is on 8 AM/FM radio stations and 6 Shortwave stations, using 26 frequencies, and 11 stations listed as streaming audio.  That’s a long way from 2018’s “will not be broadcasting on [radio]”.  More rebellion and lies.


As a reminder: 18 years – to the day – Brother Stair would be on the verge of more jail time over his sexual perversion on a 16-year-old in his Radio Room.  It was on this day in 2017 [Oct 14th] in a Sabbath Service that he would make the absurd justification of his actions with the statement “I touched em right”, referring to how he groped the genitals of 16-year-old Sister Natosha.  See more details on this in the article It Was 18 Years Ago Today.


He touched em alright, and he went to jail again and died under house arrest with a GPS-tracking ankle monitor on him as he awaited trial.  And still, his words in October 2009 failed to transpire.  His ministry has not ended and still goes on in his name spreading his lies still.  Only further magnifying and marking his words to be lies.  His god turned out to not be God.  As he put it, “It’s just that simple.”

Lying lips are abomination to the Lord.
(Prov 12:22)


In all this failing of what Brother Stair said would happen on October 14th, 2009, and having what God supposedly said to have also failed, he then filled up his cup in the soon years that passed and we witnessed the reaping of his words.  He Filled Up His Cup with Either Restoration or Destruction – and by choosing destruction in his own life, and therefore also for the lives of his followers at the Overcomer Ministry, his life and ministry have come to destruction (Gal 5:15).

In a recent article where Derek Prince brings out three major points, we see how Brother Stair and his Overcomer Ministry fail in all three points.  It would do us well to heed these warnings and test these spirits.  At the least, you could take an hour and a half out of your eternity to listen to some truth, rather than spending eternity in a place where deceivers and their deceived go.

Or did you not know that followers of liars and deceivers go to Hell?  Even Brother Stair taught you that if I die naturally I’ve been a liar and you’re going to go to Hell because you believed a lie!  Brother Stair is making it clear that if he doesn’t die as he has prophecied – in Jerusalem at the hands of the Pope, and that Jesus will return within six months of his death – that he’s a liar.  This is showing us the final end of this ministry and its followers.


Pastor (in title only) Rice took and turned Brother Stair’s words into a bigger lie (and confirmed his statement) when he said (trying to justify the lies) that we should not expect Brother Stair’s words to manifest.  That it was a trap to do so.

Let’s not fall into the trap of trying to vindicate Brother Stair in seeing that everything that he said ‘by the letter’ materializes. (Pastor James Rice, Rosh Hashanah Service Sept, 7, 2021)

In this manipulation of words, James Rice was keeping Brother Stair’s followers in the trap.  They might have escaped the trap of lies when the lie was exposed when Jesus didn’t return at those Fall Feasts where Rice spoke those words in 2021.  Instead, he trapped them into holding to Brother Stair’s words “spiritually in what he taught us”.  More lies to trap you and bind your mind but as long as they keep you trapped that’s all that matters at the Ministry that Overcomes the saints (Rev 13:7).  Brother Stair didn’t give us, or Pastor Rice, any wiggle room on his words actually, factually, and materially coming to pass.  He clearly taught us that he was an absoluteWake up, rise from the dead lies  (Eph 5:14).

When a wicked man dieth,
his expectation shall perish:
and the hope of unjust men perisheth.
(Proverbs 11:7)

People who have left Brother Stair have not departed from the truth – they have found the truth Test the spirits on these leaders and you will find them to be liars (Rev 2:2;  1Jn 4:1), and you too can come to the truth of God and stop being deceived by these end-time pretenders.

Why Does the Broadcast Continue?

Many are returning to this article in searching for the ending of Brother Stair’s air time or wondering why is he still on the air.  They don’t understand that this is bigger than Brother Stair or his life.  Many thought that when he died that would be the end of it.  There would be no more radio broadcasts because there would be no more money or reason to keep them going.

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This was a criticism we heard long before Brother Stair died.  What we understood, and you are now witnessing, is that the Overcomer Ministry endures because their illustrious leader is not their head, as is the case with most micro cults – Satan is their head.  More specifically, there is a demonic power, a principality, that is behind it.  That spirit doesn’t die with the leader (Eph 2:2-3).  We are now witnessing this spirit taking over Pastor James Rice more and more.  He takes on more of the traits (spirits) of Brother Stair and increases his rule and exaltation at the Overcomer.

This is one reason for the division that exists between those who still hold to Brother Stair’s teachings which James Rice is violating as he becomes the dominant leader, replacing Brother Stair as the vessel of the spirit of the Overcomer (Rev 13:7).

The funding of Radio Time is covered by those this spirit still has deceived.  Much of this deception recently comes from Rice’s deception that kept them holding on in 2021 after the clear revelation of the last foundational (and most important point) of Brother Stair’s ministry failed to manifest.  This was the final straw in the long list of all his failed propheciesHis death in Jerusalem by the Pope which would bring about Jesus’ return in September 2021 (according to the time of his death in April 2021, six months earlier).

Negating his untimely death outside of Jerusalem and his failure to reveal the last or the Thunders or the identity of the Antichrist (all of which were the hallmarks of his ministry and the only reason that we followed his words and teachings).  The only thing we had left was to believe that Jesus would return in Sept 2021.  If that didn’t happen, then there’s nothing that he said that came to pass.  There would be no reason whatsoever to continue following his (now clearly) false words and teachings.

The Rise of the Little Horn

Enter Pastor James Rice to save the day (i.e. to continue the deception).  Rather than letting everyone wait till the Feast Days pass and September 2021 ends to come to the horrifying reality that Jesus hasn’t returned and therefore…. no it can’t be…  Brother Stair was a liar and deceived us???!!!  Well, that is what Brother Stair himself declared in the above audio clip – that he was a liar who deceived you if his words didn’t come to pass.  Listen to it again, and realize that Pastor James Rice declares Brother Stair’s words will not materialize (come to pass).


Thus James Rice stepped up to the plate in the very first Fall Feast Service to preempt this falling away that was sure to come, and thus he could retain the kingdom and its subjects.  As we have covered many times, James Rice declared even before Brother Stair’s words failed that Brother Stair’s words were a trap and therefore we should not expect them to come to pass (materialize).

In this (evil) brilliant move, he managed to retain the deception and blindness over the Overcome and has kept them hanging on for over two years now as he transitioned them into believing that we were to spiritualize Brother Stair’s words (Rev 13:7).  Rather than believing that they were actually true and were meant to actually manifest in reality (materialize).  Such teaching and twisting would have brought about the wrath of Brother Stair who would have cast out James Rice and all who did not hold to the Prophets’ words as coming from the Throne of God.

Instead, Pastor Rice turned them away from their Prophet without them even realizing that he had done it.  He still likes to say in his speeches after Service, I heard the Prophet say… and then expound on what they need to do to be in his good graces.  At the same time, Pastor Rice slanders those who actually hold to Brother Stair’s teachings and mocks them with “Brother Stair said…, Brother Stair said…”.

It will again be some time before the new batch of brooms grows tired of the games and wakes up to the evils of Pastor Rice.  He has managed to hold most of the current Farm because it consists mostly of those he brought from Grace Community.  He came with his own entourage to back and support him in his rise to the throne.  Unlawfully taking his brother Dennis’s wife (and VP of the Overcomer) in marriage helped too (Mk 6:18).  But the falling away will eventually come, as it always does.

2023 also saw the Rise of Rice in the dissemination of his daily Dining Hall preaching.  They make a point to record and put these on the Home page of the Overcomer website.  Meanwhile, they do nothing to provide any archives of Brother Stair’s preaching on his website.  The magnification of Pastor Rice over Brother Stair doesn’t stop there.  These Dining Hall sessions are not just provided in their raw form – they are polished with time put into the production of adding phone calls praising the new prophet with accolades and reverence.

Meanwhile, Brother Stair has to take the second seat to the new regime that is transitioning away from him but still banking on his name to bring in the money and keep all the people that he captivated – while not actually or factually believing in his words.  That’s deception for you.  Brother Stair must decrease while James Rice must increase.

These daily Dining Hall preachings are apparently the “Podcasts” that Pastor Rice steers listeners toward in his hourly announcements over the radio.  Bringing more attention to himself.  What was wrong with Brother Stair’s hourly announcements?  If you listen to Rice’s  Podcasts you will witness the blindness of the double-speak that Brother Stair was known for – speaking against something that you’re actively engaging in, the pointing of the finger at those you’re against to make them the enemy and you the saint.  As you are more guilty in the very topic than they are.  A false balance is abomination to the LORD.  An hypocrite with his mouth destroyeth his neighbor. He that is void of wisdom despiseth his neighbor  (Prov 11:1, 9, 12).

Continuing in Prayer

Continue to pray for the release of those blinded and bound by this ministry in all its forms, and that its wickedness will be made evident to all.  Whose hatred is covered by deceit, his wickedness shall be shewed before the whole congregation (Prov 26:26;  Luke 8:17).

Let them alone: they be blind leaders of the blind.
And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch.
(Matthew 15:14)

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