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Having the push for Passover 2021 already in full swing, Brother Stair is again getting a headstart to get new brooms into his Farm for the spring 2021 work.  He says, “I think every Christian in America should strive to make their way to gather with us here in South Carolina over that period of time.” [2021.02.19.0715.PrayerTime]

Brother Stair says that Jesus is not coming at any time but at an appointed time.  Prophet Stair then proceeds to appoint the time.  We talked about this in-depth in Is Jesus Coming in 2021?  In fact, Brother Stair is reiterating that this could be our very last one” (Passover) because Jesus is coming this year.  This will of course change once we get past the Fall Feasts and Jesus hasn’t come.  Though we don’t need to go that far to know if Jesus is coming this year [2021] if we are to believe the Prophet. 

As we covered in a list in Is Jesus Coming in 2021? Brother Stair will have to die Passover 2021 for Jesus to come in September 2021 – according to Prophet Stair.  Followers of Brother Stair have no reason to think that we should expect Jesus to return in 2021 if Bro Stair doesn’t die around Passover.

In the fall of 2020, Brother Star said that Jesus is not coming this year [2020].  This was based solely on his supposition that Jesus is coming in a year when all the Feast Days fall in the same month.  This is the time Brother Stair has appointed for Jesus to return.  The month of September is his popular month for this but what the Prophet fails to realize is that all the Fall Feasts always fall in the same month – in the Jewish calendar.  Which is the calendar that matters to God.  Though he was wrong about the Feasts in 2020, likely because he’s always wrong on the dates he keeps the Feasts, as they all were in the month of September in 2020.

So Brother Stair’s ever-present pushing of the nearness of the time of Christ’s return, being “even at the door” is not one that is in line with his own revelations of his people’s lack of readiness.  Nor what he has declared to be fulfilled first, as listed in Is Jesus Coming in 2021?  Thus Brother Stair is either lying, intentionally misleading us, or under a strong delusion because of his wandering from the truth due to his having pleasure in unrighteousness (2 Thessalonians 2:10-12).  Why would he be pushing the soon return of Jesus when he’s constantly identifying what would prevent this from this being so?

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Then there’s the matter that Brother Stair has no intention of walking without sin.  Now that he is divorced from his last wife he made the statement that I’m certainly not going to be celibate.  And certainly, he’s not.  He boasts of having another man’s wife living with him and caring for him.  He brags in the Dining Hall that I have more sex than everyone else on the Farm.  This is adultery sex (and sodomy) that he is engaging in freely – without any qualms that he should even repent thereof.  This is the same Brother Stair that tells us that if you’re in sin when Jesus returns that you’re damned. 

So there we have Two Witnesses against Jesus coming anytime soon.  Brother Stair’s own house is not ready, and his own flesh is in gross sexual sin.  Why then does he preach the imminent return of Christ out of one side of his tongue and on the other the ever continuous proclamation that You’re not ready, as he likewise walks in gross sin and is not ready?

Monumental Passover

2021’s Passover Feast Gathering will be a monumental one as Brother Stair has proclaimed that Jesus has to come this year (in September) or He’s not coming for 11 more years – which would be 2032 when Brother Stair is 99 years old.  This is another one of Brother Stair’s appointing the appointed time for Jesus to return.  Bro Stair hopes Jesus is paying attention and doesn’t mess up Brother Stair’s timing – as Jesus has done before.

It’s going to be a hard sell to push Jesus’ return out to 2032 as the whole urgency sell is what keeps people hanging on – even when they know better.  But since this word on the 11 more years came from a woman in the congregation (which is where most words emanate from these days, since the men are few) then he can squeak out by saying he didn’t say it.  And thus advance the day somehow.  By some revelation, you can be sure.

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All this will still be done (as it always has) without any consideration for the events that must take place before Jesus returns.  See the article Is Jesus Coming in 2021? for some of the things that Brother Stair himself says must take place.  Yet most of these seem to have no bearing on inducing urgency in his hearers in the effort to get them into his Farm as workers (remember the working men are few) and sex slaves (for lack of a better word).

Since Brother Stair claims to be one (or both) of these Two Witnesses, why would we (or he) think Jesus is returning without seeing Brother Stair testifying in Jerusalem in sackcloth for three and a half years (Rev 11:3)?  While it is true that Brother Stair claims to be a prophet and he certainly does torment them that dwelt on the earth (Rev 11:10).  What else can we see being fulfilled here in Brother Stair?  So why are we so quick to buy what he’s selling all these decades?  Why would we even entertain Jesus coming in 2021? 

The Revelation Revelation

Yes, we must realize that Brother Stair tells us that “Revelation comes after the matter”.  And this is taught so as to teach a sooner return of Christ– it might just sneak up on you – like a thief.  Brother Stair tells us this because (wait for it) nobody knows what time we’re in, we may be right at the end.  Yes, the man who mocks nobody knows actually teaches nobody knowsnot even him at this time.  He teaches that nobody but he knows.  Hello nobody (1John 2:27).

So, this non-revelation revelation is no longer revelation – it’s hindsight.  That’s not even close to bearing truth to those words – they’re the opposite.  So we get the Antichrist revealed to us after he’s already known.  Perhaps after he’s already marked us?  Lot of good that did us waiting on a prophet to reveal it to us.  Why did the Bible ever bother giving us a day count on the Tribulation? 

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That’s a waste of time because when the prophet reveals to us we’re in the Tribulation we won’t know where the day count is at.  Unless of course, he tells us then.  Which begs the question, if you know when it started, then why didn’t you know when it started when it started?  Lots of good it did for God to go through the trouble of including the day count for us.

Now we’re back to getting out our calculators.  This is what the prophet was against us doing to identify the Antichrist (by the way, the Antichrist is not mentioned in Revelation.  We mention that in case you’ve been misled by someone otherwise).  Which is the way the Bible tells us he is identified – not by revelation but by calculation Here is wisdom.  Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast (Rev 13:18  NKJV, NASB, AMP, NIV).  Well, who needs wisdom when you have The Great Prophet of God

Perhaps that wisdom would be good for letting us know that John (the same John that does speak of antichrist in the Bible) doesn’t speak of Antichrist in his book of Revelation.  He’s talking about the Beast, not the Antichrist.  John does know the word, he spoke more on antichrist than anyone else in his epistles.  Something for you to think about as we have many men leading us astray with their teachings today.

The End of the Matter?

For decades, all things Brother Stair have continued as they were (2Peter 3:4).  We witness this in his teachings that put-off Christ’s coming after his dates fail.  In his lifestyle of continuing in sin.  In his mocking and slandering of God’s people.  In his tearing down and destroying the Body of Christ. 

The only things that change with Brother Stair are in his waxing worse and worse.  This is his fruit wherewith the Bible identifies him as an evil man, a seducer, and a deceiverBut evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived (2 Timothy 3:13;  Matt 7:15-20).

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