Brother Stair
Brother Stair
Phone Messages #19

Last Updated on Sun November 14, 2021 @ 9:37 pm

Hey Nineteen

Sweet things from Boston so young and willing, Please take me along when you slide on down.  Nice, Sure looks good, Umm-umm-umm.

No we got nothing in common.


Brother Stair on the outro speaking against his own words in support of abortion, “Thank God for abortion” he would often say.


Please pray for these deceived remembering that there are many more that never call.  Abide in Christ saints! (John 15)

The Phone Messages:

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  1. @admin-rgstair I couldn’t help but to noticed when you put up the November 2021 section(s) like this one, you must have been listening to Steely Dan’s “Hey Nineteen”. Donald Fagan of Steely Dan wrote a string of hits. Hey Nineteen came out in 1980, and was played on Top 40-Pop and AOR (Album Oriented Rock) Radio Stations all over the Country. I started working in radio in 1980 at a Album Oriented Rock Station that played that song.

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