Would God Send You To A False Prophet?

Jesus said that false prophets WILL COME and that they come to YOU.  They are sent to you.  Not by God but they still come to you.  He didn’t say that they would come to THEM but to YOU.

Why then?  Because God gave you instruction as to how to know them.

Your adversary, the Devil” [1Pt 5:8]  You have an adversary that is out to destroy you – if by any means.

John 10:10 will settle everything! It will filter where anything comes from.  Is it form God or Satan?

Wake up!

Does God Send False Prophets?

Why Would God Allow It?

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This is the question that false prophets likes to propose to be valid reasoning.  It is actually a deceptive sleight of hand to get you thinking in the wrong direction.

Who said that God sent you to them?  God didn’t say that.  What God said was, Beware!  That’s not a sending that’s a warning against those who will come in His name (Mt 24:5;  2Jn 1:7).

Jesus said that false prophets will come, and that they come to YOU.  They are sent to you.  Not by God nor are you sent to them.  But they will come to you.  God didn’t say that they [people] would come to THEM [false prophets] but that the false prophet would come to YOU.  This is why false prophets will always tell you that “God sent you to meI wasn’t sent to you.”  They think that by saying it that way they can skirt scripture that identifies them, and by putting it that way they blame God for the sending so as to place God’s seal upon it.  Another deception!  A look at a good shepherd will show us that men of God do not lose any of those God sends (Jn 18:9;  Jn 17:12;  Jn 6:39).  When a Prophet has lost over 99% of all that God has sent to him – that’s a bad shepherd, that’s a false prophet (Jn 10:10).

They come to YOU in sheep’s clothing…“(Mt 7:15-20THEY appear unto YOU as angels of light (2Cor 11:14)

Why then would God let this be?  Because God gave you instruction as to how to know them — by their fruits (Mt 7:20) (Deut 18:15-22).  God gave you the tests for prophets and men of God.  This is how God expects His people to know them.  It has nothing to do with a ‘sending’ from God or some ‘spiritual’ mumbo jumbo – like a witness.

Wake up!

Not everything that comes to you is from God.  Not everything and everyone you come across in your parth is from God.  “Test the spirits” [1Jn 4:1]  Why would God tell us this if He only intends for everything that graces (or grazes) our lives to be from Him?  It’s not!  “Your adversary, the Devil” [1Pt 5:8]  You have an adversary that is out to destroy you – if by any means.  He’s bent on leading you into error and sending men of error into your life.  This is why God gave instructions for you to test them and all things that are within the situations of our lives (Jn 10:10) – especially things that present themselves as spiritual (1Jn 4:1).  We are told to test the spirits that are on them! (1Jn 4:1)  That doesn’t mean testing to see if we’re in the right spirit.  That’s something a false prophet would tell you so that you don’t identify them.

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The Primmer

The primary thing we all need to learn and filter everything in our lives with is John 10:10It will settle everything!  It will filter where anything comes from.  Is it form God or Satan?  John 10:10 will tell us.  The thief comes to steal, kill, and destroy: Jesus came to bring us life, and life in abundance.

So which is it?  Life or death?  What is the fruit of anything and everything in your life?  This test will tell you the author of it.

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Does God Send False Prophets?

No.  But they run, (“I have not sent these prophets, yet they ran: I have not spoken to them, yet they prophesied.”) [Jer 23:21-31]  And they will run into you.  So beware of the false prophets [Mt 7:20].  Nowhere did God say, ‘if you come across them then I sent them to you’.  Those are the false prophets that are telling you that God sent them and He wouldn’t guide you wrong.  That is certainly a false prophet moving his lips.  Run!

and Yes …

Scripture does show some false prophets that God sent.  Jonah being the most prominent.  [Jonah’s prophecy didn’t come to pass, so according to God’s test [Deut 18:15-22] Jonah was a false prophet and Jonah knew that would be the case, that’s why Jonah ran from God.  He didn’t want to be a false prophet and he knew that once he spoke what God was intent on not doing then he would forever be a false prophet].  There was also this spirit that went out that used a prophet (and made him a false prophet) with his false message, intending to deceive — and God allowed it. [1Kings 22:22]  “behold, the Lord hath put a lying spirit in the mouth of these thy prophets, and the Lord hath spoken evil against thee.[2 Chronicles 18:18-22]

New Testament Prophets

The New Testament declares that there are two prophets at work in the Church today (Rev 2:14, 20).   Teaching false teachings.

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Balaam is called a prophet yet there is no prophecy we have from him.  What scripture tells us Balaam did was he taught.  Balaam was a teacher that was known as a prophet.  We can’t call Balaam a false prophet either because he was careful to not speak anything that God would not bring to pass.  He liked his prophet status.  Balaam was also not considered an Israelite.  So his prophet claim was not from the God of Israel.  Balaam was a prophet that taught God’s people to partake in sacrificing to idolatry [like some prophets today have you give your goods and self to honor their calling over you].  This prophet Balaam brought the teaching to God’s people that is was okay to commit sexual immorality and lewdness.  That they should give themselves up to sexual vice (Rev 2:14  AMP).  Sound familiar?  Balaam, therefore, trapped God’s people and set stumbling blocks before them to entice them (AMP).

Likewise Jezebel, the spirit of one that calls themselves a prophet.  The Jezebel spirit prophets teach misleading doctrines that lead God’s people into sexual immorality and idolatry (Rev 2:20).  This spirit is noted as being one that is usurping authority where they have none, as Lucifer did.  This is why Jesus emphasizes “that women”.  Don’t miss this point and go off looking for this spirit on a female.  This is a point of usurping authority where you have none.

Here we see two New Testament prophets that are leaders, heads, of the Church.  These prophets are easily known by the signs of their fruits (Mt 7:20) – sexual immorality and idolatry [exaltation of themselves].  Sound familiar?  What Jesus is most upset with His people here is that they tolerate (Rev 2:20) and cling to the teachings (Rev 2:14) of these prophets who teach them these lies.  These prophets also exorcize what Jesus hates – hierarchy, they rule over the laity.  The Nicolaitan doctrine (Rev 2:15).

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So Why Would God Allow It?

Because He gave you instructions on how to know them and test them [Mt 7:20] [Deut 18:15-22].  You fail to do that, then you are allowed to be deceived by a false prophet.  Don’t blame it on God, He gave you the ways and means to filter out the false prophets.  It’s simple, but you must do it.

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