Dinner Time Deception

Wondering what goes on in the Dining Hall that Brother Stair doesn’t tell his radio listeners about?

What is it that he does he not want Gods people to know?

Does Brother Stair have something to hide that he doesn’t want to let us in on?

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Still wondering why the Dining Hall talks that Brother Stair does almost every day are still done in a corner? [Acts 26:26]

Brother Stair wants to be heard, he has so much to say, why isn’t he saying it to his listeners who he claims are the people of God?  Does he not want Gods people to know?  Does he not want the Overcomers to have Ministry?  Or is he using these hidden secrets of God to entice outsiders to come and join to be one of the special ones that get the special secrets of God [Rev 2:24]?

If Brother Stair truly has nothing to hide then why not let us in on it?  He has told his listeners many times that most of his preaching takes place in the Dining Hall.  What is he saying there that he doesn’t want the world to hear?  Is this where the secret sex talk takes place?  Where the touching of butts and breasts are done?  Not only do many bear witness to just that fact – Brother Stair himself has alluded to it in his preaching.

The problem is that the hundreds of us that have been in those Dining Hall sessions know that what is said would turn his supporters against him.  The Dining Room talks are for the captive ones that are locked in and have no easy way to leave.  So indiscretion in his words and actions are not necessary.

In 2019 Brother Stair got a wireless mic setup so that he could go on the air live from anywhere on the Farm.  A does this from his porch and while walking around, only a few times has he broadcast from the Dining Hall – where most of his preaching takes place.  Why is that?  What is being done in that corner that Bro Stair does not want us to hear?  He obviously wants us to hear everything else – important or not.  So why withhold his best preaching from us?

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Brother Stair needs to keep the ears tickled of his broadcast supporters in radio land [2Tim 4:3], feeding them with a palatable diet of his smooth ‘normal’ sounding messages.  Indicating to them that he is some great one without wrongdoing [Acts 8:9].  One reason he plays and replays old messages that are not compatible with his current state and his current teachings – but they are the ‘norm’ that will bring in the listeners and their funds.

If his listeners only knew of the wickedness that goes on in his Dining Room…

He’s having the last laugh.

Bro RG Stair Speaks Out on Craig Mack Documentary

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