The Dwindling DOW & the Obvious

The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 666 points, making it the worst week in two years but what about its 10,000 point signDOW chart

Keep Your Focus On…

Focus on the Trump Towers at 666, the number of man is 666, and the Stock Market falling 666

Don’t Overlook the Obvious

Who uses 666 and the sign of their Internet?  Surprise!

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DOW passes 23,300

DOW passes 23,300

Last Updated on October 4, 2020

The Dwindling DOW 

DOW passes 23,300The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DOW) may have fallen 666 points, making it the worst week in two years but its real sign is that it’s still more than double what Brother Stair said “it would never hit (10,000)”, in 2003

Then again in Oct 2008 (right after the stock market and the housing bubble crash) he stepped into the Dining Hall and said, Thus saith the Lord, The Stock Market will never go above 10,000 again.”

That is what Brother Stair is not telling you as he focuses you on the fall and the 666 point fall.  During February 2018 Brother Stair talked many times, and in service, about 666 and that “God” is using that number everywhere.  And here we thought it was the Anti-Christ’s number, not God’s. 

We should wonder why the prophet that is supposed to reveal this 666 man, the anti-Christ, is so distracted from his purpose with all these rabbit-trails that get us off the target of the true anti-Christ.  Perhaps he has no clue and is looking under every 666 rock for a ‘revelation’. 

But when you say that revelation comes after the fact (according to Prophet Stair) it doesn’t have to be revealed beforehand, thus there’s no need for a prophet is there?  Folks, this is what is called 20/20 hindsight – not revelation.  We can see from all his other failed prophecies that Brother Stair isn’t even any good at speculation, yet alone revelation.

Keep Your Eyes On…

So the focus is on the Trump Towers address is 666, the number of man is 666, the Stock Market fell 666.  But is that actually true Bro Stair?  After all, when it went above 10,000 you said it wasn’t really 10,000.  So why now does this 666 happen to be 666?  Maybe it really fell 777?  Or maybe it went up 777? 

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Who knows according to Brother Stair when his 10,000 predictions failed.  This focus on 666 was spoken in a recent Sabbath Service just before he said, Keep your eyes on Jerusalem.  Then why are you fixing our eyes on 666, the DOW, President Trump, … and not on Jerusalem?  [Which also is not a command or even a scripture]

Don’t Overlook the Obvious

What you might not know is that Brother Stair’s Overcomer Ministry website uses www…  Which Bro Stair has told us that www equals 666.  Still, his website (until recently) has used this www 666 to prefix it [for decades] when it was not required.

Even more telling is that Brother Stair’s Overcomer Ministry’s IP address (that they access the WWW/666 Internet with) begins and ends with 66…6 (  That should alert you to something.  That’s something you’re not being told, is it?  That looks like a great Sign to me.

We’re not saying it’s identifying the antichrist (an antichrist perhaps), but then we’re not the one pointing the finger at 666 Trump Tower, or www=666, or that the Internet is Satan’s seat – are we?  [We’re pointing you to keep your eyes on Jesus, which is a scripture (Heb 12:2)]

Oblivious to the Obvious

Along these obvious lines, there’s also his email Las Time, it’s time for the lasses (young girls).  He’s not using Last Time, he’s actually using and speaking it’s Las Time, as in Lass Time.  Time to find a Lass, a young girl.  He also likes saying his web address; overcome her ministry dot O-R-G, pronouncing it orgy.  What do you think these signs obviously represent?

In 2005 Brother Stair repeated two clips placed together of the famous American film, television, and voice actor Alexander Scourby reading a scripture verse saying “This is the place of them that know not God” immediately followed by Bro Stair saying, “This is the Overcomer Ministry”.   This would play in a loop several times when it aired.  It should have shocked everyone listening.  Or was everyone oblivious to what this was making obvious?  Put God in it!

Above all, how many hidden things coming into light are we now seeing where with this ministry, contrary to Bro Stair’s claims, were hidden and these things were actually done in a corner? (Acts 26:26)

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