Christianity Will Not Endure After My Death

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“There ain’t no way Christianity is going to endure on this earth after my death.  I’m the one reminder to all of you that Christ is alive and He’s coming again.”

Let’s not forget that he also said “If Jesus doesn’t come then [before 2000] Christianity as we know it will cease to exist.”  Probably because “You know you can’t run your life without the prophet.  The Prophet represents God in your midst.” (Bro Stair, 2020.09.19)

From this teaching, Brother Stair did not believe in the Holy Ghost or the Word of God.  He was the Great One that held it all together (Acts 8:9).  We can see from this his taking the place of Christ when he says I’m the one reminder to all of you that Christ is alive.  This went with his teaching that he was standing in His stead, the Greater Than Jesus.  He follows this with He’s coming again, this shows us why his grave marker states I shall return.  He believed (and taught) that he was Christ and in his final statement, he (and his taught followers) proclaim that he is the Returning Christ.