Sabbath Service – June 25, 2022 – Bro Stair [Old Service], Pr Rice

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Sabbath Service – June 25, 2022 – Bro Stair [Old Service], Pr Rice

In today’s episode of Hell’s Kitchen, Gordon Ralphy goes off on the coffee, blueberries, and strawberries for an inordinately long time, and still circles back to beat the dead horse again – as he did with Brother Phillip (mentioned today) – for most of his message.  Making more hell for those working the kitchen.  Pastor Rice took up this mantra1 too, adding even more flames to the kitchen hell.

So many things could be interjected today with all the rabbit trails and spins.  Here are a few highlights.


[1] Mantra– a statement or slogan repeated frequently.  A mantra is a sacred utterance, a numinous sound, a syllable, word or phonemes, or group of words believed by practitioners to have religious, magical or spiritual powers.  (Mark 12:40;  Matt 6:7)

Brother Stair

Sing me a song Al.  Al’s not here?

Imagine that.  You rejected Brother Al in leading worship before service and now you wonder where he is.  What a preacher!  What a prophet!

You rebellious house.  “Is it I?”

Thou art the man!  You have that one right Mr. Rebellion.  Like when you call us Peanut Brains in a few minutes, rebelling against what God told you.

I’ll get it done in 1/3 the time.

Yeah right.  This rhetoric2 was Brother Stair’s common go-to put down that we were doing things too slow for his liking.  How about how slow he never got any perfecting of the saints (let alone himself)?  Did he ever think that God was upset with his slowness on that one?

Brother Stair loved to mock and scorn the saints of God that he could do it better and fasterdo you want me to show you?  We would have loved to say “Yes!” but would have incurred even more present wrath of a fool (Pr 12:16).  He never once actually showed us – he was all talk.

Your way is not the right way.

The right way is always Brother Stair’s way.  He makes this clearer when he says later that we should not ask What Would Jesus Do but just ask What Would Brother Stair Do?  Premonitions of his Greater Than Jesus teaching.

Today, the right way is Pastor Rice’s way, all other ways are antichrist, as you will see later in this Service.

The light you had, has become dark.

This is a great description of how our perception of the light that we thought was in Brother Stair has (by his fruit that we witnessed) became dark (Matt 7:20;  Luke 11:35).

Make sure that the light you think you have is not actually darkness.
(Luke 11:35  TLB)

Bro Stair boasts himself up again using Brother Chris, telling him to “don’t you ever brother show any inclination that doesn’t agree with what God told you – That’s My servant.  Now until the end.”

Why is it only Brother Stair is allowed to disagree with what God told him?  So many things that he claimed God told him that he has gone against.  Like the peanut brains mentioned earlier, his two marriages, his supposed call to be a prophet from his youth that he ignored for four decades, his questioning or challenging of the brothers, jail being God’s doing, not speaking in the Dining Hall anymore after jail, not using a pulpit because it makes you over the people, removing Teresa’s office from the Tabernacle, …  He is also adding words to what God supposedly told Brother Chris.  Identifying that it isn’t God’s words that people here from ‘God’ but Brother Stair’s words that he puts in your spirit.

Did you know Jesus was Elijah… John… Paul… Peter?

No, only Elijah and John were Elijah, not every so-called Son of Man.  Funny how Brother Stair here acknowledges that John the Baptist was Elijah; when in his normal false teaching that makes himself Elijah, he invalidates John from being Elijah.  Even though Jesus clearly declared John to be so (Mt 11:14).  Perhaps Brother Stair was simply unwilling to accept Jesus’ words?  And if you are willing to accept it, he [John] is the Elijah who was to come (Matt 11:14  NIV).

The shock of his congregation at this false teaching doesn’t even phase him to question his false teaching.  Brother Stair just lights into them for not gullibly lapping it up.

This is also a degradation of Jesus.  Brother Stair is trying to exalt these men he lists to be Elijah, but Jesus has always been greater than Elijah, he didn’t need to be Elijah.  Elijah may have been a type of Christ but Christ is not a type of Elijah.

And that one Elijah Messenger is going to prepare a people that will purify the sons of Levi.

Now we clearly know that Brother Stair was certainly not this Elijah Messenger – by his fruit – or the lack thereof (Eph 5:11;  Mt 7:20).  His fruitless deeds of darkness never even managed to purify himself – let alone prepare anyone for anything that we are even now in (Eph 5:11).

Aren’t you looking for him [Elijah]?

No.  We believe what Jesus said.  He’s already appeared in John.  And if you are willing to accept it, John himself is Elijah who was to come (Matt 11:14  NASB).  Brother Stair goes on deeper into his false doctrine of Elijah must Still come.

Get the Hell out of here!  Get out folk!

Get out!  You wicked people!

Brother Stair doesn’t like the unacceptance of his own house that he is looking for Elijah and that he insinuates that he is that Elijah.  Here we again witness him cursing his own house and then he wonders why this transgressor has his way so hard (Pr 13:15).  Here we also see his casting out that he used to claim that he never did – that was always a lie (3 John 1:9-11).

You people are really something.

Grab a mirror.

You learned the way of the heathen.

That would be what they are learning every day at the Overcomer.

Shut the Hell up!

This must be that instruction in righteousness, that wholesome edifying, that ministers grace that he claims to dabble in; it comes after a long babbling of babble (no dabbling here) that is unwritable.  It’s in response to an imaginary questioning of his wisdom in instruction in how to service cars, relating to how to make coffee.  With this kind of instruction “Shut the Hell up!” we see what they might question it to be edifying instruction in righteousness (Eph 4:29;  2Tim 3:16-17).

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They are in shock at the price ($100,000) that he wasted on another project.  They didn’t know he spent that much of the money that was sent to him for Radio time on Farm solar projects.  Did you?  I wonder how shocked they were when they learned of his gross misuse of funds when he funneled hundreds of thousands to his lawyers to keep his trial held up?

I hate that when you put that dumb damn spirit on me.  I hate it!

They didn’t do that.  You did.  You are certainly a man of hate (Pr 22:24-25;  Jude 1:4).  On the other hand, why does he love it when he puts that damn dumb spirit on them?  Telling isn’t it?

 Do you know what we do around here threatens this Community?  Endangers it?

Always it’s them and never Brother Stair – the leader – that has any responsibility for the ruin of the Overcomer.  What a joke.  Why are they/he doing things there that are endangering the Community?  Perhaps he’s talking about how his sexual perversions are threatening and endangering the children and the sisters?  Naw, he liked that.

And I’m not talking about sexual sins.

No of course you’re not.  That would touch you.  That’s why he branded iniquity as something he would put on us so it would not stick to him.

You’re a bunch of peanut brains folk.  You really are.

There’s his rebellion against God showing out again.  Also, more display of that wholesome edifying, ministering of grace (Eph 4:29;  2Tim 3:16-17).

You folk ain’t using the mind of Christ.

That’s why they’re still there.  When they do they leave.  So yes, they are not using the mind of Christ to make a righteous judgment and test this spirit on this prophet.

Jesus Christ would come today, You are going to go to Hell!

He says this because some sisters are fat.  This despite of fat is because Brother Stair likes his women slim and trim as he said to Sister Natosha before he molested her in the Radio Room.

You’re not losing weight because you’re treating the Messenger nonchalant.  You see, the Messenger wants you slim and trim.

Don’t challenge the messenger now.  Don’t discount the message because you don’t like the messenger.  Don’t do that.

That’s not what the scripture says to do.  We are instructed to Test the Spirits of the prophets.  The Bible is replete with warning us (especially the end time church) to be on guard and testing for these false prophets and leaders that come to deceive us away from the true Christ (Matt 24:4-51).

Spinning this off on the rejection of his false words on the basis of acknowledging the truth that he is false.  This false message is not one that we should accept in the first place.  Don’t be in fear of discounting it – as if it were the gospel – which Brother Stair plainly doesn’t preach.

Hey!  You Damn Fools!

Hells Kitchen still raging about the coffee.  No one loved coffee more than Brother Stair – it shows.

The soul of this place right here has been jeopardized.

More harping on the coffee.  Yes, Brother Stair is jeopardizing souls with this nonsense.

I’m weary with talking to this house

That’s not what it sounds like.  You’re spending a lot of weary time earnestly talking about your coffee.  We are the ones that are weary with your talk.

I’m an arrogant, proud, boastful man

An abomination to God.  Everyone that is proud [arrogant] in heart is an abomination to the LORD: though hand join in hand, he shall not be unpunished (Pr 16:5  [ESV]).  That’s his own testimony of his flesh.  What we are to judge him by (Matt 7:20).  Be sure you test these attributesThe fear of the LORD is to hate evil; Pride and arrogance and the evil way And the perverse mouth I hate (Pr 8:13  NKJV).

For the froward is abomination to the LORD
(Proverbs 3:32)

Go to Hell you folk!

Your damn wicked spirit that come out of your eyes.  Just keep messing with the man of God like you’re doing.

Who’s the man of God and who’s the damn wicked spirit here?  The fear of the LORD is to hate evil; Pride and arrogance and the evil way and the perverse mouth I hate (Pr 8:13  NKJV).  Put away from thee a froward mouth, and perverse lips put far from thee (Pr 4:24).

I’m the man of God when I do what you want me to do, but if I do what God tells me to do, then I’m not the man of God.

The first thing that tells us is that you’re operating by the wrong god.

Sing me a song Jerry!

Since Brother Al wasn’t there to fulfill his diversion he looks to Brother Jerry.  Which Stair then admonishes that he should get a new song apparently because it’s always the same song.  This displeases Brother Stair – but the song was unto God.  Apparently, that upsets Brother Stair too.  Why doesn’t this man call his brothers ‘Brother’?

It’s not the coffee making, it’s the spirit.

Could have fooled everyone.  It looks to be this spirit that is harping on the coffee making.

This nonsense that’s going around,

blaming somebody else for your corruption,

or your sin, or I’m doing this because you did that.  That’s stupid!  That is literally stupid.

Yes, and again, Thou art the man (2Sam 12:7).  This is the foundation of Brother Stair’s ministry – blaming everyone else for your corruption and your problems.  Have a listen to any of his Services if you need more convincing.

What’s so wrong with stupid now?  Brother Stair’s desire was that his people were simple (stupid) so that they would believe his every word.  Rather we should heed that same verse and be a prudent man and look well to our going and not fall into this stupid (simple) trap (Pr 14:15).

Nobody ever told you the difference between the Word of God and the Scriptures – except me.

This is what Pastor Rice will refer to today as someone who thinks they have some special relationship with God while they disdain their brother.  This, Pastor Rice says, is someone who is deceiving themselves.  And many such things did Brother Stair to exalt himself above those around him.

His own community doesn’t buy into this rhetoric2 either, as his following statement “My God!  You’re even going to fight me on that one, arent’ you?  Look at em.  Look at em.” declares.

I’d like to know how long you’ve known the scriptures?

Like this is going to donate superiority of knowledge.  Brother Stair would employ this often, after he got old, and used it to exalt his spirituality.  This is a statement that the Serpent may have had with Eve.  After all Eve, how old are you?  Don’t you know that I’ve known God’s word from eternity?  That’s the same kind of rhetoric2 that Brother Stair is employing here.

Are you Elijah?

At this point in time, I’m telling ya, I will never declare that.  But I will declare it.  If you don’t understand that.

This psychological trick of a backhanded shaming, because you don’t understand something that is sown in confusion, is a common tactical twist with Brother Stair.

He forgets that when he was in Jail he wanted to declare he was Elijah and asked several brothers, like Brother Enoch, if he should.  This is the Elijah you want?  One that doesn’t even know if he should declare himself to be something that he told us he would never declare?  This is a spirit of confusion, that continues in the Overcomer.

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And as the Father sent Him, He sent me.

So whatever I tell you to do – do it.

This is the logic that Brother Stair applies to his false teachings.  This is his impetus for obedience to his whims and his sexual desires – and the way he wants his coffee made.

The most iniquitous man.  Yeah, yeah, and the most sinful.  But right now I’m not.

Right now?  Do you mean at this very moment while all eyes are on you?  But once you step out of the pulpit you’ll go back to your sinful iniquitous ways?  For we all know now that Brother Stair was steeped in his sexual sins that he was hiding from everyone.

I’m in Christ.  Go to Hell!  Get out!

Ah, there’s that spirit of Christ that he operates in.  Well, it’s some spirit anyway.  It would do us all good to test that spirit.

Brother Stair points out to someone that he doesn’t like their smile, he thinks it’s a smirk.  He makes it their problem, not his problem, which it totally is.  He spends wastes all his time preaching, talking about nonsense like this, wasting everyone’s time, and preaching nothing of Christ.  It’s all about him and his whims – like today’s coffee issue.

If you could see what I see in your face it would disturb you very much.

But we don’t see things your way, thank God.  This perception of Brother Stair is the problem here.  It’s never going to get fixed because he refuses to admit he’s wrong.

I don’t condemn any of you people.

He is in forgetfulness of his many condemnations – even in just this Service.  What has he said that wasn’t condemning?  Especially, but not limited to: Go to Hell you folk!  Jesus Christ would come today, You are going to go to Hell!  You Damn Fools!  Go to Hell you folk!  That’s stupid!  That is literally stupid.  I’m in Christ.  Go to Hell!

When you present yourself here, you should have a spirit that says use me, just don’t abuse me.

That’s a mouthful – of lies, and a misdirection that abuse didn’t happen.  Yes, we presented ourselves to God’s use.  But we all got abused by Brother Stair.  All of us were raped mentally and spiritually, some of us physically.

Now you damn folk, look at your faces again!

More of that non-condemning condemnation.  Edifying the body of Christ by cursing them.  Interesting, but I don’t think that’s the spirit of Christ – me thinks that’s another spirit (2Cor 11:3-4).

I’m not a sex pervert…

I’m not a rapist.  I’m not a child molester.  I told you what I am.  I’m a sinner.

Shout it a little louder – maybe they’ll believe you.  Yes, Brother Stair, it is those attributes (that you fulfill) that make you a sinner but you can’t just skip to being a sinner and ignore what made you a sinner.  Sin makes you a sinner, and some of your sins are being a sex pervert, a rapist, and a child molester.  He stated that all his house wanted to hear his answer on this too.  Not even his own house believes this rhetoric2.

This is the rhetoric2 of every rapist/molester – they blame the victim.  “It was consensual” was Brother Stair’s go-to phrase of justification.  Or how about when he said about his molesting 16-year-old Natosha Lehr in the Radio Room that “I touched her right”?

Generic sin is what he wants to sell you – don’t buy thatHe was arrested and awaited trial for these crimes – on several occasions.  For which he knew he would be convicted when it went to trial.  This is why he paid large sums of your money to keep it prolonged from going to trial.

Now you damn folk don’t want to buy that, then Go to Hell!

Here we see the sinner at work in how he blames everyone else for his generic sins.  Because you’re supposed to sweep them under the rug as he does.

I take these instructions in the Bible very personal

LOL!!!  That one doesn’t even need a response.

He has Brother Stan quote for him the That Prophet verse (Acts 3:23).  We should all go to The Final Witness and Truth Blaster on YouTube and see what Brother Stan’s final testimony on this is.  That is the only true testimony.  Or do you believe the rhetoric2, taught by false prophets, that your last testimony is invalid?  That would make repentance and being Born Again invalid.

How many times do you think that’s done around here?  Men do what they think is right?

Every time Brother Stair opens his mouth or moves his feet.

Craig Mack ran out on Brother Stair… again.  LOL.

The verse I got this morning to start all this off was…

Whatever He saith unto you to do – do it!

The spirit that Brother Stair listens to is telling him ways to exalt himself.  Like it would tell him about our ambiguous gnat sins while ignoring his physically manifest camel sins.  This is not the Holy Spirit!  For the Holy Spirit speaks of the things of Christ and exalts Christ, not man (John 15:26, 16:13;  2Cor 10:5;  Phil 2:9-11;  2Tim 3:1-7;  Jude 1:4).  Why would he hear from the Holy Spirit anyway, when he claims to be this very Comforter?

Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devilsSpeaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron;  Forbidding to marry, and commanding to abstain…
But refuse profane and old wives’ fables, and exercise thyself rather unto godliness.
e thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purityMeditate upon these things; give thyself wholly to them; that thy profiting may appear to all.
Take heed unto thyself, and unto the doctrine; continue in them: for in doing this thou shalt both save thyself, and them that hear thee.
(1Timothy 4:1-16)

That’s why Phillip is in the jailhouse todayBecause he wouldn’t do what I told him.  I pled with him. [fake crying ensues]

Actually, Brother Stair beat and kicked him, then lied and denied it to the police about it.  Brother Stan is a witness to this.  So much for the shepherd protecting his sheep.  Brother Stair turned him over to the police.  Is this the preserver that you were looking for?

If this is R.G. Stair’s righteousness I wouldn’t mess with you five minutes.

Here we see disclosed the lack of righteousness in R.G. Stair.  Devoid of righteousness.  He has spent this whole Service establishing his own righteousness, is he now going to convince us that he has submitted himself unto the righteousness of God (Rom 10:3)?  This he will spin into covering his sin but he does not allow this same reasoning of God’s righteousness to be applied to us.

When I tell you something it’s a pearl…  Are you swine?  Are you Dogs?

Wherein is this pearl?  This reminds me of the Morman’s perversion of this phrase in calling their book The Pearl of Great Price.  This cult leader is doing the same with his words as they did with Joesph Smith’s.

The twisting this into you being swine or dogs if you don’t accept this is more of his psychobabble.

Boy oh boy.  They don’t know the scriptures God.  Oh well.

Indeed they would not be participating in this idolatry if they did.

Take heed therefore how you hear.

That’s what we’ve been trying to magnify for you (1Tim 4:16).

Whenever you express wickedness, you end up in a hellish situation.

How is it Brother Stair could say things like this and never see that he exemplified it?  Constantly he griped about his hellish situation – and would blame it on us all.  Now he’s ignoring his constant rant that he’s been on and turns this on us, making it our wickedness that is being expressed.  Here we have a blind prophet that cannot (of will not) see his own wickedness, no matter how clear it is.  Even when he himself can define it with precision.  His hellish situation that he complains about every moment is the result of his own expressed wickedness.

If God did speak to him, it was with things like this – which he clearly ignores and turns upon everyone else.

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[2] Rhetoric – language designed to have a persuasive or impressive effect on its audience, but often regarded as lacking in sincerity or meaningful content.  (Jude 1:16;  2Tim 3:5-7)

Pastor Rice

James Rice comes in at 1:54 and gets 57 minutes.  Rice often has brothers pray before and after he speaks.  Oddly this same kind of praying cannot be witnessed at Prayer Time.  Then there is only wailing and gnashing heard.

Magnifying and Focusing on Those Not There

Ignoring the House before him he focuses on things he cannot change – outside of this sorcery that he is engaging his listeners into.

[In the Army] we had to let the troops go through first [for food] and the leader would go through behind them.  It is the best way idn’t it?

This is not the spirit of the Overcomer, especially not of Brother Stair.  Brother Stair taught, and insisted, that he was worthy of double honor and was to be served first.  Or have you so soon forgotten his telling of the widow woman that Elijah insisted to feed him first?  Which Brother Stair would magnify into giving him first of all that you had before you considered your own needs.  Make me [the prophet] a cake first In this Overcomer Army, these things were not done in proper order.  Not the best way, according to Pastor Rice.

They’re antichrist!

Moving on from magnifying and focusing, he resorts now to condemnation.  [Remember how Brother Stair just abused that word?]  As the liberal left, James Rice is using his words to pervert truth and make something out to be something it’s not – all because it’s not something that he likes or agrees with.  What Rice is doing here is calling fellow brothers, even those of his own house, antichrists.  Under his own interpretation thereof.

Surely he has not examined Brother Stair according to the spirit of antichrist that John spoke of.  Because if he did he would not be promoting any of this antichrist perversion that he is walking in.  He’s told by those that he’s calling “antichrist” that what he’s doing is in vain, and it is, but he’s too blind to see it (Mt 15:14).  He has fallen into the ditch of the whore Rose (Pr 23:27, 22:14).  Perhaps it will take till he also takes Sister Burgess as another concubine for people to wake up?

I can’t get [my right-hand man] fired up

Thank God Brother Kurt is starting to wake up and see the light.  Pray for him earnestly to be released from this perverse spiritual darkness.  As it will magnify more and more on the Farm and they will go through the same thing we all did under Brother Stair as we watched his perversion overshadow everything and defile everything that could have been good.

Likewise, James Rice is walking in the ways of Stair, even taking for himself Stair’s concubine Rose.  These perversions will surly magnify into the waxing worse and worse that we witnessed in Brother Stair as the demon spirits that controlled and led Brother Stair into these spiritual and sexual perversions take over those of the Farm that seek to be the leaders (Rev 2:20).  If a ruler (Bro Stair) hearken to lies, all his servants (Pr Rice) are wicked (Pr 29:12).

Don’t we all know that we’re sons of God?

Are you referring to those you’re calling antichrists?

We’re going to wait for the Class A saints.  I say this to your shame.

You’re only shaming yourself.  You are saying the same thing – against them.  Apparently, James Rice has quickly forgotten that he just acknowledged they were all sons of God.  Yet he is treating them as No-Class non-saints and calling them Antichrists.  And some wonder why we say they are in confusion.

I’m preaching some good stuff.

Don’t you think that’s some pretty good preaching?

See that same spirit of Brother Stair coming out?  We are witnessing the same phrases that Brother Stair used unto himself being used by Pastor James Rice to now boast himself up.  He’s not only so blind that he can’t see and hear what he’s doing but now he has Stair’s concubine to reinforce these false spirits and whisper to him that he’s some great one (Acts 8:9).

I know we can rejoice in iniquity, we do it all the time.

As is evident.  This is the we that are claiming they are antichrists?  Those on Rice’s side rejoice in iniquity all the time.  That tells us so much about how perverse this name-calling is.  Perhaps it’s time for Rice and his clique to realize the truth that what he’s doing is in vain.

I’m trying the spirit.

That is not what you’re doing Pastor Rice.  If you did, it would stop your mouth.  Take a long look at Test the Spirits and see which side you fall on.  You’re not even doing the perversion that Brother Stair made those verses out to be (covered in the article), to try the spirit that’s on you.

All this message of Pastor Rice (and Brother Stair proceeding) has been about disunity and division of the body of Christ.  This is blindness! (Mt 15:14;  Pr 23:27, 22:14).  He’s persecuting the spirit of those he deems not bowing to his whims – just like Brother Stair would do.

We are deceiving ourselves if…

we think we have some special relationship with God while we disdain our brother.

This would actually be a good message if it was only applied – to himself and especially to Brother Stair who exemplified this statement.  The whole ministry and message of Brother Stair’s Overcomer Ministry was the magnification that he had some special relationship with God while he disdained his whole congregation.  Pastor Rice is stating here that Brother Stair deceived himself – not to mention all his hearers (1Tim 4:16).

Pastor Rice can also include himself in this deception because he is inferring the same.  Since he took charge, he has used his after Service service to establish that he and those that stand with him are the ones that are with God, while he, and they, are to disdain their brothers that are trying to expose their deception.  Remember how he started?  His people gathered are the particular members of the body of Christ that are the true worshipers.  This is the deception of division that has marked the Overcome Community.

How do they not see that?  How do they not make the connection when he’s saying this?  Because they are deceiving themselves.  Beware!  Spiritual deception is the worst form of deception.  It will damn your soul if left unchecked and unrepented of.

We must keep the fear of the Lord directly before us and fear failing the grace of God more than holding on to some idol man that we might think is of God (Heb 12:15;  Ex 20:3;  Lev 26:30;  2Kn 17:12).  This fear of the prophet is the fear of man that is a snare (Pr 29:25).  Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and [THEN] I will receive you (2Cor 6:17).  God will not share His glory with another, not even a prophet (Isa 42:8).

But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse,
deceiving, and being deceived.
(2 Timothy 3:13-17)

I don’t want to offend the Lord.

Too late ‘pastor’.  You are an offense to Christ (Romans 16:17-18).  Your perverse lifestyle and your division you are exercising so that you can have it your way, this offending one of these little ones which believe in Me is… well… antichrist (Mt 18:6;  Jude 1:4).

Meanwhile, the congregation is expressing the real lesson that he is teaching here.  When he says, “If I offended anyone” they quickly respond with “So be it”.  In this, we see the despite and disunity that Rice is truly spreading amongst them.\

Perhaps the greatest abomination that Pastor Rice has done (even more so than his recent taking of another man’s wife (Mk 6:18) and Brother Stair’s concubine) is that he did not remove all the idols that his father [Stair] had made (1Kings 15:12).  This is the very reason that he fell into the same pit that his father Stair did (Pr 23:27).

Jesus came to minister and not to be ministered unto (Matt 20:28).  And whosoever will be chief among you, let him be your servant (Mt 20:27).  He that saith he abideth in Him ought himself also so to walk, even as He walked (1John 2:6).  What’s so difficult to understand in those simple truths that these men who exalt themselves to be ministers don’t understand?  They do lie, and not the truth.  They changed the truth of God into a lie (Rom 1:25;  2Thes 2:10-12;  John 8:44).

In those days there was no king in Israel.
Everyone did what was right in his own eyes.
(Judges 21:25)


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