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Yesterday Bro Stair came on live to say that everything is current and he is live.  He gives the current day of 2020, Jan 23rd and pushes Passover 2020 Service more and more and that it’s coming up in a few weeks.  It’s actually a few months Brother Stair.  It’s 11 weeks, 11 is not a few.  Perhaps it is a few in Brother Stair speak since he has been saying things are at hand for decades now.  That his prophecies have come to pass or that they are about to be fulfilled… for over 30 years.

At least by saying (lying) that Passover is only a few weeks away, he will not have to update this interruption for the next 3 months.  Thus the lie will become lesser and lesser, thus making it right – right?  Remember this is the man of God that says, even if what I say is a lie, because I say it, it’s truth.

A Timely Lie

This everything is current announcement is enhancing the lie of the old messages that are on the Broadcast currentlyA Timely Truth will not be heard any time soon (of ever has) on the Overcomer Ministry Broadcast.  Think Bush’s martial law, America’s nuclear conflict in the 80s, Planet-X, Obama’s bombing the nation, Biological war-scare, Pope coming to Walterboro to meet Stair, Reagan dying in office, Jesus coming before 2000, to name but a few.  His audience that does not know about his present truth is then misled by his broadcasts of older material that suggests that he is walking in holiness and teaching righteousness, and has a thriving community and a vast radio outreach.  This is not the Brother Stair that we know and witness today. 

Realize that when a wicked man speaks what is right he perverts even what is right. 

The man is more than the message. ~Edwin L. Cole

A man must be more than his message to make his message valid.  It is the character and integrity of the man that makes his message true or false.  Not the message.  You have to be careful what you hear and who you hear it from.  Would you believe a word from someone you know who lies about everything?  Thus their message is invalid and not received because of their character.  They have perverted the message, no matter how true it may have been.  Evil men and seducers (identified by their getting worse and worse [2Tim 3:13-17]) do not sell you messages of truth.  No matter how much truth they sow into it.  Remember, the best lies are those that include the most truth.

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For years now, the only new material Bro Stair has is his few and far between interruptions for an upcoming Gathering or for financial pleas.  This time it’s the Passover service in Spring 2020.  Some think this lack of content is because his penis pills have messed up his mind so bad that he can rarely think clearly enough to talk on a subject anymore.  Since Brother Stair is under house arrest and confined as he says, and not cavorting about the countryside for sex, we would expect that he would have far more time to be in the Radio Room on the air and bringing us a timely word.  Perhaps there’s too much touching going on in the Radio Room (like Natosha told us about) and creeping around the Farm for sensual hugs which lead to further sexual exploits?  But from the mouth of the Prophet of Time we hear silence as to this current time that is upon us and we are far nearer to whatever he has claimed would have happened long ago.  Like Jesus returning before 2000

And yet, Bro Stair is unAble with all his technology and vast outreach to make use of it.  Since his house arrest and his present health issues (unless they are just a play to gain leniency in his trial), he is even now able (or unAble?) to broadcast from his house without going to the Radio Room.  He also set himself up to broadcast as he walks about the Farm.  He tried these out at first like a new toy but in feeding the dry flock he is not present.  A present truth?  All we hear is a word from the past that his works have declared invalid.  Past lies adding to the present lie.

Many Went Back

Brother Stair seems more interested in his interruptions in getting people to move to his Farm as he needs new brooms to blindly grind out his grain (Judges 16:21).  He and most of what’s left of his followers are old and getting unable to work the Farm.  The fruit of many leaving because of his fruit of sexual perversion that has been manifest and magnified since 2001 and in his being arrested and going to jail twice (in the last 20 years); is that many have gone back to Christ and left the Farm.

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Brother Stair would do well to remember all the times he’s been the leaver.  He left all the man he worked with.  He left all the Churches he pastored.  He’s left all those that were sent to him and forsaken them by letting them go and to not go looking for them as a true shepherd would (Lk 15:4).  And he’s left them in spirit, and further curses them.  This is the man who tells us all to leave.  Leave our Church, leave our family, leave our friends, leave our money.  It would be correct to say that Bro Stair’s ministry is a Ministry of Leaving.  It is the perennial ministry teaching leaving.  Why then does he demonize those who leave him who are striving for the Kingdom?  A Kingdom that they found Brother Stair was leading them away from.  This is why they went back and no longer walk with Brother Stair.  They returned to their first love – Jesus.

“You don’t drown by falling in the water; you drown by staying there.”
~Edwin Louis Cole

Unlike previous times throughout Brother Stair’s ministry when his revolving door ministry was hidden and working and thus he was able to replace his high turnover rate with fresh meat to work his Farm, and have a constant new flow of financial supporters.  Over the last two decades, Bro Stair has been fighting what the Internet has done; to expose his wickedness and keep most who would have previously been deceived away from him.  What was once an easy act of denouncing the leavers with scriptures such as many went back and condemning them before listeners, while thus making room for those elect listeners that will act fast and move.  It is not just this Internet that Bro Stair said how would have nothing to do with just months before he connected for the porn he heard was available on it.  But also those listening to his Sabbath Services witness his current spirit and even those who buy his message are now staying at arm’s length.  Thus this constant plea for warm bodies under the guise of a Gathering for Passover.

Because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily,
therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil.  (Ecc 8:11)

Send Us a Man

Too many are looking for someone to lead them (Mt 11:3;  1Jn 2:27).  So when a man comes claiming to be the Prophet of God, the Son of Man, the Voice of the God for the Last Days with the End Time message it is a high ideal to follow such an one.  For some, they want such a man; if he be a Prophet, a god, or the Devil – they will follow him.

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God has sent already us a Man.  There’s only one Man! (1Tim 2:5)  Keep your eyes on JesusNot Jerusalem, or the Prophet.  Jesus is our Author and our Perfecter (Heb 12:2).  Why look ye for another? (Mt 11:3)

But as for you, the anointing (the sacred appointment, the unction) which you received from Him abides [permanently] in you; [so] then you have no need that anyone should instruct you.  But just as His anointing teaches you concerning everything and is true and is no falsehood, so you must abide in (live in, never depart from) Him [being rooted in Him, knit to Him], just as [His anointing] has taught you [to do].  (1John 2:27 AMPC)

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