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The Many and the Few
Jesus, The Instigator of Blame
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Last Updated on May 5, 2019

The Many and the Few

This is something that is easy for any deceiver to play with and use because it can be applied any way they like.  To join something you have to leave something else, then also leaving that thing to go to something right you have to leave the other behind.  This is life.  Without this growth, there is not life.  Stagnation is death.

The Christian life is a succession of leaving and fleeing from evil in our lives and the things we find ourselves involved it once we find they are evil and contrary to the word and will of God. [Eph 5:11,  1Cor 5:11,  1Cor 10:14,  2Thes 3:6,  Rev 2:20]

The definition here is never the concentration upon what’s right and wrong but on the direction of leaving the bad for the good.

Jesus, The Instigator of Blame

Using Jesus’ name in vain, these deceivers associate themselves with Jesus to automatically make them the good man and that whatever they do is right and backed up by God Himself.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  You must, you are instructed, nay commanded, to test every man – especially if he calls himself a prophet  [Mt 7:15-20,  Rev 2:20]

Life Illustrated

In Pilgrims Progress, John Bunyon’s character Christian fled from his family and surroundings.  They all said he was wrong in going away but we know that his fleeing was right.  Likewise, Brother Stair uses the same fleeing to say that those who leave him are wrong.  Are they?

The answer is not in their fleeing and then to say that they left Jesus so that makes anyone leaving wrong.  No!  The answer lies in why they fled and what they fled from.

Flee fornication Paul said, for all other sins are not the same as sexual sins. [1Corinthians 6:18]

Pharoah’s Flunkie and Prophet

Many left Egypt under Moses.  Is, therefore, Moses the instigator of evil and thus become the deceiver of the people?  Even Brother Stair left all the many Churches he was involved with and started.  Likewise, Brother Stair says to his followers that they must flea many things – Churches, Doctors, TV, family, and friends. [Psalm 50:16-21]  Wouldn’t that make his followers wrong as this makes them leavers?  Brother Stair’s logic is not sound.  Someone has forgotten that Brother Stair is a man that epitomizes leaving?  Brother Stair has left everything he started or was a part of.  He is the ultimate leaver.

A Lot of Shaking Going On

Lot fled Sodom, by the force of an angel.  What he wrong to do so?  Was the angel wrong in making him leave?  Lots wife wanted to stay – and so she has, to this day, her body salts the land.  Was she right because she stayed?

Leavers or Rejected

After how many admonitions is the heretic rejected?  Or does he have entitlement?  Because he sure doesn’t have a moral compass.

This is the main reason that Brother Stair does not allow you to admonish him.  He stops the tally towards rejection.

Diotrephes cast them out of the church because he wants the preeminence among them  [3John 9-10].  Sound familiar?  This is how certain men deal with those who would hold them to God’s standard – they cast them out of their religious organizations.

The Biblical Word

The scriptures say more about commanding to flee than about staying.  As Christians, we are warned to be aware of what we are to flee from more than what we are to hold to.  [Eph 5:11,  1Cor 5:11,  1Cor 10:14,  2Thes 3:6,  Rev 2:20,  1John 5:21]

That sums this whole mess up!

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