Fire From Heaven

James Tongue Fire

Brother Stair long prophecied that when the authorities (or whoever) came for his people on the Farm that he would protect us and, like Elijah, he would call down fire from heaven and devour them.

Not only has this prophecy failed with his death, leaving the Farm vulnerable without his protection.  Every one of its manifestations turned out to be the opposite of what Brother Stair had prophecied.

In 2017 when the FBI, Homeland Security, and the Sheriff’s office raided the Farm looking for Bro Stair to take him away – not the others.  Because of Bro Stair, his people were interrogated after he was hauled off to jail.  Fire did indeed come down from heaven as they dropped in from helicopters, but it devoured Bro Stair and his Community.

Even more revealing the false protector of his people in this incident; Bro Stair was in hiding over the weekend thinking they were coming for him only to arrive back on the Farm the day of the big event.  This tells us that he fled (something that he condemns all others for doing) and that he would knowingly not be there to protect his people – in his effort to save his own flesh.  Which would have also knowingly made their lives worse as a manhunt would have been on throughout all their houses.

So much for our protector.  So much for fire from the prophet.  The fire that fell from heaven was God’s.  In the form of His sword – law enforcement (Rom 13:2-4).  Bro Stair would later blame this same sword of the Lord for his problems.  Not submitting to the righteousness of God, and going about to establish their own righteousness (Rom 10:3).

Since the 90s Bro Stair would preach that when they came that they would be looking for the one with the spirit of antichrist on them, and take them away.  Let’s, as Brother Stair liked to say, put God it this.  When the FBI raided the Farm, it was only Bro Stair that they tookthe one with the spirit of antichrist on him.