Pentecost 2021


This year’s Pentecost 2021 celebration is taken from the false worldly churches book and is calculated from Easter. Following in the same false spirit of their leader who was always wrong on his Feast Days.

Pentecost Brother Stair

Last Updated on Sun November 13, 2022 @ 1:00 pm

Out of the silence of the second block of repeated loops since the Prophet passed, we are minced out a small bit of information from the Overcomer Ministry – a 6 1/2 minute interruption.  Only because it benefits them.  They need to appear that they are continuing on and probably need some summer help on the Farm.

Still not offering information about the greater than Jesus, the Voice of God and Prophet of the Most High, Messenger of the Covenant, and the Comforter of God’s people.  We (or they) are still left in the dark about their Moses.  Apparently, like Moses Brother Stair was buried in a secret place so no one could go and defile his grave.

They draw nigh that follow after mischief:
they are far from thy law

(Psalm 119:150)

Announcement #4

We are invited to come and join the Community that Brother Stair proudly proclaimed that no man durst join himself to (Acts 5:13).  Another Gathering has been planned so that you can come and see how the spirit of the worldly church system is still alive and well at the Overcomer Ministry.  Brother Stair operated his ministry just as the false churches do – with a hierarchy – himself.  He just masked it as God-ordained and then placed himself in the ordained position – that’s convenient.  Acts 8:9


Taking its cues from the false church system, the Overcomer Ministry is celebrating Pentecost in like fashion – on the 7th Sunday from Easter.  Have they come so far so fast?  Have we now gone to Sunday Services?

The new announcement has Alexander Scourby reading some scriptures in the open and close, some surreal background music, and some Brothers reading some scriptures from Revelation [all at different (too low) levels – we fixed the mix for you so that you can actually hear it].  The Brothers are reading scriptures that have nothing to do with Pentecost but with those who overcome.  Which is something that only those who have fled from the ministry called the Overcomer have done.

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Brother Brown, who became the announcement voice of the Overcomer, is absent from this piece but Dennis (the Overcomer President and pimp to the prophet) finally gets his chance at the mic.

Sheep Without

This overcome reference is pushed to give an air of validity and justification to the ministry that stole the name.  The actual manifestation and fruit of this Overcomer Ministry has shown us that it is fulfilling Revelation 13:7 in overcoming the saints.  It is so sad that the potential of the ministry, which was destroyed by Brother Stair’s evil works, is still carrying on in the evil spirits that inhabited him. 

They immediately rejected the restoration of the body and continue in the darkness and hiding that Brother Stair was so well known for.  Though Brother Stair was a Wizzard at masking it, mostly by his interruptions of railing and scalding his own house on the air.

What we have today is sheep without a shepherd – even though their shepherd was a devouring wolf, he still managed to keep them herded so that those on the outside thought they were a normal flock.  Not that these sheep were fed by Bro Stair (John 21:15-17).  No, they have always been to feed off of – to feed the wolf.  This is what the witness of the devoured 99% shows us as the fruit of this ministry (Matt 7:15-20).

He that Hath an Ear

The Spirit says unto the churches that we are to Test the Spirits (1John 4:1).  Following in the same false spirit of their leader who was always wrong on his Feast Days.  This year’s Pentecost 2021 celebration is taken from the false worldly churches book and is calculated from Easter.  Therefore it falls on a Sunday – as now celebrated by Brother Stair’s Overcomer.

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The true Pentecost for 2021 is on May 17th, a Monday.  Why?  Because Pentecost is 50 days after Passover – not pagan Easter.  Count the Omer.  It’s always on the 6th of Sivan, the third month.  It’s not rocket science but apparently it’s outside the realm of the Spirit for the Overcomers to even Google it.  This was a standard error for Brother Stair.  Likewise, his followers are under the same spirit of error.

What does this spell, again?  What fruit are we being shown?  They are again missing the time. Realize that any expectation of the Spirit falling with fire will have been missed by a week.  Imagine that, the ministry of time, the ministry that was to declare to the elect what time it is, that ministry has shown over and over that it is in error on simple times.  How then was Brother Stair ever going to tell you spiritual times (Luke 16:12;  2Tim 2:21)?

They draw nigh that follow after mischief:
they are far from thy law

(Psalm 119:150)

Previous Announcements and current happenings are covered in the articles Passover 2021, Overcomer Ministry in Disarray, and Overcomer Ministry in Confusion.


12 thoughts on “Pentecost 2021

  1. The saga gets more strange. Without trying to look back here what I briefly read here, was Ralph Stair buried in a place nobody knows about? That’s strange.

    Also, I must look at this in the eyes of the United States Law and The Constitution, not so much the Ways of Religious Beliefs because the United States has different people with different view points on Religion.

    Until they are found breaking The Law of the Land (or Radical Politicians like AOC and her Socialist Squad, The Progressives in Congress) are successful shutting down our Free Rights as Citizens of the United States, the Men, or Board of Directors running the Overcomer Ministry, have the right to “Freedom of Speech and Religion”. It’s like we can’t force any of them to take the COVID-19 Shot.

    Some of you may not like what I’ve said, but it’s The Law. Any Attorney would say this.

  2. I came back to see if anything was going on down there on the Overcomer Ministry Farm. I have heard them briefly speak about the Pentecost Services and for folks to call ahead if they plan to come and need a place to stay.

    My Editorial:

    We’ll in the Mainstream News, Caitlin Jenner, a transgender who was Bruce Jenner, is now running for Governor of California. To bad R.G Stair didn’t live to speak on this, but will one of the Saints at the Overcomer Ministry speak on it? Perhaps, as Jenner in a Political Ad has said that if elected, she (HA!) would make sure Churches and Preachers were promoted. I don’t think God is liking this to well. Jenner is running on the Republican Ticket in California. Oh well, time will tell as Brother Stair warn us of this happening to bring us to the end time.

  3. Friday, May 7th, We’ll, as I have a birthday today, I’m not doing anything.

    I was wondering what this Saturday they are going to do about the Sabbath tomorrow. I listened last night into past 12 AM and it was some past recordings of Brother Stair in the radio room.

    I’m still of the opinion like I have discussed with other shortwave listeners that I think there are enough “Brother Stair Recordings” in the radio room to go on for a long time to come.

    While I wish those who remain on the farm all the best and God looks over them, between now and the end of October will be filled with questions on who is going to lead the ministry, like a President/CEO, perhaps. Who will be the next to take the reigns, I still think Pastor Rice will because I think Brother Stair made it sort of clear on the radio that. Pastor Rice is a very good speaker.

    Sell that property in Henrietta, Oklahoma and move to the Overcomer, as I heard Brother Stair told Pastor Rice over the radio. I think there was a interested buyer.

    1. This would be more appropriate to be posted in the Forum as it has nothing to do with this Pentecost article that I can see.

  4. Pentecost is 50 days from Pascha. The pagan “Easter” name is merely an Anglo-Germanic goddess who had a feast around the very same time, so as the pagan remnants of Northern Europe converted, their name stuck in the English language, which is the one we speak here. It’s nothing more than that. Pentecost is 50 days after Resurrection Day (Pascha). The fact that we still, anachronistically and incorrectly, refer to this day as “Easter” has no relevance at all. Please take no offence and silently consider this.

    1. I’m not going to comment on this because it’s a area that I’ve never studied. I just know what the Protestant and the Catholic Churches say in the United States (for those of you that maybe posting outside of the U.S.A). I have never traveled anywhere outside the United States, I’ve never been to Canada. No reason to.

      As far as the people on the Overcomer Ministry Farm, l have no comment to say on this Pentecost or Feast Days, this observance they are having this month. They do have the right to Freedom of Religion in the United States of America, as long as they are not breaking any the Government’s Laws. I don’t care to hear it’s Satanic, It’s false teachings of Ralph Stair, Nor, it’s not what God says in the Bible.

      I’ll need to consult my Pastor, who is Southern Baptist, who is a supports the Republican Side of American Politics. I am not a Registered Republican. I vote what is right in my heart for my Community, and the United States of America. I exercise My Freedoms in the United States Constitution. On this date I am posting, Our Pastor married me and my wife 15 years ago. You men or women have at it.

  5. I did listen to them late last night into early this morning. Of course, it’s automated, but it sounds like what they have done have picked and chosed bits and pieces of things Ralph Stair has said in the past, edited them down, and playing alot of music around these parts.

    I can tell because Ralp Stair would never allowed them to do on the air what is taking place now. We’ll. it’s The Board’s decision. I’m surprised that they waited until Ralph Stair was gone to take full control and make a “Format Change”. Not as fun to listen to anymore.

      1. @admin-rgstair Sorry about that. I post from my Smartphone. This site is WordPress and I think WordPress doesn’t come up correctly on some Android Smartphones. That maybe my problem. I know other sites developed by WordPress. One of the I use that has tons of ads in it is a real disaster.

  6. Tomorrow is May 23rd. I guess, if I am right, they are going to have their Pentecost Service Tomorrow. Of course, I’m not much interested anyhow, as long as they don’t break no laws, let them do what they want.

    I’m not being Sarcastic, but I can go to Southern Baptist or a Catholic Mass. My Mother is from New York, Italian. Mt father was Nazarere, met my mother when he was in the Military. They had a understanding about Religion. The young man from the Nazarene Church that did the eulogy at my Dad’s funeral in 2007 couldn’t understand why I was Southern Baptist, but he knew not to start a debate with me because I would have thrown up the United States Constitution at him.

    I don’t bash what religion others prefer, as long as they are not breaking the law, something I sometimes feel some other who are posting on these R G. Stair forums don’t want to understand or have any respect.

  7. This is Monday Morning, April 24th. Were there any Pentecost Services broadcasted today on The Overcomer Ministry Website?

    With my Smartphone, I just briefly checked in and out. All I heard was past recordings of Brother Stair in I assume Sabbath Services. I was just wondering if they did broadcast this who preached the Pentecost Services, and how they held up without Brother Stair.

    No bashing or negative talk on my end against the people on the Overcomer Ministry Farm. I don’t really care what they believe. They have “Rights” in the United States until Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) and “The Squad” in The U.S. Congress, in The House of Representatives in Washington, D.C., are successful in taking away our Rights in “Freedoms of Speech and Religion” away from All United States Citizens. This includes Brother Stan, and Everyone who post on this website and the Readers of the postings.

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