Brother Stair is God in Your Midst

Seven Thunders

“You know you can’t run your life without the prophetThe Prophet represents God in your midst.” (Bro Stair, 2020.09.19)

“Today I Am the Word of God made flesh, and I dwell among you.” (Bro Stair, 2020.11.28)

Jesus said: ‘If I go away, I will send you another Comfortera man filled with the Holy Ghost, with the spirit of truth, who will lead and guide you.’ “ (Bro Stair, 2020.12.05) [audio clip]

“Oh he [a caller] believes I’m the Prophet, but he don’t tremble.  He’s a devil from the word Go.” (Bro Stair, 2020.09.19)

Brother Stair has replaced Jesus and the Holy Spirit as your Guide and your Comforter, and even taking the place of God in the fleshThe Word of God made flesh that dwells among us.  It should be no wonder that he claims to be greater than Jesus Christ today.

Brother Stair is indicating here that we should all tremble before Bro Stair and if we don’t, then we’re a devil.

Cursed is the man who puts his trust in mortal man and turns his heart away from God (Jer 17:5 TLB)