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Titled about someone we know here, Men Who Hold the Truth in Unrighteousness.  Men that use God’s Word to establish their own ministries and messages, and to make themselves out to be Some Great One (Acts 8:9).  That is what it means to take the Name of God in vain (Ex 20:7).  Some of these “men of god” have even made out they are the similitude of Christ and Greater Than Jesus today

This is what John labeled the Antichrist spirit that is among us in 1John 4:1-3.  The Greek Lexicon shows us that the word John uses does not have to mean, as many have thought, that this Antichrist spirit is against Christ.  Rather, he is the similitude of Christ, a replacement, a substitute Christ – in the stead of Christ.  Thus doing so would make one antichrist even though they appear they are lifting up Christ.  John is also pointing out that it is in prophets (false prophets) that we find this. 

This similitude, replacement, substitute; is the very thing Brother Stair says that he is, “I am in the similitude of Christ”, “I stand in Christ stead”John warned us!  [See 1John 2 and 1John 4]


But for today, we have a short message on Christmas…

Just The Facts

Pagan roots of the Christmas unholy holiday.

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