Dr. Gene Scott – God’s Angry Man

Dr. Gene Scott – God’s Angry ManGeneScott-GodsAngryMan

Recognize these exact phrases used by Brother Stair

Who patterned themselves after him?

With over 40,000 hours of teaching, that’s a different message for 4.5+ years!

Gene Scott remains the perennial shortwave religious broadcaster – 12 years after his passing

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Last Updated on May 1, 2019

Dr. Gene Scott – God’s Angry Man (1981)GeneScott-GodsAngryMan

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If you don’t recognize these phrases used by Dr. Gene Scott, you haven’t listened to Brother Stair long.

Perhaps the reason Brother Stair doesn’t like Gene Scott is that he has patterned himself after Scott and here we see that Scott was granted with the title that Stair covets – or they the same father.

Dr. Scott has recorded over 40,000 hours of teaching. That comes out to a different message every minute 24/7/365 for 4.5+ years!

Brother Stair may have been around a while, and preached a lot – but he’s a piker when compared to Gene Scott – who is still the perennial shortwave religious broadcaster – something Brother Stair tried to take the credit for after Scott’s death thinking he would go off the air – which Scott didn’t.

Brother Stair’s 24/7 is 95% repeats.  Only 5% is new content.  Dr. Gene Scott has four and a half years of content.

If you were to take Scott’s preaching and repeat it to where you would not have any fresh content, you would still have 4.566 years of fresh material.

In the 12 years since Dr. Scott passed away, there would only be 22% repeats over that last 12 years – that’s with having 0% new content (as he’s passed away so he’s not making new content).

Meaning that in the 12 years since Dr. Scott passed, you would have only heard a repeat 1.5 times (essentially twice if you’re listening 24/7/365) – and that would have been something that you heard over four and a half years ago.  Can you say that for Brother Stair?  About hearing repeats?  Yes!  But that’s because Stair plays little things over and over like mind control. 

Though Bro Stair has been preaching for over 50 years he does not have years of fresh unrepeatable content and most of what content he has is the same old same old rehashed content.  You might sum up everything he’s ever said in a couple hours.  Wait, Bro Rick Bell did in one of his messages.

IMDb on God’s Angry Man (1981)

The documentary follows Gene Scott, famous televangelist involved with constant fights against FCC, who tried to shut down his TV show during the 1970’s and 1980’s, and even argues with his viewers, complaining about their lack of support by not sending enough money to keep going with the show. Werner Herzog presents the man, his thoughts and also includes some of his uncharacteristic programs.

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