Sabbath Service – March 20, 2021 – Bro Stair

Overcomer Tabernacle
Brother Stair
Brother Stair
Sabbath Service – March 20, 2021 – Bro Stair

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Sabbath Worship Services at the Overcomer Ministry with Brother Stair, the Prophet of the Overcomer Ministry preaching at the Overcomer Tabernacle in Canadys SC.

73 minutes of silence removed because of the pausing.  Yeah, you read that right.

“You’re all gonna go to Hell.” 

Right out of the gate we’re into the heart of the matter – the slander, the accuser of God’s people (Rev 12:10).  Is it hard to understand why he has trouble getting people to come to his Services and Gatherings? 

Here we have a declaration that ALL of the people under the great Prophet Stair are Going to HellAll of them!  Why would anyone want to be there then?  This is a ministry (which is a man) that casts people into Hell.  There is no salvation there.  The dead are there; and that [his] guests are in the depths of Hell (Prov 9:18).

“Your big I.”

Spoken by the man magnifying his Big I, his Self.  Is there anyone you know that has more of this “Big I” than Brother Stair?  There’s a for instance that will show out Brother Stair’s big I again.

“Thou hast permitted that woman Jezebel.”  “[I’m] not talking about Rose.  Or my wife.  Talking about a spirit.”

What wife would he be referring to?  He has no wife.  Sister Teresa is now another man’s wife.  His former wives have both divorced him over his adultery.  Rose (not a Sister apparently) is the other man’s wife that lives in his house.  So who is this wife he speaks of?  Rose identifies as his wife more than anyone today as she takes on his wife’s duties – in every way.  Yet he distinguishes her from being his wife.  His concubine is the correct word for her.  His Bathsheba – is the way he said it once using the illustration of David & Bathsheba to actually justify it.

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Clip from Sabbath Service – September 5, 2020 

This spirit of Jezebel that Brother Stair says he is talking about is one that is totally overlooked at the Overcomer.  Because it is Brother Stair who personifies the Jezebel spirit in full detail.  On who usurps a position that isn’t theirs, takes rule over God’s people – which is out of order for him to do so, calls himself a prophet, teaches God’s people to commit adultery, has his people sacrifice to his self-idolatry (Rev 2:14).  Operates under the Nicolaitan doctrine of hierarchy – ruling over the people, making out that he is greater than the laity (Rev 2:13, 6).  Brother Stair talks about God’s anger, well Jesus hates THAT. 

The first thing that we should understand about the Jezebel spirit (and especially here in Revelation where Bro Stair is pulling this quote from) is that it is a leader, the one ruling the church.  This spirit (called Jezebel) is identified by its works – as covered above.  Leader of the church, the calling of a prophet, teaching sexual immorality, demanding sacrifice to this Sign of idolatry – (branded as submission). 

Let’s help you understand idolatry (especially in this context); your idol is what represents God to you.  Brother Stair declares himself as God in the flesh, in your midst – thus Brother Stair teaches that he is your representation of God.  Thus your idolAll sacrifices done unto Brother Stair are idolatry.  Your giving, your obedience, your submission, your attendance, your shouting, your phone calls, your adherence to his teachings – God calls all this idolatry.  This is the greatest sin.

It is Bro Stair’s Community that fulfills this scripture.  They permit, or tolerate, this inordinate Jezebel that calls himself a prophet to rule over them and to teach and seduce them that sexual immorality is okay.  There is one thing you can be sure of here; Brother Stair is never going to identify the true spirit of Jezebel.  Because it is he (2Samuel 12:7).  He is the one that is seeking to kill and destroy the body of Christ and Christ in us (Jn 10:10). 

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If this was a message from God then it was a warning to the Overcomer from God that they need to repent and cast that wicked one out.  Therefore put away from among yourselves THAT wicked person (1Corinthians 5:13).  That is the application here that someone is not telling us.

Notwithstanding I have a few things against thee, because thou sufferest that woman Jezebel, which calleth herself a prophetess, to teach and to seduce My servants to commit fornication, and to eat things sacrificed unto idols
(Rev 2:20)

“Lovers of their own self.  Proud.” “We commend ourselves.”

Magnified in The Prophet.

“Commend.  Recommend.”

Another play with words trying to tie words together to be the same that have no correlation – and usually conflicting meanings.  Don’t know if he thinks himself to be a rhyming poet, or what, but he has no understanding of the English language – and yet he calls himself the Voice

What you have here is someone trumpeting an uncertain soundFor if the trumpet give an uncertain sound, who shall prepare himself to the battle?  So likewise ye, except ye utter by the tongue words easy to be understood, how shall it be known what is spoken?  for ye shall speak into the air (1Cor 14:8-9).  Here we see the reason that his hearers are not prepared, not ready.  He’s just talking to the air (NASB).

This is the reason for the confusion, the Babylon, that Brother Stair constantly tells the world that his own house is under and is not ready.  They are this way because of the voice they are listening to.  You can hear in his Services over the past several months the uncertain sounds coming out of his mouth. 

He doesn’t complete words, sentences, or phrases.  He grunts, moans, and screams and wonders why people don’t understand him.  Then he justifies himself by making out that he is spiritual and we don’t understand him because we’re not in the spirit.  We are certainly not in the same spirit that he is under.

“You have NEVER received from me that we are the Leadocian Church.”

Unfortunately, they have received and believed this false doctrine from Brother Stair.  William Branham also taught this false doctrine of the Chruch Ages.  This is taught by false teaches, mostly, so that they will not be identified as the Balaam and Jezebel leaders of the Pergamum and Thyatira churches.  You will find all the spirits of all the Seven Churches of Revelation at work today. 

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The Overcomer Ministry epitomizes Pergamum and Thyatira, as identified by its leaders and its teachings as shown in Revelation 2:12-29.  That shows us the spirit in this Church – Brother Stair’s Overcomer.

This arrogance is the same as when he says, “If you don’t believe THIS PROPHET, then you won’t believe that Jesus is coming back again”.  How boldly arrogant and self-seeking can a person be to make such a statement?  It’s a bold lie that if you don’t believe and follow me that you don’t believe in Jesus.  This implies that only Brother Stair has Jesus and His teachings. 

I suppose the Apostle Paul didn’t believe Jesus was coming then – because he didn’t believe Brother Stair.  Does this ‘believing THIS PROPHET’ means that we are to believe Brother Stair’s lie that Jesus is coming before the year 2000?  And that if we don’t, then we won’t believe that Jesus is coming back again?  That is the logic here.

THIS is the message of the deceivers that Jesus warned us of in Matthew 24 that would come to lead us away from the truth.  They tell you to get out into the Wilderness with them where the true Body is hidden in their secret place where alone you can escape.  Their message is The Time Draweth NearJesus is Coming in THIS generation.  They tell you that they are some special prophet, that they are a special Sign

This is Jesus’ warning in Matthew 24, not the Sign of Jonah from Matthew 13 that you are sold on as coming from Matthew 24.  Beware! 

Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing,
but inwardly they are ravening wolves.

Ye shall know them by their fruits
(Matthew 7:15-16)



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