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[This article was written 2 days before Brother Stair died]

Brother Stair has used his 2021 Passover Gathering week (or turned it into) a coming to witness the passing of the Prophet from off the scene.  For the first few days of his Gathering, he preached and showed that he was about to die in front of us – as can be witnessed in the Services.  Then, in his inability to even get to the Tabernacle, he just stopped having Services.  Rather than having one of the many capable Brothers preach, he just left us all in a lurch wondering when the next service would be – or not. 

Apparently, Passover Services were not as important as his pre-Passover pleas were making it out to be – at least not for feeding the sheep (John 21:15-17).  It shows how the events of the prophet are more important than the events of Passover.  We saw that it was more about gathering people to the Farm than it was about having them come to celebrate the Passover.

[UPDATE: See The Last Day of the Last Day Prophet]

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Passing Out at Passover

Brother Stair now has medical attention in his home via Home Health Care.  Who, by his own admission, was at first fearful to assist because of his sexual crimes – fearing that he might rape or molest them – because that is what he is currently awaiting trial for, again.  They now have him on oxygen.  It seems you’re commanded (by God) to not go to the Doctors but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have them come to you – apparently – or at least if you’re The Prophet.  They may even have him on a morphine drip soon.

Are we to witness the demise of the Last Day Prophet of GodThe passing away of Brother Stair without him paying for his crimes – I mean, fulfilling his prophecies?  Unless he gets some serious medical attention soon, like getting a stint to where he would feel 40 years younger, or his god gives him a resurgence and resurrects him.  Then we are close to the end of the road for Brother Stair, and Brother Phil will be digging him a watery grave next to the many that have died there.  He talks like this is his end and is expecting his soon death.  But he has talked like that many times before over the past 20 years, and every time his age catches up to him.

His problems are most likely magnified because of his (well-known) use of over-the-counter (mail-order) male enhancement drugs – his penis pills (or vitamins’ as he calls them to justify them).  Seems he forgot God told the wicked to not lift up the horn (Ps 75:4-5, 8-10).  Not that he’s got a wife to need them for, they’ve all divorced him over his serial adultery.  The penis vitamins are needed for all the hugging and smooching apparently.  Or is there more than hugging and touching going on?  It’s very obvious. Don’t overlook it.

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At the time he traded the side effects for presently enjoying the pleasures of sin in the flesh (Gal 5:19-21;  Heb 11:25;  Rom 8:8;  2Thes 2:11-12).  Now perhaps the side effects have caught up to him, or the final manifestations of syphilis or his various venereal diseases (which he has passed on to some sisters).  Or are the worms eating up his flesh (Acts 12:21-23)?  This Herod has been calling himself the voice of God, the Bible, the Scriptures, God in your midst, and greater than Jesus.  Those verses clearly define Brother Stair and his Overcomer MinistryDon’t overlook the many more titles he has lavished upon himself.

And upon a set day Herod, arrayed in royal apparel, sat upon his throne, and made an oration unto them.  And the people gave a shout, saying, It is the voice of a god [the Voice of The Last Day Prophet of God], and not of a man [“I’m more than a man“].  And immediately the angel of the Lord smote him, because he gave not God the glory: and he was eaten of worms, and gave up the ghost.
(Acts 12:21-23).

An Unprepared People

What his soon passing would witness to the world is that; here is a man that did not fulfill what he said God told him to do.  He has in no way prepared a people or even his own house for Jesus’ Coming – this is evidenced by his own weekly testimony.  Nor has he revealed to us the Antichrist, the last three Thunders, when/where we are in the Tribulation, who the Two Witnesses are, when are America’s last 40 Days, the $10 million for Radio for the Final Push outreach, the Gathering of 1,000 at the Farm with great healings, and so many more things that he said must take place by his mouth.

Perhaps most importantly, his meeting with the Pope is to be when his death is to take place, by beheading – and his finger healed when he points it at the Pope in judgment.

If even one of these things fails to come to pass it would make his whole ministry a failure, a farce, and a hypocritical lie.  This is what he teaches and stands behind.  So if he really is the Prophet of God that he has been proclaiming all these decades, then these things must take place and be revealed before his death.  Otherwise, we have believed in vain.  And his preaching has all been in vain and a lie.  He would end indeed the false prophet he fears being.  His followers have been deceived.

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This is absolutely stated very clear by Brother Stair in this clip where he says that if I die naturally I’ve been a liar and you’re going to go to Hell because you believed a lie!


Take a look at the partial list given in Is Jesus Coming in 2021 to jog your memory on some of the things the Prophet has told us that have yet to happen.  Don’t forget he’s also got to hand Jesus back His title of Son of Man when He returns.

Seventh Angel Sign Silent

What should be most apparent in this is that the Prophet of Time.  The one man who is to reveal to us the times.  The one man on the face of the Earth who is here to tell God’s people what they are to do in these Last Days.  The man who is to reveal to us the last of the Seven Thunders, the identity of the Antichrist, …  This man has been silent.  The broadcast is of old insignificant out-of-date material.  Nothing helping God’s people in these troubled times.  Nothing even about the health and welfare of the Prophet.  All this, while he yet liveth.

This really magnifies the sign of the confusion of this ministry and its inability to prepare or lead God’s people.  It’s no wonder they’re not saved (again, his words).  We see how the focus has never been on God’s people or getting them prepared.  It has always been about the Prophet.  The well-being of the sheep is cast aside for the benefit of the Prophet.  Philippians 2:3-4 has never been on his plate.  Let nothing be done through strife or vainglory; but in lowliness of mind let each esteem other better than themselves.  Look not every man on his own things, but every man also on the things of others (Phil 2:3-4).

The hallmark of his ministry has been in opposition to that verse (and many others).  His ministry is summed up in “the sign must be magnified.  This is the ministry of magnifying Brother Stair at the expense of all others.  The broadcast still shows us with its current airings of old recordings of a strong-sounding prophet preaching.  Albeit with Brother Terry interjected every 20 minutes praising/worshiping the Prophet – either to remind Brother Stair (who isn’t likely listening) or to keep Brother Terry from leaving this man that he has had to cover up for, for over two decades. 

You have to ask yourself in the end, what use has this ministry been to my life?  How has anything from it benefited me spiritually?  We have long been told that if you don’t hear this prophet then you will be cut off (Acts 3:23).  Now it appears the prophet is cut off (Ps 75:10).  What is it we were to hear?  What good did it do us to hear it?  This would be the time to ask those questions before we are so far under a strong delusion that we cannot escape – and are thus damned by the very thing we trusted to save us (2Thes 2:11-12).

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Remember, even Brother Stair declared our damnation if he turns out to be wrong; if he doesn’t die right – as his death being the sign in all the glory and details he’s long told us about.  I wouldn’t take comfort in the fact that we’ll be together in Hell with Brother Stair, as he states.

Epithet Sign

Please pray for Brother Stair to recover and revive from his illness.  We don’t want to see the death of Brother R. G. Stair and his fast track splitting Hell wide open.  We hope for his full repentance and acknowledgment of his sins, and his sin of making himself out to be some Great One (Acts 8:9-11, 21-23), and merchandising God’s people under the guise of a prophet.  That he would come to the knowledge of the truth and get ‘saved right (1Timothy 2:4).

If Brother Stair does die now, the Overcomer will go nuts with believing and promoting that Jesus is indeed returning this Fall during the Feast of Trumpets.  Even though there was no revelation of the identity of the Antichrist, or the 40 Days, or, … or, …, or all the things that Brother Stair said to push the timeframe back further and further… and further.  And we don’t want all that nonsense going on, do we?  If he does die, they should wake up to the fact that he was a false prophet – but they have too much invested in him to acknowledge that truth (1Tim 2:4).

Though we don’t believe that Brother Stair is capable of coming to the knowledge of the truth we hope he does for the sake of his followers and supporters who need to realize that he has lied to them.  So that they can be freed from his snare (2 Timothy 2:26).  There are even some who have fled from him who have not come to grips with his massive error of lies and are still under a strong delusion that he still has some relevance in revealing things to the body of Christ for the Last Days.  They too need to be set free from these lies.  A bad tree cannot bear good fruit (Matt 7:18-20 NIV).  It is for these that we do what we do.

Old men are often unfairly awarded the epithet “dirty.”
While others deserve that award because they have worked hard for it.

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[UPDATE: See The Last Day of the Last Day Prophet]

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10 thoughts on “The Passing-Over of Brother R. G. Stair

  1. Comment from Scott bailey on Truth Blaster
    Stair is cussing God or using God’s name in vein during Sabbath Services. What a shame. Stair is supposed to set an example for the people, not just in the tabernacle, but people listen on line or radio! I think it was the January 16th Sabbath Services, Stair said the word Mother F*****.! After that, R.G. Stair made a very racist comment. He said it was Black People that made up and using that fowl phrase. He said that White People never said the words, Mother F*****! What A Lie! That’s not true at all! Also it was not R.G. Stair’s call to say that Former President Trump is “The Man Of Sin” even if he is not in office. Who paid Ralph Stair to say THAT? Current President Biden or Vice President Kamala Harris, Speaker Nancy Pelosi? R.G. Stair is scared to say a word against Biden and Harris! I don’t remember if it was the same Sabbath Service this year, but he commented to some woman in the Tabernacle about her Blouse. The R.G. Stair asked her to take off her blouse and show her breast! Then he tried to make a joke out of it! Doesn’t Stair remembers the Public and maybe the State of South Carolina and the Federal Government is listening. My opinion, let Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina hear all of that! Graham may get angry and call in a investigation again, in my opinion!

    1. I will truly miss the old lunatic. For years he has provided me with some of the best free entertainment on the Internet. Enjoy the long dirt nap, Ralph…

  2. I seem to remember several times on shortwave hearing RG Stair mention that the Pope would have him killed. I would like to find some documentation on that or a recording. The thing is, he did not die at the hand of the Pope, nor did he live to finish out receiving all of the seven thunders. Of course I knew that his interpretation of the seven thunders based upon the beast of Daniel was incorrect since in Daniel we are told who the beast are and of course as history tells us the fourth was Rome. Stair was using the four beast as types and shadows for interpreting modern nations as being those beast which is clearly a twisting of the scriptures. My understanding of the seven thunders has nothing to do with the beast, since as Revelations 10 shows us the angel there has a rainbow over him which is a symbol of God’s covenant with all flesh and so, I would rather think that the mystery of God there would have something to do with this covenant as the background to the topics from scripture that one might gather up to examine Revelation 10. Now if his community of followers would wake up and see that Stair did not finish things as he claimed and left allot of his claims unfinished they would know he was not the prophet he claimed to be, as well as look at his works there on the farm that lead him to jail.

  3. We are at the final juncture “6 months after my (Stair) death Jesus Christ will return again.” Anyone who is in charge or has authority at the Overcomer is obligated to inform the flock. The only reason they would have for not doing so is because they can’t claim to be at the high level of spirituality they wanted themselves and others to believe. If they have to admit they were wrong and it was a colossal waste of time revolving (and in some cases brown nosing) around Stair hoping for some crumb of relevance they believed God could ONLY impart to them THROUGH Stair. There are some that stayed so long they still justify their lengthy period of time by claiming Stair had a revelation or a word or a message to this very day? You know, to anyone who left and still thinks Stair was a prophet or a brother in the Lord. Stair said you’re going to hell if you leave, so by quoting Stair you damn yourself by accepting his curse over you as valid. Wow! Pick a side!

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