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Brother R.G. Stair
Brother R.G. Stair
Phone Messages #1

Last Updated on August 7, 2021

In the confusion of the Broadcast, a series of phone messages almost slipped by us that were aired for a very short time.  We thought we posted them but realized we overlooked them. 

You’re not likely to hear them repeated and they are not the ones that are being repeated.  Once you hear them you might understand why.

They were from just before after the July 10th Sabbath Service.

These listeners are showing us the ingrained teachings of Brother Stair and his Overcomer Ministry which the ministry is now avoiding acknowledging on the website or over the Broadcast.

One believes that Jesus is coming within six months of Brother Stair’s dying – because that’s what Brother Stair taught.

One asks if they are still believing that Jesus is coming at the Feast Days in September.  This is the reason that they are not reairing this clip.

We have a supporting catholic that presents us with THE BIG JESUS with the OUR FATHER’s.

And another is thankful for the Restoration that they think the Lord is bringing forth – you know, one of those things Brother Stair proclaimed would happen by his hand.

We see how receptive they are to Pastor Rice preaching and perhaps taking the reigns.

As we said, the current regime at the Overcomer Ministry since Brother Stair’s death is avoiding acknowledging or answering these questions either on their website or over their Broadcast.  This should cause alarm to the followers of Brother Stair in that it shows that his own ministry is afraid to take a stand on what Brother Stair taught because (even to them) it’s looking like Brother Stair was a false prophet.

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Even in Pastor Rice’s announcement of the upcoming Feast of Trumpets on September 6th, there was no mention of a coming Jesus or the Last 45 Days that will begin around the first of the month of August.  Brother Stan addresses this in his message The Coming of Jesus Christ ~ The LAST 45 Days According to Rg Stair.  And the latest Pastor Rice interruption has the preaching of the coming of Jesus cut from it.

It appears that the listeners in Radio Land (and perhaps some on the Farm that Pastor Rice has mentioned that don’t play their reindeer games) are the ones that trust and believe in Brother Stair’s words – and not his own ministry leaders. 

What this shows is that those that don’t know Brother Stair (like those that lived with him do) believe his words more than he did and more than his current ministry leaders do.  The ministry is not expecting the Last 45 Days as Brother Stair said, or the coming of Jesus within six months of Brother Stair’s death, or that Jesus is coming during this fall’s Feasts.

What we have here is a ministry that has quickly apostatized from the intent of Brother Stair for this ministry.  The ministry that the listeners are supporting with their money.  The Overcomer Ministry doesn’t mind asking them for and taking their offerings but they are not propagating what these supporters are believing and funding.  Beware, financial supporters!

Perhaps they think the recent switching from airing old Services to more recent Brother Stair Services will get away from the mass of failed words that are being heard by listeners?  Yet what we are now hearing is how narcissistic and self-exalting his preaching has been in the last decade.  All we are hearing in the last week of July 2021 is a man preaching the Prophet – that’s all he’s preaching in these Services that are aired.  He is abusive to the people of God and exalting of his own person and ‘calling’.

Ring Ring, Elijah Calling

Speaking of callings.  In his quest to attain to being greater than all, Brother Stair outright denies Jesus’ words by saying that John (the baptizer) never became Elijah.  When Jesus clearly said this [John] is Elias, which was for to come (Matt 11:14).  Funny thing is that Brother Stair puts himself in the very same calling that John claimed, I am the voice of one crying in the wilderness, Make straight the way of the Lord (Jn 1:21).  Yet Brother Stair denies John was Elijah but Brother Stair is supposed to be Elijah – under the same calling as John.  Did you follow that confusion?

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But I [Jesus] say to you that Elijah already came, and they [Brother Srair] did not recognize him, but did to him whatever they wished [ignored him as Elijah].  Then the disciples understood that He had spoken to them about John the Baptist. [But Brother Stair has not understood this] (Matt 17:12-13 NASB95).  Jesus also told us if ye will receive it, this [John] is Elias, which was for to come.  He that hath ears to hear, let him hear (Matt 11:14-15).  Apparently, Brother Stair never had ears to hear Jesus.

An Open Invitation

Much like Brother Stan at the Truth Blaster asked Brother Stair to refute anything he says, we would like to know what followers of Brother Stair believe he fulfills and how it fits into scripture.  This is an honest sincere request.   We have yet to have anyone present to us valid (or even invalid) scriptural reasoning behind what makes him what he claims to be or even validates any one of his claims or prophecies

We have long offered an open invitation for anyone to present anything that Brother Stair says that they believe is truth and we will show you scripturally the error therein. 

We’re still waiting…

The following Phone Messages:


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4 thoughts on “Phone Messages #1

  1. Even some listeners remember the claim by Stair about Jesus coming within 6 months of Stair’s beheading (not an ordinary death) but the current Overcomer Ministry hierarchy won’t mention it because they know he lied. If they believe him why aren’t they airing Stair’s segments out of his own mouth of his prophecies or proclamations? They should have nothing to hide except they know people can then connect the dots and decide to send their monetary offerings elsewhere when (not if) it fails. Stair couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn with anything he said would happen. In viewing his countenance and hearing his bile toward the end of his life it’s obvious he had great wrath in knowing he had only but a short time left in this limited physical shell we wear before he faced Judgment for all his ungodly deeds. Remember the people that claim forgiveness for Stair withhold it to others who left offended. They protect the predator and cast out the victims. That man was a wolf in sheep’s clothing. We heard a woman on a previous call- in by a listener/supporter who was shocked by her granddaughter’s vehemence that Stair is a monster! Her granddaughter is right and that woman would do well to investigate the claims and witness testimonies before believing the Overcomer Ministry.

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