Phone Messages #16

Sweet 16 Phone Calls
Brother R.G. Stair
Brother R.G. Stair
Phone Messages #16

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This week we have 22 phone calls for almost 22 minutes.  Massively magnifying the confusion that the Overcomer Ministery is putting out – wholesale.

“This is a bad one, the worst yet.” -Bryant, Blade Runner

The weeks since Brother Stair’s failed coming of Jesus six months after his death, which would have been October 4th, have magnified the confusion not only in the broadcast coming out of the Overcomer but also in its listeners who are being confused thereby.  We witness this week not only the uncertainty and delusion that is in the listeners who are witless to know what is currently going on with the ministry or the world but also the confusion that the broadcast is instilling in its listeners by the material chosen to air which is deceiving and the subverting the hearers thereof (2Tim 2:14;  Matt 24:24;  James 1:22) into thinking Brother Stair is offering a book and asking for radio checks.  Good luck getting any books out of the Overcomer.  Those materials have been long gone as they are brought in and milked out for the express purpose of merchandising listeners – as the current regime is now doing.

The Pulpit Commentary says this of Matthew 24:24False Christs He shows the nature of the dangers to which believers will be subject.  He does not confine his view to Jewish history; he foretells the appearance of pretenders who shall assume the part of Christ, and blasphemously assert that they are MessiahFalse prophets Without assuming the name of Christ, many impostors shall be found who, professing to be inspired or lawful teachers, shall lead hearers into false doctrine, or claim to possess a new revelation, or something additional and supplemental to the eternal gospel.  Such was Mohammed; such were the founders of Buddhism, Mormonism, and other so called religions, who based their views on special revelation given from heaven for the purpose of improving the existing faith or introducing a new one.”

That so well puts into place the man Brother Stair.  Showing how clearly that he fulfills Jesus’ warning in Matthew 24 by his own admissions to fulfilling the requirements set forth by Jesus.

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As for the phone calls, they are served up a doozy, revealing the depth of confusion that such a ministry has instilled into the hearers thereof (2Tim 2:14;  1Cor 14:33).  This could be a long discourse on the errors thereof (longer than the last one) but we have chosen to just give a short outline.

8 callers are asking for materials and book offers.  Under the delusion that they are going to get something from a radio check to a dead prophet.

4 callers address Brother Stair

6 callers address Pastor Rice – who isn’t there.  Even his announcement has been replaced by another voice.  Brother Chris at the River (whom Brother Stair cast out) is aired while we hear nothing of Pastor Rice.  Hmmm.

3 callers are waiting on Jesus to soon come as they still think that because Brother Stair died that the hammer has fallen and Jesus is going to come Imminently.  That was the word the Overcomer used on their website after Bro Stair passed.  Thus the word of God has no bearing on the matter.  No Two Witnesses, no seals, trumpets, or bowls (vials), and no final three Thunders revealed.  Only the 6-month passing of Prophet Brother Stair is now needed.

1 even mentions Sister Stair – who left Brother Stair over his serial adultery and divorced him long ago.

2 Sisters tell long stories about their life events.  Something Brother Stair would have never aired or if he did it would have been followed by a rebuke.

11 give radio checks.

1 gives out messages of encouragement to the listeners.  At least they are saying something while the Overcomer isn’t.

Brother in Switzerland calls pleading again for help as he waits, he needs them to say something and no one cares for the poor brother to help him with a timely word that he pleads for week after week.  So sad.  It’s time to change the dial Brother Peter.  No present truth at the Overcomer Ministry – same as it ever was.  Good news Brother, As for you, the anointing which you received from Him abides in you, and you have no need for anyone to teach you; but as His anointing teaches you about all things, and is true and is not a lie, and just as it has taught you, you abide in Him (1John 2:27  NASB95).  Abide in Him Brother Peter – not in him (Brother Stair).

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9 ask for prayer.

1 listens all the time.


Please pray for these deceived remembering that there are many more that never call.  Abide in Christ saints! (John 15)

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  1. Diane Johnson between minute 7- 8 prayed for Pastor Rice. She said she knows he’s in a difficult situation and prays he’ll be able to preach soon. I think I remember her leaving a previous message saying she would attend the fall feast awhile back on one of these phone messages made available. Perhaps she’s in touch with someone there from her visit and heard from them. I don’t know how she would have information otherwise.

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