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2019 marks 41 years since the tragedy at Jonestown Guyana in 1978 where we found a madman bent on fulfilling his own sexual pleasures and power trip – at any cost.  The cost was 909 physical souls.  The spiritual impact was far greater, as with all perverted cult leaders.  Those that managed to escape them still suffer trauma from false teachings and from what their pernicious ways left behind.


As we are at the anniversary of that tragic day in Church history,

Let us never forget how the false teachers and Elijah prophets come in…

*This program contains graphic language and graphic imagery.  Viewer discretion is advised.

Jonestown and Jim Jones – the profile of the modern-day false cults & their leaders.


“Never heard a man speak like this man before”

We’ve been hearing this same phrase used lately in the Overcomer Ministry services.


Most of these false leaders lose most of their followers in the end.  After they lure them away to some Wilderness where they are supposed to be safe.  Brother Stair has already lost over 99% of all of his souls in his over 50 years of ministry.  What does that tell us about his fruit? (Matthew 7:15-20)

Last Day Signs

Most of these Last Day Perverts are easy to identify in that outwardly they preach a soon-coming destruction and that only by hiding away with them will you ride it outInwardly they are ravening wolves, this is what you don’t see unless you’re close to them.  The inner sanctum who sees the treatment of their followers, and their sexual appetite, know these signs.

Some of them are confident enough to be bold about and outward about their perversions and it’s known and accepted.  Others, that could not gain a following based upon their true perversions hide their sexual perversions from their financial supporters and play the normal Christian role but act out their lusts upon their inner sanctum (Their Community) that has a limited ability to escape.  Jim Jones, David Koresh, Keith Raniere, and Neville Cooper – all are examples of sexual predators that gathered their followers into Communities to control them and ‘sex’ them.  Doesn’t Brother Stair also fit this same pattern?

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Another Great Sign that all these cult leaders are known for doing is that they exalt themselves above their followers and above all other ministers, and usually above God Himself.  They make themselves out to be some great one (Acts 8:9).

Sex Control

How Cult Leaders Use Sex to Control Followers

Some of these leaders tell us that we should not have children in this time or that we should restrain from sex.  They do this because they want to make the women sexually unfulfilled by their husbands so that when the leader comes along with his sexual advances, they are more inclined to give in.  This was Brother Stair’s known pattern.

Some control their followers by being the sole decider of who and when members can marry.  Thus giving them a reason to flirt (and more) with the women to promise them the man they want if they give the leader what they want – sexually.  Again, the pattern of Brother Stair.

Jesus told us, “by their fruits ye shall know them” (Matt 7:15-20), but it is important to realize that it is not only the evil fruits that bad fruit shows, but it also shows us that the root is evil.  This means that evil men have false doctrines and teachings – it is their foundation.  That is why their fruit is evil – thus this is what their evil fruit is showing us.  Do not be deceived by thinking that their teachings are valid but their actions are not.  Jesus gave us the fruit test to know what their root is (Mt 7:20).  “If the root be holy, so are the branches.” (Rom 11:16)

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So when we see unholy branches, fruit/works, then the root also is unholy.  We are instructed to test the spirits!

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