DOW Never Above 10,000

DOW passes 23,300

DOW passes 23,300

In 2003 Brother Stair prophecied that the DOW will never go above 10,000 and that when it does the whole economic system will fall.  Just a few months later the DOW did go above 10,000 for the first time, and Brother Stair’s response was to ignore that he had prophesied it.

Then again in Oct 2008, Brother Stair said, Thus saith the Lord, The Stock Market will never go above 10,000 again.  [Rinse and repeat the response to the above]

We should not overlook the fact that the Prophet lost tens of thousands of ministry dollars in the Stock Market – not knowing where to invest it or what it would do.  So how does he then know what the whole market is going to do?  Or is he just upset with his loss and takes that out by putting out a curse on the Stock Market?  Either way, the DOW has managed to mock his predictions every time. 

In November 2022, it surpassed 36,000.  far beyond the prophets 10,000Prophecy failed!