A Vicious Serial Sexual Predator

Harvey Weinstein

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March 3, 2020

Editor’s note: This report includes graphic descriptions of sexual assault accusations.

“A Vicious Serial Sexual Predator”

While this was the Manhattan D.A.’s proclamation of Harvey Weinstein, it stands just as true for Brother RG Stair.  A man who has been practicing his art as a sexual predator for over 60 years – viciously.  That’s serial folks.  His revelation in this matter is not because he has recently turned aside to this.  This revelation has been because of the Internet and Social Media that Brother Stair has become revealed to be a serial predator with only a few of his many victims speaking out.

In previous years people had no way to voice his vicious acts to others, they would just “leave” and hide in silence (as most rape victims do).  Many still hide for reasons that the trauma produces.  Statistics show that most rape victims will never bring charges because they feel too guilty and dirty.  They just want to try to forget about it.  Rapists know this and that’s why they continue and why they usually get away with it.  As Brother Stair knew.

Submit to Consent

This hiding is what men like Brother Stair have banked on.  He knows this, and as a leader and “man of God”, he uses his position and power to manipulate them.  Just as Harvey Weinstein did.  Brother Stair has long taught obedience and submission for this very reason – so that he can manipulate them into making the choice themselves.  Thus he says it’s consensual and this is what has stopped his victims from prosecuting him – they feel guilty that they brought it on themselves and they remain silent.  This is how Stair has managed to get away with rape for so long.  “Powerful men weaponize sex and leave their victims with lasting trauma.”

Beliefs Overruled

What’s different in Brother Stair’s case is that he is not just using his position and power to manipulate his victims but he is using their beliefs against them.  Our belief system is the most precious and intimate thing we have, and Brother Stair’s manipulation violates and perverts it.  He warps it to where he is in the position of God in his victims’ lives.

This way they willingly submit to whatever he asks of them.  This is the whole reason for Brother Stair’s ascended titles that he places upon himself – to gain spiritual control over people.  So that he can then victimize them.  Often sexually.  All of them mentally and spiritually.  That’s a long way from Hebrews 13:18; We are sure that we have a clear conscience and desire to live honorably in every way (NIV).

“Lawyers had argued that his accusers had willingly had sex with their client”

Predatory Plans

This predatory Owl of the Desert (Mt 24:26) Brother Stair, has crafted and focused his art on Christians.  Often on Black congregations in the South (Southern States) because he realized that they were more submissive due to their past (slavery).  The area in Walterboro, SC where he settled to start his harvesting of souls was familiar territory to him.

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He knew the women in the area.  He knew he already had sexually available females at his disposal.  But his dream was to have a Flock that he wielded power over that would bow to his every sexual desire and whim.  This was the start of his Ministry to Overcome the saints (Rev 13:7) known as the Overcomer Ministry in 1979.

Chickens Coming Home to the Slaughter

Remember that Mr. Weinstein’s charges didn’t stick the first time around in 2015.  Likewise, Brother Stair’s charges were too easily dismissed in 2002 so that he could cop a plea (which he told his congregation that he would never do).  This time R.G. Stair is also thinking that his high-priced criminal lawyers are going to get him off just like last time.  He thinks that nothing sticks to him.  After all, he’s God’s man and God will take care of this.  Just like, Weinstein with his manipulation, his resources, his attorneys, his publicists, and his spies did everything he could to silence two survivors,”

Doesn’t Brother RG Stair think that God might want to take care of His children who have been victimized by this charlatan Prophet of God?  Or does this epic narcissist think that he is God’s only child?  The way Brother Stair treats them and speaks to them I think the answer is an obvious yes.

“These are eight women who pulled our justice system into the 21st century by declaring that rape is rape and sexual assault is sexual assault, no matter what.”

There was another slaughter on the Farm when everything moved to Canady’s from the Campground in Walterboro, SC.  The sheep that Brother Stair cared for at the Campground were slaughtered when moved to the Farm.  It’s not these sheep that concern us but it is a pattern that obviously shouldn’t be overlooked.  It’s God’s Sheep that are being slaughtered and abused that is the issue here (Jude 1:4).

An Establish Pattern of Behavior

“Accusations of sexual misconduct and assault swirled for decades.
A pattern of brutish behavior on his part.”

It only took two women to bring Harvey Weinstein down.  Weinstein was free on bail for almost two years.  The parallels are so similar to Brother RG Stair’s cases.  Another similarity in the traits of these two men is that it is well known that Brother Stair also likes to show up uninvited at women’s doors with sexual intentions.

What Brother Stair has also banked on is that his sexual perversions would not be considered rape in many cases because there was no penetration.  This is what makes Weinstein’s case so important and monumental because it establishes that oral sex can constitute rape.  This verdict represents a milestone for the #MeToo movement supporting sexual assault survivors.

“A string of accusers who told of rapes, forced oral sex, groping, masturbation, lewd propositions

Brother Stair also hopes that his old age will keep him from going to prison.  This reasoning didn’t help Weinstein.  Weinstein was under fewer charges than Brother Stair has.  So why is Brother Stair’s trial on hold?  Because it takes public opinion to move the hands of justice, and Brother Stair has been forgotten about in the media.  He’s not that important – just don’t tell him that.

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Harvey Weinstein’s verdict doesn’t end Weinstein’s legal troubles; He is facing a trial in Los Angeles.  The charges against R.G. Stair, many as they are, are still few in number to the reality of the reach his sexual perversion has had to destroy many more lives over the decades of his decadence.  Likewise, Brother Stair’s legal troubles will have just begun once we start to see justice for his victims.  RG Stair’s financial indiscretions, which have not even begun to be looked into, are enough to put him behind bars.  If only the IRS would look into his ministry.

The Sin of Sodom

“Sodomy is defined as oral sex – contact between the mouth and penis or female genitalia”

Around Pentecost 2009, Brother Stair’s second wife Teresa (now divorced) spoke in the Tabernacle rebuking him for his adultery and sexual perversions.  She said that “He loves oral sex”.

Brother Stair practices oral sex with his victims because he thinks that he cannot be charged with rape if there’s no penetration.  Harvey Weinstein’s case says differently.  This must have Brother Stair shaking in fear, and if you listen to his Services you’ll hear that he is.  Or he is just playing another fear tactic on his listeners and financial supporters to get them to pity him and release more funds for the time is short.

Don’t forget he needs your money to fight the wicked corrupt damn system that is against him.  You know, that system that God said was His sword against the evildoer (Rom 13:4).  This evildoer doeth always resist the spirit of God (Acts 7:51) as is heard every week in his treatment of God through His people.  People with the mind of Christ (1Cor 2:16) which he calls peanut brains – on a good day, and God damn you wicked people, most other days.  [Here’s a Service filled with this term]

The show of their countenance doth witness against them, and they declare their sin as Sodom; they hide it not. Woe unto their soul!  For they have rewarded evil unto themselves.  (Isa 3:9)

Sodomy is not just homosexual butt sex, it is also heterosexual anal sex.  From Brother Stair’s stories and his proclamation that we’ve all had homosexual thoughts’ [speak for yourself Stair – and be assured, he is] it appears he’s been down the homosexual road too.  And how is that any different with a woman than with a man?

He’s confessed to buying a cow to have sex with it – that’s bestiality.  We’ll not go further into the farm animals that he has bought to have sex with (of his own confession), and the references to his familiarity with sounds the goats make when you’re having sex with them.  There’s also the sheep that he cared for at the Campground in Walterboro SC.  Perhaps he didn’t want anyone else having the same care for them on the Farm, so they were slaughtered when everything moved to the Farm.

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#YouToo?  #MeToo!  #TimesUp

The #MeToo Movement has helped to expose these evil men to the public eye.  Yet there are many victims who have not been heard in the case of Brother Ralph Gordon Stair.  Most of his victims are sitting back hoping that justice will be served with what law enforcement has on him and that they will not have to get involved.  Because it is a horrible trauma to have to relive what these predators have done to us.  “Powerful men weaponize sex and leave their victims with lasting trauma.”  But it is this silence that these predators are hoping for and it is this silence that keeps them free.  We must speak out so that justice can be done.  Nothing is too small or irrelevant.  Admissible or not, it is used to establish a pattern of behavior.

In many cases, like this one, it is the voice of the masses of those victimized by Brother Stair that is used to establish a pattern of behavior that adds weight to the usable testimonies.  So please contact law enforcement with anything.  You can call officer David Owen in Walterboro and he will know what to do with your particular details.

By Their Fruits…

The following statements from the trial regarding Harvey Weinstein can be equally said about Brother RG Stair:

  • Weinstein continues to wear an ankle monitor.
  • Although the former producer’s treatment of women had long been whispered about, allegations against him gained traction in national media.
  • [Victum] “I couldn’t even get away from him at all.  Ultimately after a while, I just checked out and decided to endure it.  That was the safest thing for me to do at that point.”
  • “[Victums] were scared, they felt isolated and they were alone,”
  • “[Victims] sacrificed their dignity, their privacy and their peace for the prospect that their voices would be enough for justice.”



  • “through warm and even flirty emails — and had sex with him — well after he supposedly attacked them”
  • “depicted in court as a burly, “Jekyll-and-Hyde” figure whose eyes seemed to turn black with menace when his anger flared
  • “the woman said she sent him flattering emails and kept seeing him because she was afraid of his unpredictable anger and “I wanted him to believe I wasn’t a threat.””
  • “Most sexual assault victims continue to have contact with their attackers and that they hope what happened to them “is just an aberration.””
  • “Weinstein considered himself such a big shot… that he thought he could get away with treating women as “complete disposables.”  “The universe is run by me and they don’t get to complain when they get stepped on, spit on, demoralized, and, yes, raped and abused by me — the king,”  [You often hear Brother Stair referred to as King Ralph]



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