Easily Spot Jezebel Narcissist using Scripture


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The Jezebel Narcissist:

  • Hates the people they serve. 
  • The people are a burden to them. 
  • They cannot serve with joy
  • They are miserable
  • They want to be served
  • They must be in control.


Some might take this to read that we are identifying the Jezebel narcissist who is using scripture.  That is often the case with narcissists under a Jezebel spirit, as Jezebel was also a religious leader – who called herself a prophet (and was sexually immoral) (Rev 2:20).  So they do use the scriptures to deceive.  But here we are talking about identifying the Jezebel narcissist – via scripture.  The scriptures will show us who the Jezebel spirit is on.


How does the fruit of your leader measure up to them being a narcissist operating under a Jezebel spirit?  Are you obeying the scriptures and testing the spirits of your leaders?


Without Spot Or Blemish Ministry presents Easily Spot Jezebel Narcissist Using Scripture.



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