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Brother Stair
Phone Messages #10

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This segment of calls opens with Brother Best still believing what Brother Stair saidunlike what Pastor Rice and the Overcomer have now stated – as such Jesus is coming this month.  At least we can give him credit for holding to what Brother Stair saidunlike the current Overcomer Ministry.  Brother Best even gives us a list of witnesses to back his beliefs – even if they are based solely upon things that Brother Stair stated and not scriptures.  Which will go further to soon cement Brother Stair as a true or a false prophet.

This is amazing, that even though Brother Stair died in the proper timeframe for his death 6-months before Jesus returns (i.e.: at Passover) to fit into his prophecy of the coming of Jesus at the Fall Feasts.  Which is still in play.  Why then does his own ministry not back him up on this?  Is it because they actually realize that all the other things that he said that must take place first have no way of happening

Then why do they not realize that he is a false prophet and be done with him?  Why are they still hanging on trying to milk as much as they can out of a man that they no longer believe to be factual – only to be taken spiritually – as with a grain of salt?  So now, we wrestle not against spiritual meanings but against the flesh and blood of the son of man Brother Stair’s teachings of physical manifestation (see Eph 6:12). 

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Perhaps you see now that the Overcomer Ministry does not listen to the Brother Stair that they are airing.  If they did they might remember his saying “If you don’t believe this prophet then you won’t believe that Jesus is coming back again.”  Did he lie?  They are not believing that prophet – perhaps that’s why they are not believing Jesus is coming back as that prophet said.  So why do they string the listeners on, pretending as though they believe Brother Stair when they now clearly don’t?


Brother Best states that according to Brother Stair’s words, he’s looking for Jesus this month, in Jerusalem”.  He provides what he sees as many witnesses that make this so.

Another caller says ‘No sad faces here’ yet we witness (even in him) the forlorn sadness from the callers.  As if the shock of what Pastor Rice stated Tuesday has unsettled them even further than their bewilderment from the lack of manifestation of Brother Stair’s prophecies.  This reluctant statement to inform listeners of their position on Brother Stair comes five months after Pastor Rice shut down any information going out over Prayer Time.  Information suppression is preferred over informing us of the present truth.

A caller tells of his following Herbert W. Armstrong and then turning to Brother Stair – which was a short step because they are both birds of the same feather.  This caller also reiterates the false teaching that a prophet’s reward is revelation from God.  This was propagated by Brother Stair and is either parroted by this caller or possibly gotten from Herbert W. Armstrong.  Armstrong was one of many that Brother Stair mimicked and got many of his false teachings from – like his Keep Your Eyes on Jerusalem which came from H.W. Armstrong’s magazine.

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A prophet’s job is to reveal truth, it’s not his reward.  The prophets that perpetrate this do so to sell you a benefit that only those who accept them can get this revelation reward.  This is the marketing trick (think “they merchandise you 2Peter 2:3) that is called exclusivity.  The two greatest marking tricks used by salesmen (which these shysters are) to persuade people are exclusivity and scarcity.  Think about that in relation to everything Brother Stair did in his ministry.

There are still callers addressing Brother Stair thinking he’s still alive.  Due to the lack of timely revelation brought about by the broadcast of the prophet of time giving you a timely word.


What we have here is a clear case of a prophet (and now his underlings) making this people trust in a lie.  The listeners have the lie Brother Stair made them trust in.  The Overcomer now has another lie that they are trusting in from Pastor James Rice.  “The Lord has not sent you, and you have made this people trust in a lie” (Jeremiah 28:15  NASB).


17 phone calls this week.

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3 thoughts on “Phone Messages #10

  1. The Overcomer Ministry is Identical to Saul going to the Witch of Endor to Seek out Samuel. They continue to allow people to talk to The Dead man Rg Stair. It’s not going to get any better for these Perverters of God’s Word !!!

    1. They not only allow their listeners to speak to the dead. They themselves have now relegated Brother Stair to an ethereal spirit status, like he’s some Hindu god. They no longer need to take his words as factual to come to pass but only that they be gleaned for their proverbial merit. Thus it matters not what he actually said.

      It’s like saying he’s not really a prophet of God that must have his every word come to pass. They don’t even realize the massive confusion they are under with that delusion. It’s a strong one. But hey, God gave it to them so they want to ride it out.

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