Is Jesus Coming in 2021?

Jesus Coming, Look Up

Last Updated on December 18, 2020

No Jesus in 2020

In the fall of 2020, Brother Star said that Jesus is not coming this year.  Usually, this is not spoken until we are in a Gathering that we were lead to believe Jesus might come at.  Yet, this shouldn’t have to be said because there are so many signs that he has said would have to take place first.  Let’s cover some of these Signs that Brother Stair has spoken about surrounding the return of Jesus.

  • Jesus comes [within] six months after Brother Stair’s death
    • If Jesus is to come at the Feast of Trumpets, then Brother Stair has to die at Passover [or shortly thereafter].
  • Jesus is coming in a year when all the Fall Feasts happen in September (not apparently in the same Jewish month – which they always do).  [This muse be by another revelation because there is no scripture for it]
    • 2020 was not such a year.  Tabernacles (Feast of Booths) is the conclusion of the Fall Feasts and it is on Oct 3-9 2020.  [This fact appears to have slipped by the prophet as he was telling us 2020 was such a year]

Can Jesus Come in 2021?

2021 is proclaimed from the mouth of the Prophet as an option for Jesus to come.  Yet to align that with the other words from the mouth of the Prophet this would mean:

  • Brother Stair will have had his Gathering of 1000 at the Tabernacle and the great Healing Service.
  • Brother Stair will die Passover 2021 [or soon thereafter].
  • Brother Stair will die at the hands of the Pope (which was believed to be in Rome but has changed to Jerusalem).
  • Brother Stair will be on all of Radio Jülich’s 12 transmitters at the same time. [Radio Jülich is defunkt]
  • The $10 million will come in to be used for the Last outreach.
  • Brother Stair has been preaching in Jerusalem for 3.5 years already as one or both of the Two Witnesses.
  • Brother Stair would (again) die 3 days before Jesus comes (at Trumpets).  [Because he’s one or both of the Two Witnesses]
  • Brother Stair has to announce who the AntiChrist is (or tell us who knows). [Bro Stair tells us this is revealed by revelation while Rev 13:18 tells us it’s by calculation]
  • Brother Stair will proclaim the 40 Days and America will be destroyed, 40 days before Jesus returns in September 2021.  [This sounds like Pre-Trib doctrine, it’s taken from being a Sign of the Jonah Sign]
  • There is also the long-awaited fulfillment of all the Prophecies spoken by the Prophet to come to pass.
  • And there’s the rest of the Seven Thunders that have to be revealed.
  • All the Fall Feasts would be in September 2021 – Which they are in 2021.  So as long as the above are fulfilled, Jesus might just return in September 2021.  And then Brother Stair can hand Jesus back His title of Son of Man.
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All that said.  We should realize that Prophet Stair has long prophecied that we shouldn’t even be here in 2020.   “I firmly do not believe we shall ever witness the year 2000.”  He also goes on to say, Before 1990 rolls around… I believe nuclear holocaust is that close.” (Brother Stair)

Other items regarding the future timeline as taught by prophet Brother R.G. Stair are listing in the Future Timeline.

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