Jail is God’s Doing

Bro RG Stair jail

“If I go to Jail it is God’s doing  (Brother Stair, Dec 2000)

Then, just two years later he found himself in jail.  Brother Stair then turned the blame for his jail time on the sins of the people of God.  Saying that he was used by God as a sign of their sins, as a modern Ezekiel.  Then persecution and injustice were added to be blamed – never accepting responsibility for his sex sins that put him there.

Thus, in light of his 2000 statement, we realize that what Bro Stair is really saying is that God is unjust or that what happens in his life is not God’s doing.  Just the opposite to what he said in 2000.

On another tongue, Bro Stair can also be heard saying that God sent him to jail.  He spoke it this way to justify that it wasn’t anything that he did (like rape) that landed him in jail.  It was all God using him as a Sign to show God’s people their sins.  He also cloths himself in Paul’s imprisonment to justify it.

Perhaps Bro Stair would do well to remember one of his other statements from 2000 before the Judge closed the door (bars) on him – “The Judge is at the door!”  (Brother Stair, Dec 2000).  It shows us how he didn’t believe his own words, as a few months later his then adulterous relationship with an 18-y-o would explode his ministry.

Looking back, we can witness the Judge closing the Door on Brother Stair beginning in 2001 and his slide of apostasy ever since.