Christianity Will Not Endure After My Death

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“There ain’t no way Christianity is going to endure on this earth after my death.  I’m the one reminder to all of you that Christ is alive and He’s coming again.”

Let’s not forget that he also said “If Jesus doesn’t come then [before 2000] Christianity as we know it will cease to exist.”  Probably because he taught “You know you can’t run your life without the prophet.  The Prophet represents God in your midst.” (Bro Stair, 2020.09.19)

This teaching shows that Brother Stair did not believe in the Holy Ghost or the Word of God.  He was the Great One that held it all together (Acts 8:9-10).  We can see from this he was taking the place of Christ when he says I’m the one reminder to all of you that Christ is alive.  Here he has denied the Holy Spirit within us, also showing us that he himself knows not the Holy Spirit or His workings.

This went with his teaching that he was standing in His stead, the Greater Than Jesus.  He follows this with He’s coming again, which shows us why his grave marker states I shall return’In his final years, he believed and taught that he was Christ and in his final statement, he (and his followers) proclaim that he is the Returning Christ.

Take this teaching in light of Brother Stair’s untimely natural death, and his failed prophecy teaching that Jesus would return within six months thereof, and realize that Brother Stair is telling us that those remaining were not Christians – he was the last Christian

You must realize that when he says no way Christianity is going to endure… after my death, that he believed and is teaching that those remaining after his death were not going to remain Christians.  He was the last Christian.  This was because he was the one reminder to ALL that Christ is alive and coming again.  Without Brother Stair alive to guide us we have no hope, no way of knowing Christ, or to continue to believe that Jesus is returning

Brother Stair did not believe that his people knew Jesus for themselves and would quickly fall away without him.  This consequently means that Brother Stair taught that he was their only means of salvation – not Jesus.  He gave many other statements that confirm this – some stated above.  So if you’re following Brother Stair and think you’re a Christian – you’re deceived – he told you so himself if dare you’d listen to the prophet (Audio Clip).

A false witness will perish, and whoever listens to him will be destroyed forever  (Pr 21:28 NIV78).